Sunday, August 30, 2009

the little boy mannequin

i think i may have mentioned my families pizza quest--i may not have--i guess i should have looked back over my blogs--to tired --barely able to write--so i guess i will tell you about the pizza quest in case i have not.

a few years ago we would put the kids in the car -get starbucks- play our favorite music and ride until we were hungry for dinner--we did this for years--we still do it when my husband is off on a weekend night - we used to always go on friday nights--we tried almost every pizza joint in the greater richmond area--we found our very favorite was "zorba's" greek pizza - my husband also really liked "robin inn"--but the story is not about the pizza --that's just how we came to know the little boy mannequin in carytown

i won't reveal which store he is in- i've been trying to get them to sell it to me ever since we met him --he is probably from the 1940's or 50's --i just love him - although if i did get him , it would take a lot of time for me to look at him close ,or touch him--ya know the doll thing--but still i want him--i know part of it is he reminds me of one of my little angels.

the first time my husband went into the store to inquire if we could buy him, they said no--the owner did not want to sell him at the time, but did tell my husband of a website he could go to .it seems there is this site where people that collect baby mannequins ,go to show each other how they have dressed them up etc.--my husband assured them he had no interest in this rather odd hobby--but he only wanted to rescue the little mannequin, from a store window that was dressing him in things like"the ramones"t-shirt--we like the ramones but come on .

frank said he had the feeling they thought he was weirder than the dress up mannequin people--i don't think it's strange - the poor thing needed a good home.

every few months my husband calls to check on the situation--they talk to him in slow deliberate words--no sir we still are not interested in selling you our mannequin--he still tries ,for me.

so if you go riding down in carytown you may start to look for our mannequin--i hope you find it in a way--because i don't really think most people would want to buy him anyway--and if you do see him -take a good long look at him and see if you don't think he's the sweetest little mannequin you have ever laid eyes on.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

walking and dreaming

i hope this blog doesn't depress anyone--by the way my husband says i really shouldn't use the dashes the way i do--i explained this to my readers in my first blog -so if it bugs you -you can refer to that or just ignore it--sorry.

my family was visiting today ,with someone we have adopted in our hearts back in 1994--he is at the same institution as "janie" lived-- we try to stroll him in his wheelchair ,as much as we can ,when we visit--he seems to enjoy this--between talking to him (he's non-verbal) and walking there is a lot of time to think--

today i was contemplating how i might start something i've always wanted to do (purposely don't want to share it) --it sounded great and "teddy" (not real name) looked approvingly as i chattered away --who knows it could work-- i went on and on about it , until teddy started grunting his annoyance at the subject now-- we walked on -- teddy often inspires me to dream--it's like--how does he seem so happy and content--he doesn't own a house, or an apartment--he doesn't even have his own room--but yet he is happy-- not all of the residents there are happy--but teddy is--

when i see teddy i'm sometimes ashamed of how discontented i can be--life's not fair and life's not easy--yet here is someone for whom nothing comes easy but he smiles and he laughs and he forgives all the little and big injustices he has had to go through --that's one of the reasons he so inspires me ,but it's not the main reason--i don't know what the main reason is ,but when i am with him, i feel it--kinda like he might be an angel--i truly believe there are angels among us, no doubt!

most of the stuff i think i'm going to do -i don't --but every once in awhile , i find myself actually living out one of my daydreams--i wonder if teddy does.

Friday, August 28, 2009

the Christmas play

it's getting about that time of year , yes the wonderful magical children/anyone else we can grab to be in it play time of year--yes i've been writing and directing the church Christmas play on and off for over 24 years --the last 7 in a row--haven't decided as to whether i will do it this year--i know i say that every year--but by now each year i have it all written or at least the music picked out.

i like to write it , but i started writing it out of necessity--you see we have a small number of children at our rather small church--but it does seem they started coming in much greater numbers the last few years. there is much joy in doing the play--and a load of hard work . my husband who is my right hand man is the biggest help of all and one of my good friend's is always the stage manager--she provides a large number of the kids herself, and in the early years ,it was just about only hers mine,and a very few others.


