Wednesday, April 17, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 The Lord’s Prayer tells us that we should forgive others- just as God has forgiven us-

And we need not be easily offended-

But still we make excuses- and grant you- I’m not sure it means you will be buddy buddy with everyone that has offended you but I guess it’s a matter of the heart-

As a believer- my guide is the Holy Bible- people like to say they don’t believe in religion but instead they just try and have a good heart-

To me the problem is - God’s word says - “the heart is deceitfully  wicked- who can know it”-

And no one is good-

Now some are easily offended and one may never even know they have been the cause of an imagined offense- you can’t blame yourself for those-

I remember a pastor I highly respected saying- when he was told something offensive or was criticized- he would respond- I’ll give that some thought- and he would pray about it- if he concluded there was no truth in the advice/critisim - he would shake it off and move on

That same preacher also said that when someone had offended you- and in God’s perfect will- he couldn’t let it go- he thought it was better to blow than bury it- I tend to agree with that-

I think it’s wise to be slow to take offense and quick to forgive and to ask forgiveness when we intentionally offend or realize we have -

Tuesday, April 16, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Don’t get excited- I’m having a little trouble settling on my letter today- so I’m just going to catch y’all up on a bit of my life-

First off - I’ve been trying to eat a lot healthier these days- salads are almost a daily thing

Other foods can be any vegetables- frozen canned or fresh-soups- fruits- peanut butter- and some dairy and a few special low carb choices-

It has me feeling a lot better-

I’m reading more- or should I say audio books- the book club has turned into a long time good friend of mine who lives in a different state- reading and catching up virtually- seems to be less complicated-

I’ve started going back to my church I was born into- I’m enjoying it - but it’s kinda hit and miss with Miller!

I had a list last summer of people/friends/family I wanted to connect with - I didn’t finish my list- there are at least three I still want to get together with and continue with ones I have seen recently-

But it has me kinda feeling like maybe my time could be up- once this list is completed- 

I haven’t been writing- it seems this April challenge is the only time I do anymore 

I think I am a pretty good listener but I have tried to be more conscious of sincerely hearing people-

Well maybe I should have continued to think about this letter- because I think I don’t have much going on

Oh on Tuesdays I almost always have a call from my sister Martha- it’s been nice- I feel closer to her - like we used to be-and both of my sons call me very regularly- which is so nice

Man there’s got to be something else going on-

If I think of anything I’ve forgotten- perhaps I can use another letter to bore you with it-

What’s going on with everyone else?-

Monday, April 15, 2024

Mean girls

#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Okay first off - I may change this m post- but you wouldn’t know that- would you-

I like to write about my thoughts and real experiences or stories in my life- so don’t take too much time wondering why I’m still thinking about this- sometimes I rack my brain- and the strangest unimportant things come out!

Years ago there was this woman who came to our church- pretty regularly- for at least a year or two- she came in the Sunday school class I was in- and my husband Frank taught it-

I remember thinking she was a super Christian and I doubted very much- that I was anywhere near her level of devotion- I liked her-

Every time I would interact with her- she would apologize and ask me my name again- admittedly I don’t recall her name today- but back then- I always remembered hers’- 

After probably a dozen times of her asking my name again- I started to think she may not have liked me- or that I was very forgettable at best-

She never was at a loss for Frank’s name- and I started to take notice of how complimentary she was towards Frank-

At the time Frank was losing weight and as always he dressed up for church 

I on the other hand was quite overweight- although I dressed in church clothes also-

Well after much thought as to why she was ignoring me or pretending to forget my name- I decided to play her game- the next time - and the last- when she struggled to come up with my name- I told her Debbie-

She looked like she had been caught- she never asked my name again and never met my knowing gaze again-

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Last time

#AtoZChallenge 2024

 I picked last- I can’t talk about some last times- I’m not comfortable enough to delve into some last times- so although it’s still emotional and bittersweet- I decided I would feel okay with the idea of my childhood home last times-

As we sold our parents house a few years ago- I found myself going there several last times- to go through old stuff- marked with the occasional treasure- or a long forgotten piece of childhood that echoed with a mixture of dread regrets and sadness- and not without a sprinkling of fear-

