Friday, October 31, 2014

boo!-- blues brothers-- babies-- and biscuits

happy halloween

i have been putting up old halloween pics on my facebook today----

there was a time when i did not let my older boys trick or treat---it was a combo of religious beliefs and safety issues-----they like to remind me of this and how i let robyn participate in this ritual many years later----so sue me boys---we aren't always the same parents to the same kids but we do our best at the time----i still don't like the real dark side of halloween---

but they did have church parties!  

i made as usual goody bags for the grand-kids ----i found these cute bags at target---they reminded me of a stuffed animal one of my daughter-in-law's brother made for the kids----

we had the fall follies last weekend and i think it was one of the weirdest ones yet---good turn-out though and a good time----and as you can see, the blues brothers picked up a bonus bro this year-----yeah john also doubled as our emcee for the evening----he surprised us and we surprised him by getting him to do anything we asked--

robyn has been growing a bit and is half-way through the pregnancy----she is a planner---don't know where she gets it from-----and is so excited that i think she is gonna take off sometimes-----

after she baked this cake the other day, our oven went out----which caused me to try my mama's fried biscuits---something i hadn't even thought of in a long time-------they were really good

enjoy your weekend---

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

these dreams

i have been known to experience dreams that come true-----they seem to come in spurts and it used to be i would go for months or years before having them again---

about two weeks ago i had such a dream----as most of them that have some truth in reality-this one was very realistic---no weird imagery or the like---which is what the majority of my dreams are---

when i awoke the next morning i knew or was pretty certain the dream was to be told to someone---i shared it with robyn dillon and frank-----it wasn't a  particularly startling dream---just one that had a person i knew, telling me something that he was going to tell everyone about----it was an unusually surprising bit of news---not anything that in real life would seem to make sense----

over this past weekend---i heard that the person had indeed announced the information that he revealed to me in my dream-----

i am deeply moved by this dream and the actuality of the outcome

i sometimes ask God to give me prophetic dreams and then i am shocked when he does--

most of these dreams have little if anything to do with me----sometimes they aren't even about anyone i know---but later i will see the same news story happening the next day---

i do believe God can and does send us visions--signs and dreams---although we aren't suppose to constantly be looking for them----

one night long ago---i heard a noise at my backdoor---i went to look and a huge owl was staring at me on my porch rail----i knocked and knocked-trying to get it to fly away---frank was gone and it was really creeping me out---but it never moved---by morning it was gone----

and by morning i learned my grandmother had passed away----i know some people believe this to be simple superstition---but i prefer to think of it as God's gentle "leadings" of knowledge----

i still don't know why i was given this last dream---but it does let me know however God chooses to speak to us we must listen---

Monday, October 6, 2014

fall food flops-- special birthdays-- follies-- and other news

the weather last couple of days says fall is officially here here----

let's see what do i have to share---well one thing i will share in a video on this blog later------

i haven't made anything too interesting for dinner last week or so---except for beef stew and a surprisingly awful rendition of my before famous loved chicken casserole----i don't know what happened but it was not well received and much of it was thrown out

i guess it does matter what vegetables you choose--although every other time i have put all kinds of combinations ---and for some reason we could not for the life of us-get those biscuits to cook all the way---

over the weekend we celebrated my dad's 90th birthday-----he seemed to enjoy it---and got 2 jackets among his gifts-----

funny thing---my brother was kinda interviewing dad about lots of events in his life---and some history on our church--of which he and mom are charter members--

when asked about some details of the past leaders and such----my aunt interjects about a certain someone---"didn't he run off with some other woman"

did i mention we were recording---

robyn and dillon are anxiously awaiting their baby---all seems well---

yesterday the pastor had robyn and dillon announce what the baby will be----i tell ya---dillon looked like he was gonna explode with joy---

speaking of church---as some of you may recall---our church has an annual event known as the "fall follies"---the next one will be in a couple of weeks------

over the years (when i used to organize it)i  have had to steer some people away from their desired acts or songs--

this one year i was unable to deter our then very pregnant music director from singing "i'm just a girl who can't say no"----now i am wondering if robyn could revive that one-----