lots of funny things have happened through the years-- i remember a couple of years ago i was sitting on the front row -as i always do ---i try to tell these people that a true director only observes from an inconspicuous spot in the audience--but they won't hear of it----so anyway this one year during one of the scene changes ( my friend and i actually had other ladies dressing them back behind the baptismal ) i look on stage and there is one of our few boys missing! i'm trying to get my friend the stage manager's eye and finally she sees me and shrugs her shoulders--like ,i have no idea where he is--then out he comes , costume ashew and almost at the end of the act-i was just glad we hadn't lost him--shhww

then there was the year i had the bright idea of letting them carry Christmas candles at the end of the play - as they walked in singing the last highly emotional song --well everything was going fine, until one of our kids with special needs decided it was time to wave to everyone with her candle --her candle that had a glass bulb in it--not only did she --but then her sister who has special needs also ,decided she was gonna wave it if her sister got to--and you guessed it --i saw them as they were falling , i lurched up as did others to try in vain to stop it--there was no stopping it and no stopping the numbers of other kids that followed suit--it was crazy--glass all over the stage --and did i mention the kids were barefoot--but would you believe it no one got hurt--we just played the song alittle longer than planned and out they marched each one gingerly stepping over the many broken glorious Christmas candles.

the last two years i've been so blessed to have almost all my grandchildren take a part in the Christmas play-- the first year they participated, the oldest one was 9 --well once he got to the practice he decided he wasn't having any part of nanny's old Christmas play--he sulked in the corner along with his younger brother--i tried my best to bribe him with candy and other things but he was having none of it--his brother was at the age ,he was gonna do or not do whatever his big brother was doing--okay ,okay that was fine --i look over during the rehearsal and the younger one was just blubbering to beat the band--i stopped the practice -went over to him and asked what was wrong--" i wanta be a Shepard in the Christmas play but bubba doesn't want to "--well do you want to i asked--he did and the practice went on --we even decided that older brother could be my script helper.

my grand-daughters were angels--we were pretty sure my oldest grand-daughter would be fine when it was time for she and her cousin to come in together,but the younger one took off like a bat ---- and beat her to the stage --they were so cute--the youngest of all at the time keep her pacifier in her mouth the whole time--it was adorable.

there are all ages that can be in the Christmas play--we had a wise man in a wheel chair--we've had girls as shepherds --Josephs that are maybe a foot shorter than Mary --and babies that have to be held to take a part--anyone who wants to take part can--------i don't encourage this --but one year we had these couple of families that weren't going to our church at the time--one of the fathers in the families had become a pastor--they came down the hall where they knew we met the morning of the play-to get everyone ready--the kids were so excited--i asked them would they like to have a "walk- on" as shepherds and angels --they were jumping up and down with delight--the poor new assistant pastor's wife was my costume manger that year-- i'll never forget her face as i asked her could she and her helpers get 6 more kids ready-- we only had about 15 minutes till show time.

but the very first Christmas play i ever wrote and directed--probably holds some of the fondest memories--it had just as many adults as kids --it was the first play the church had ,had in some time--i even held auditions -it was great--the night before the play we had our dress rehearsal--i was sick as a dog 103 fever aches ,chills-- i came to the rehearsal with a blanket wrapped around me--we had a party that night instead of a after party--i don't know how i was able to do it --i went home and my husband and i decided , i probably wouldn't make it the next day--all that work and time - i was so disappointed but so sick that i just knew i wasn't gonna be able to be there--my sister had the pivotal solo--well she called that night and said she had a really sick kid --she couldn't do it--just about all my family sings and entertains--so i got my husband to call my nephew and niece to see if they could fill in--i had a pretty good idea they would be busy--they sang lots at their church and others--they could do it!--the next morning my fever was gone and i was almost completely well- i made it .and my nephew and niece were thrilling - they brought the house down--at the end we had a gift bearers part of the service that went with the story of the play -- people came up bringing gifts with one hand and wiping their tears with the other--i'll never forget that play --i only wish someone had taped it --but you know maybe the memory of it is even better.

well i still don't know if i will do the Christmas play this year--but everyone should be apart of one at least once in their life.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

waiting for fall

i guess i'm pretty much like everyone - once one season is almost over , i'm ready for the next one-kinda wishing the present one away--when i was young i didn't much care for fall ,but now i have to say it's my favorite season.