Wondering how I got to these last times- did I ever foresee the future as I sat in the soft chair- looking at the Christmas tree- almost always after Christmas- and suddenly feeling the Christmas spirit-

Did my reflection in the picture windows ever stop to truly see myself- would it recognize the woman pondering these memories today-

Last time in my hallway- last time in my bedroom-in the pink bathroom- in the paneled den - last time- take it in- don’t resist the endless pangs of illusive moments-

So I touched the door- looking back as I closed it-like watching the last scene in a long running sitcom-

And I promised the child within me- that I would try hard to give reverence to all these last times

Friday, April 12, 2024

Kitchen talk

#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Of course we all know- write what you know- that’s especially good advice for me -as I have more than once admitted to being a lazy writer at best- -so research would not be my choice-

Now again an admission of sorts- I’m not really that versed in the kitchen-

But kitchen seemed to be kinda a safe k word

I was doing cooking videos off and on over the last few years since Frank died

At first it made me feel a bit guilty- as I couldn’t boast of having a home cooked meal waiting for Frank each night

For a while I was really into them- and finding a new/old interest in food preparation-

I made crockpot recipes- stove top one pot meals and occasionally some harder tries- such as enchiladas- tomato pies- and stuffed shells- but nothing too intricate -

I also found myself immersed at times with crafts- which was so not like me-

I mean I used to do children’s church- I always loved thinking of a craft and purchasing the supplies- but almost never partook in the implementation-

I have discovered the beauty of soups- so versatile and economical-

I might go back to the videos this summer- we’ll see 

Hmmm maybe if I find myself blogging next April- I can work it out- to just show a-z cooking videos-


Thursday, April 11, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Okay I know my oldest grandson loves jellybeans- and popcorn and tea-

This year as always I try to find little treats and things for everyone’s  Easter basket- or containers- whether they be bags- beach bags or tote bags-

My girls and granddaughters mainly get objects- with some special candies thrown in- my boys and older grandsons mostly get edible stuff with the occasional funny socks included-

This year my oldest son and one of my grandson’s Easter bags got switched- I saw the look on my grandson’s face as he retrieved Twinkie popcorn out and my son eyed his son’s Reese’s pieces and combos!- I assured them they had gotten the incorrect bag- they laughed it off!

I told them just to take the bag that was meant for them- but they seemed to be enjoying exchanging items-

As my oldest grandson pulled out jelly beans teas popcorn- popcorn seasoning and more jelly beans- my grandson with his dad’s bag- started to wonder- does my nanny even know what I like or not!

Now remember they by this point were aware that the bags were mixed up- anyway- he continued to hold up stuff that was meant for his dad and say things- like “hot sauce- for real”- and the coffee for his dad- he was fine with that!

But I sensed- maybe he hadn’t seen all the things I had remembered he liked and didn’t like- 

I assured him again- you know I know you hate popcorn- you know I know you don’t care for hot stuff- but did you see the beef jerky- and not the spicy kind-

He smiled as he and my son traded the ritz socks for the doggie socks and my grandson’s gummy lifesavers for my son’s jellybeans-

Wednesday, April 10, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Is supposedly the highest form of flattery 

I guess that could be in the eyes of the beholder kinda thing!

I’ll never forget my first drama teacher- she was superbly talented but very scary!

Once after a test - which was a scene we would act out- she preceded to show me how I appeared as I walked- it was helpful but horrifying- as of course the entire class erupted in laughter!!!

- Frank and I were very fond of imitating people we knew- and getting each other to guess who we were supposed to be!

Once at a friend’s Christmas party- we were asked to start that game- almost everyone there was familiar with our charades of sorts- and thought it was a hoot!

At one of Frank’s turns- he was hugely- really mocking this one friend that everyone knew- he wasn’t there that night- but I believe had he been- and had recognized himself- he would have laughed the loudest-

Everyone was guessing and no one was correct- Frank amped it up and I thought he was spot on! Still all were stumped- but they were laughing so hard and egging Frank on and on-

Then this friend of ours proclaims- I’ve got it- it’s Lynn- you’re doing Lynn!- to which everyone thoroughly agreed that it was indeed me-

I wasn’t sure how they had come to such a hideous conclusion- I did laugh though but probably not as enthusiastically-