when i think of fall of course i think of falling leaves and pumpkins- but it's so much more now--the glow of autumn is magic it seems- it shines with a promise of comfort and excitement all at the same time.

i love the feel of fall the smells of fall and the idea of fall-- it's the time when i start planning my "chili day" each year the pot gets alittle larger-and you have to have cornbread with it and my special baked apples--last year i was so ready for chili day , i had it in september-- think i'll try to wait until october this year--so much better when the real fall chill is in the air.

i love to go riding in the fall with a cup of "starbucks" and a piece of their wonderful iced lemon cake; it is the best!!

i love sweaters and jeans and fires in the fireplace --this will be the first fall i've had my hair red-- i think that will go rather well with autumn, don't you. i love fall weddings ,too -- two of my nieces had their weddings in fall -- they were just lovely --the colors for the flowers made everyone warm and cozy. fall is romance -forget about spring- spring is nice for young young love , but fall has an intensity of age and emotions -- it's seen life and knows life -- the song goes " the summer knows"--but it's autumn that really know us --our loves and our regrets our passions and our hopes and desires.

i enter fall with an eager heart and let it take me where it will for autumn is in my soul.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

just because i said i would

hi, i'm writing tonight because i said i would try to write every day and so far today i haven't even tried ..

nothing very exciting happened today . not that it has to for me to write. again i feel like no one is listening ,or did i share that with you here or just on facebook. i'm not really sure why it is important to me to write. yeah i want to be heard but why- what do i get from that. here i go again getting too self absorbed-- i had someone tell me today -you always make everything about you--i don't really believe they even mean what they said- who knows-but i sincerely don't think i am like that- oh well.

i know what i'll tell ya what we had for dinner -- i always like to hear what other people have to eat--we had pork short ribs --baked in the oven and barbecued -broccoli and cauliflower and red beans and rice and oh yeah devils food cake and ice-cream.

i just started to tell you a story about devil's food cake , but realized it was not the time -not on this blog.

the right timing is so important--it can make all the difference in things--like this Christmas movie i just love--"the house without a Christmas tree"-- there's this one part in it where the little girl wants to get her father to let her have a Christmas tree--her grandmother tells her to wait until after he has a good supper before she asks him- cause then he would be in a good mood.

there are so many good reasons to wait for the right moment--the trick is knowing when it is-like for instance i probably didn't pick the right time to write today - this is a bunch of crap i am writing don't think i don't know it--i just guess i wasn't gonna let my dry writing day prevent me from keeping my word to my phantom readers--if you are reading this--wow you must be very loyal--well before i convince you i am a terrible writer who has nothing to say, i will close for tonight--i could of made something up--thought about it--but how would i expose myself to my readers that way and again isn't that what mostly blogging is about--night night

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a girl called janie

i don't know why i have decided to share this story with you, but i kept feeling like i am suppose to today. i usually try to write about something in my day or something in my day that ties in with a story in the past--but here goes

years ago when my husband and i had our two oldest sons and our first daughter, who was also our first handicapped child--we decided we probably wouldn't have anymore children, but would adopt a older "hard to place" child--we went to all the classes - where we were warned of all the problems one could encounter with some of these " damaged " children --it didn't scare us --for after all if we were doing okay with a severely handicapped child- how hard could it be--the only thing i was sure i couldn't handle was another handicapped child--they had them in fact they had a book just full of kids with special needs. the-caseworker also said that parents were needed for children that were now in institutions--they would continue to stay there but you could visit them and make medical decisions for them. i knew that was definitely not for me - i could never go to an institution let alone leave them there!

well after the adoption classes were over ,the case worker had a child in mind for us- an older girl--it didn't work out,as she very much wanted to stay in the foster home she had been in for 5 years--she was hoping they would adopt her - i don't know if they ever did.

time went by an i found out i was pregnant again . we were very happy about it , but scared that this child might be handicapped ,too. one day we were out picking up meds for our daughter from the county medical center--where we had taken our adoption classes ( our daughter had been dropped from our insurance)--- my husband goes into get the meds and returns with a large book -- the book of hard to place children-- seems he had run into the case worker we had had before. i was so mad at him--how could he have brought this book out , me being pregnant and all--he said we could keep the book for a week-- i vowed i would not even open it!

a few days later, the book seemed to be calling to me--i looked through it--there were so many --it was just too sad- i started to close the book, when i saw this little girl in a wheelchair- her head was deformed--it read about her--no one had visited her in her 11 years-- i cried -

when my husband came home from work that evening i was holding the book --i told him i had seen the child we had to adopt--he said wait , let me show you first the one i have picked-- he opened the book and handed it to me - it was the same little girl--we couldn't believe it--

we made a call the next day to our case worker in our county--we waited and waited--they never did anything to help us get in contact with the institution where the little girl lived--we couldn't get this child out of our minds and hearts--one day a friend of mine suggested we contact another non profit agency she had dealt with, as she had adopted children----
the next day i called - i told the woman about the book - which all the agencies had --she looked up the little girl--i almost dropped the phone when she said--oh yes , janie- i'm visiting her--in my heart i said thank you Lord--for truth be told, yes i felt so sorry for her , but if God had someone else that was willing to take her ,than i was off the hook--she told me no no that she was only visiting as a social worker--we decided to meet--

as i was due with my baby in a couple of weeks , we decided to wait until after the baby-so we wouldn't have to stop the visits for a time--i had my baby--another girl--she spent the first month in the nicu--it looked like she had the same handicap as my older daughter--we were crushed--but she came home - we loved her to death--and life went on-

in july that year we made our first visit to janie--she was so sweet--but i was very worried about taking care of 3 handicapped children --i knew i didn't want to be a parent to her and leave her there--of course for her , but also because it was so sad to come every week to this institution--i had never seen so many helpless pitiful people--i felt sick every time we went--eventually we became more and more used to it--the visits and the plans to adopt her and bring her home continued-

it seems the case worker (not the one that brought us to her ) from her county of birth was the birth mother's best friend--when we met with her she told me how the family had never come to see janie and how she had tried her best to convince them to visit--she was sure they never would--during that time i had strongly felt the Lord telling me to go ahead with the plan to adopt her, but that her birth family was going to come to see her--i asked janie's case worker to try one more time with the birth family--before we got any deeper into the adoption process-- she assured me that she knew them and it was no use-they did not ever want to see her-

then one day as i was fixing dinner the case worker that had introduced us to janie, called--she said janie's caseworker had called and she said are you sitting down-- her birth family is begging you not to adopt her--they want to meet with you--i was not surprised-i knew i had heard right

we were very torn--janie had many many medical problems and many services they would not provide in our home--she would have to be transported alot--i knew in my heart that if my children had her problems i would still keep them at home--but i also knew if we brought her home her birth parents would most certainly not be in her life- and i really felt janie would want them in her life

after we met with them - we felt some what different about them-- i still could not see how they could have never come to see her--but i also understood that stupid doctors had told them to put her away and forget about her--that they weren't capable of taking care of her--and really that was and is part of the system's problem --they made too much money to get any help with her at home but not enough for some of her needs--it's so messed up

after several visits with janie and her birth parents - we decided that we would not adopt janie- but there were two conditions- they had to agree to visit her every week and we would still be able to visit weekly-- they agreed --and until janie's death at 17 that's what we did -- her birth family came every saturday and us every sunday

i think of janie so often and wonder if we made the right decision --but mostly i believe we were just asked to be willing to adopt her-- God always knew the healing janie needed from her birth family and the healing her birth family so needed-- i can still see her smiling face and hear her infectious laugh-- she made a huge difference in our lives and will forever live in our hearts.

Monday, August 24, 2009

" kids say the darnest things "

i was talking to my good friend today- trying to cheer her up --she had just gotten home from the hospital, - her grandson had surgery

we started remembering things about our kids etc.-- so i thought i would share some of the better most embarrassing things our kids and kids we love have said, maybe someone else needs a laugh today

one time my daughter was having a medical test done- she was not very happy about it and became very - well let's say gassy-- we were at a catholic hospital and there was a little nun in the room with us ( for some reason ) --i turned her way and explained --yes she has some gas it seems--my son says mom mom i know another word for gas--and me with my mind on my daughter preceded to ask - oh really what is it --FART, he cries out- certainly loud enough for the people in the next room to hear and most definitely the sweet little red faced nun !

then there is another son of mine that managed to top that, one fine day at our baptist church- i was keeping the nursery with a dear prim and very proper older lady of the church--snack time arrived with it's usual crackers and juice --my darling little one exclaims--at home we like BEER with our crackers--she only smiled and nodded as i told her i didn't know where he could have got that since we most certainly did not drink

but probably one of the best worst ones came from my cousin's little girl (thank goodness) - while shopping in a very nice small jewelry store her daughter looks at the man who is waiting on her mother and then looks at her mother and asks-- mommy does he have a PENIS-- but the worst part is my cousin, not knowing what to say -- answers -- i don't know honey--

Sunday, August 23, 2009

mini vacation

i hope ya missed me yesterday--we went away saturday and came back sunday--thought i would write something yesterday morning before we left--but sometimes ,good intentions----

we went to a place we've gone before, just a little town near us-- it has a really historic downtown shopping district--pretty quaint

we decided we would just try and relax,and we did

there's a small beach area near by --we rode there and had lunch at this place we had been to before -- it has a beautiful view - overlooking the water. we remembered the food wasn't too good but the view was worth it --this time the food was great although the prices had gone up !

we stayed at the same hotel we always stay-- if we go back , i think we'll try a new place-we probably won't go back anytime soon , to spend the night, but might go back at Christmas time as the downtown is so beautiful then.

we ate dinner at a nearby mexican place-- think i've had my fill of mexican for a long while--their food was so bland--i asked for some sauce --the waitress didn't seem to understand me -- i said -ya know like ah taco bell--she brought me something--didn't help much---i saw waiters serving this large dish of ice-cream to people around us-- i told my husband we should order that --like how much could ya mess up ice-cream--seems like the dish i was seeing was a taco salad-- didn't order it.

we really didn't do much but there were moments, i know will become fond memories---riding into the town-early afternoon- raining hard, the lights that you see only at night on and sparkling-- . my daughter says - ya know , there's something so neat about this -the rain the Christmas lights (she calls them) and michael feinstien playing--told ya she was an old soul.

plan to take more of these mini vacations, for after all how many years will i be able to ride around taking life as it comes -- singing with my husband and daughter to james taylor and the jonas brothers---i know well it won't be long.

Friday, August 21, 2009


for as long as i can remember i have had a love hate relationship with dolls. my mother has a picture of me ,visiting the legendary santa at the miller & rhoads department store. i'm holding a baby doll that was bigger than me. it was under the Christmas tree were santa was, i had taken it and was toddling away with it as fast as my chubby little legs could travel! my mother said i threw the biggest fit when they had to take it away-- and so it began.

i'm pretty sure i know where my fear of dolls came from-- see if you don't think this would be kinda scary----my 2 sisters and i had met in the bathroom early one Christmas morning--probably about 3 or4 in the morning--we decided to see if santa had indeed been for a visit--we inched down our long dark hallway to our living-room- where santa always left our haul under our huge live tree---as i peeked around my two big sisters there was my doll- the one i had asked for--i had wanted a life size walking doll--but she wasn't walking-- how could she--
for there she was sitting on our fancy sofa still in her plastic bag -- i turned and ran back to my bed terrified out of my mind! how would i be able to look at that doll in the morning
but when i got up hours later, there she was out of her horrible bag ,pretty as can be-- i got to carry her to my grandmother's that day-- her name was joyce--she later would lose her leg and go to live in attic town

still today i can't go into a doll shop without someone to go before me--i'm telling ya though i think i'm normal--dolls can be very scary, i don't care what anybody says

fortunately none of this has stopped me from buying my daughters and grand-daughters lots of beautiful dolls -- and so today when i saw at wally world 2 big baby dolls on sale i didn't hesitate to get them for two of my grand-daughters birthdays--i have already got 4 dolls for 4 grand-daughters for Christmas--just don't ask me to buy them from an antique store --yikes!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

confessions of a farmville addict

first of all sorry to any readers that aren't on facebook and don't play "farmville"--skip today's--

when i first started fb (facebook) i joined this stupid game called farmville-- i let my gifts just sit there ,and my crops all wither--then one day a friend told me how far up (level) she was on farmville and i started to get interested-- you don't win anything--you don't even get to eat your food-----you're just competing for a higher level than your farmville friends!

i knew i was in trouble when i started picking out seeds to plant based on how long they would take to come up -- i had to make sure i would be home to harvest them ya know---of course like some of my friends , if i had a laptop or phone internet i wouldn't even have to think of those things-- so actually i guess you could say i have more skill-

my husband got really worried about me when he heard me complaining about how hard it was to harvest and plow at the same time-- he just doesn't get it (remember i was once that way )

and ya know what's so aggravating-- if one of your neighbors pops up for you to come to their farm and help , oh i don't know pick up some trash or rake a few leaves-- can you believe it -- right in the middle of harvesting--what are they thinking!

now when i found one of the keys to getting to the higher levels was to get rid of all the trees and decorations and animals and just buy more crops-- i started to move on up pretty quickly--but my lowest point yet was when i only needed a few more points to go to the next level-- i began deleting my plots that were close to harvest time-- just to get more points from plowing

at least i'm not buying (with real money!) more coins yet-

yes my name is lynn and i am a farmville addict

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


remember i told you how i talked to my friend in poland yesterday--well we chatted on fb again today--i told him about my blog--while we were talking he went to my blog -- he commented to me how a certain one had almost made him cry--

it meant so much to me for someone to be touched by one of my entries

you know it's so funny how we seek acknowledgement from others--how it can make our day or change our mood--sometimes it's just easier or quicker to say nothing

even my friend (really really old friend -she'll love that-) commented about how awful my hot dog hash sounded ( it's an acquired taste!) but i didn't mind-- she's just jealous--but really it was so neat to me that she had read my blog-- gee , i hope i'm not to self absorbed!

but isn't that what the human condition ( i'm gonna get serious now ) yearns for -- to be connected , to be heard, to be understood , to matter,

thanks to those who take the time to listen to that someone who's needing your attention--who knows it just might make all the difference .

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


remember my dinner i was planning with my parents--well it turned out pretty nice--we had spaghetti, salad,garlic bread and yellow cake with chocolate icing--last night as my daughter robyn was making the cake while texting with her summer virtual boyfriend ( she actually knows him they just haven't seen each other recently ) she discovered the cake didn't take oil like the standard cake mix but took butter--it said it was yellow butter cake, but we thought that just meant butter flavored---well we used soft margarine and it was delicious!

i think my parents enjoyed themselves-- i sent home the left-overs for their thursday night dinner as they have wednesday night church supper tomorrow night.

robyn is so cute she always dresses up when we have someone for dinner--pumps and all-- i think it's so sweet--she even put pop standards on for background music--you'd suppose that would be for her grandparents, but that is one of her favorite styles of music -- she's an old soul !

mama and robyn looked at pictures on facebook of the grandchildren -her great-grandchildren!daddy and frank talked alot about nascar and " the lawrence welk show ".

my knee has done pretty well today-thank the LORD!

all in all it's been a pretty good day --farmed some on facebook's farmville and farmtown-- talked to one of my best friends sons ( haven't talked to in years ) who lives in poland ! he is also on farmtown ! .......... hope MY son feels better son --nasty summer cold- poor thing--

i don't mean to be disrespectful about my mother's illness--but life's changes also have their lighter moments ,even in tragedy---as my mother was starting to leave she was looking around picking up plates etc. as she always does ( even before some people can finish)--she looks strangely at a decorative pottery bowl i have on the end table - it has sand dollars in it--she goes to throw it away -- nobody could help but laugh- she did too-- ya know the old saying -ya gotta laugh to keep from crying--good night all :)

Monday, August 17, 2009


i am right now preparing spaghetti sauce --but the ? is why ( by the way my knee is better-probably wasn't good for it standing up chopping away )

a couple of weeks ago i decided to make spaghetti for my daughter-in-law's b-day dinner- great idea right-- not!! figured it would be easy and didn't have the money to take everyone out to eat. in comes my son and his family of 6 ready to eat. i had used a really BIG pot for the noodles-my husband almost burned himself trying to pour out the water--steam filling the kitchen till you could hardly see the grandkids as they asked--can i have garlic bread--i don't like spathti--hey nana you know what i want for christmas--and hey do you have anymore of those blue drinks--can i sit at the bar (counter,they like to call it bar ).

i thought it would be nice to put the spaghetti on a big platter and serve it home style- but first i had to get the noodles out with the tongs that were conviently in the one drawer that was stuck like nobodies business! yeah it was going great!

so that's why i said to all that i would not make the stupid mistake of having spaghetti when extra people were coming over

but here i am making my sauce for my dinner with my parents---they say insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results----CALL ME CRAZY

Sunday, August 16, 2009


well i'm not at church this morning because i can hardly move my left knee! i don't know what's wrong with it -but just hope it gets better on it's own ( of course with God ) because we don't have insurance!

which brings me to another point-- i'm so tired of this endless debate about reformed health care --there has to be something in between the 2 sides dumb ideas !

last night i heard this dope on fox news ( i love fox news ) saying that really anyone who was interested or wanted health insurance had it-- hello is anybody there-- my family can't afford it and i know plenty of other families that can't--what are these people talking about - it's crazy

we would have to pay 400 min. for family health ins.-- the only way i can go to my doctor for my diabetes is he charges me less than half for an office visit and even though he says he would like to prescribe me some much better medications -- he prescribes the ones i can get for $4 at walmart!

my husband (like so many others lost his job about a year and a half ago) he didn't find full time work again for 9 mos.--during which he worked 3 part time jobs. now with a full time job and a part time job we are still only making 2/3 of his salary as operations manager of a waste co.

next time i write i'm sure i will be more intertaining-- not so much complaining-- pray for my knee-- thanks--have a great Sunday!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

never a lender be

i get this call from my brother-in-law--don't see him or talk to him but maybe 2 to 3 times a year ( love him though ) . he asks me if i remember when he lent a miter saw to my husband and could he look for it when he got a chance. i tell him frank is asleep- taking a little nap before his second job. i tell him i'll call him back.

the phone had woken my husband, so i tell him about the conversation--he doesn't recall the item, and asked when he was to suppose to have borrowed it-- i tell him my brother-in-law said it was when we were working on our last house before this one--24 years ago--
my husband rants some and goes back to sleep.

i call brot-in-law back and tell him frank doesn't remember and surely doesn't know where it is now. no problem he says and describes it once more and seriously says -well when ya get a chance would ya see if ya can find it for me--sure thing we'll get right on it--

first of all my brot-in-law has been renovating a house for 20 years or so--and this is the first time he's needed a miter saw --and second how daw gon much could a miter saw cost--gotta love him!

Friday, August 14, 2009

the little boy

as i told you earlier, my daughter and i were going to lunch- we did- wally world

while we were there this woman and her son passed by - i was drawn to him- he was in a wheelchair- severely handicapped- -

i haven't told you yet but i have had five little angels like that little boy.

as they passed by , i tried to make eye contact with the mother ,but she looked away--been there--you are very aware that not all smiles or stares are kind - so for the most part you avoid the looks of interest - out of protection for your child and you.

i said a silent prayer to God that if i was to speak to them He would put them directly in my path again before we left the store. as i was checking out i heard this famaliar but different sound coming from behind me - i turned around to see one older man next in the line, but behind him was this mother and little boy. the boy was making all kinds of sounds (guess God knew i wouldn't look around without this) . i finished checking out and walked back to the woman . i told her that i hoped she didn't mind, but that i had had children similar to her son and how drawn i was to them--her son who had before closed his eyes tightly, started to open them. he looked as though he was smiling . it seemed we had talked there at wally world before,-years before- she and i remembered--seeing him reminded me of my children --i will put her and her family back on my prayer list--one of those divine appointments.


i think my daughter robyn and i are going on our usual friday lunch date. we either go to wally world and split a tuna sub, or target with rubber hot dogs !

later today i will be making cabbage, and my famous hot dog hash-- here's how i make it--get your pencils ready!
1 pack hot dogs sliced (small circles)
canned diced or sliced potatoes
1 or 2 sliced onions
oil your pan -top of stove-brown onions and dogs for awhile
add potatoes and cook till brown

seriously- my family loves it !
i got the idea from my grandmother ( mother's mother ) only she made it with lots of butter and french fries--her's was great too

i know by now my readers are becoming envious of my glamorous life, but not to worry -you too can become a super chef like me--i will continue to share the wealth--keep reading, and cooking!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

mall day

hey, today we (robyn) went to our local mall to have lunch with my son "c" --still not sure how much to tell on this blog, and if family members mind--have to ask i guess--
we had chinese food well kinda-- it was good
my son was in a pretty good mood except when i had computer questions-- old people can be so annoying !

i've been thinking (some) today about what to worry about and what to let go
when my husband and i were much younger ,it was so important to do things round the house--ya know i don't know why i just said that cause it's not true-- i should say we wanted things to look good , but always chose something else to do whenever we had free time.

still i'm looking around and trying to decide what is the least we could do--money,time and effort wise to improve our surroundings--we've started to de-clutter- which really gets messy--ya start with one room and then the other room becomes the junk room

so i decided to just go to the mall - my mess will always be there but my son may not always work at the mall.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

after the rain

i thought about not writing anymore--can you believe it --me of great confidence--but here i am--not much to say right now but felt like i should try--

i read the first 4 chapters of my daughter-in-law's first novel- i was very moved by it--it wasn't the story ( although i liked the story ) but the idea of the written word, of alittle glimpse of someone. i hope she can finish it and get published

i love that my kids are into the arts--there's my one the writer--other daughter-in-law the decorator--my oldest son the actor--my second born son the photographer--and my youngest daughter the dancer!

the rain has stopped --i used to love the rain--it made me romanticize--my husband and i would always love to eat chinese on rainy days--now i find myself feeling kinda down ( like normal people ) when it rains. -- i'll be more interesting later-- i hope--cloudy looks like rain again

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i cannot let you go

i cannot let you go, though dirt has touched your case, though some have cried with ease
i cannot let you go, for if i did it would be done, what chance would i possess of you , what meaning could i think of that would satisfy this emptiness your leaving has caused
i cannot let you go even as all the poets and lovers and priests would tell me so , even though a thousand words of common sense should try to sway me
i cannot let you go just as an angel watches over the weak , i too must watch, for you might call for me,do not scold me for you do not understand
i cannot let you go even though my faith be strong it helps me to not let go , for your beauty did not die
i cannot let you go for if i did you might not have existed in your still small way ,so great in my soul
i cannot let you go

later on country style steak day

well i took the meal over to my parents --as i walked in the kitchen i saw my mother had the table set for 4--she was convinced we were there for her to make dinner for us ( although she hadn't prepared anything ). my father shook his head, he said he tried to tell her we were bringing dinner to them --enough for them and enough for another night-- i told her if she felt like it next week i would make dinner here if she would come -- she said she would-- we'll see--
when my father left the den for a moment , my mother motioned for me to come look out the window and see if i saw the red lights through the trees--daddy entered the room and said --that mother was just seeing things-- i wasn't so sure--don't know why--i preceded to sit exactly in the position she told me to and sure enough i saw what could have been ( from a distance ) red lights-- i gently told her it was a crepe myrtle tree--she seemed relieved

my husband daughter and i went to target --got coffee and sweets--and robyn found a dress marked doen to $4.50--we stopped by a couple of more stores--came home and had a nice dinner-- i had made double chicken the night before, so robyn and my husband frank made lima beans and mac and cheese while i rested--it's raining now --and i pray both my grown sons get home safely from work--God bless my whole family and the whole world.

Country style steak day

hey it's me -- i probably won't worry about grammar or any of the conventional writing rules--so i hope that doesn't bother anyone!
today i am making my mother and father their weekly dinner from me--i just started doing this 4 weeks ago, hope to keep it up each week. my mother has alzhemiers (sorry if i didn't spell that right too busy to look it up right now) . my father has been doing most of the cooking lately ,so am trying to give him a little break. i've been meaning to start a blog for awhile now--so here i go
i'm gonna make beef rice, butter beans and my daughter robyn is making blueberry muffins! i really like to cook esp. in summer and fall . i like one pot dishes the best. i always fancied myself a writer--for a long time--i had an article published once in a local news magazine--.
i just recently entered a writers contest --didn't win just got alot of good and bad feedback. it actually encouraged me--but i'm like that--i've always had alot of confidence in my talents--don't know why cause people in my life have not been very supportive. i do know how to write correctly but find it so boring.
i'm not sure where i will be going with this blog--we'll see ,hope someone likes it. talk later!
oh yeah did i say i was making country style steak!