Tuesday, April 30, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Hmmm do I have the right word-

I mean the zero one-

I’ve done zoo- zip line- I actually like both of those-

By the time this big little letter comes along- I’m tired-

It usually leads to zany zeal of excitement- that we have all completed this self imposed assignment-

True it’s not like the first time- kinda ashamed of the little responding and searching out new blogs- 

I can’t promise I will do better- I think this may be my swan song - at least for the az challenge-

So with zilch- I mean- you have nothing to lose- so if you are a writer/blogger- go for it- I think I got over 100 followers that first year-

Nothing written nothing gained as they say-

I’m encouraging you all to keep doing what you’re doing- it’s worthwhile but it’s hard work- for the serious writers-

Don’t let anyone make you feel like zilch- you’ve got this-

Congratulations to all - keep those thoughts coming- and share your beautiful talent-

Monday, April 29, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Why do I feel compelled to continue my Y days- as a poem about yesterday-

I usually don’t mind- going in a different direction- or tossing caution to the winds of yesterday- but I fear I don’t have too much more intricate or alluring analogies -

If you care to go back to the other years Y days- I believe there are quite a few poems worth a read- 

If yesterday was here now- it would be a gift- or if yesterday was in the future- well that didn’t work-

I’m not even sure I can honestly say- the if I knew today thing-

I do think it would be a hoot to go back and know you made it- so no stress- but hey- wait a minute- if we went back- knowing how things turned out- we could mess it all up - as we would act and react differently-

So as you can see- I’ve conquered my habitual yesterday poem thing- oh yesterday-

Saturday, April 27, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Okay- don’t sue me-

I was thinking about this - i have my doubts- that when someone says exactly- that that’s exactly what they mean-

I tend to think it’s one of a couple of things- they want to shut you up and move on- so they try to assure you- that they get what you’re saying- yeah yeah yeah-

Or they honestly think you are totally off base - but don’t have the time nor inclination to get caught up in your neuroses

Now don’t be confused- you might be reading this and in your head or even out loud- you are empathetically  screaming xactly!-

And if you are still with me- remember- these letters pose a certain amount of irony- tongue in cheek and just plain determination to get through this challenge-

See- I heard it this time for real- xactly!-

Friday, April 26, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Actually winter seems shorter to me in the last few years-

I don’t enjoy the usual things that cold weather enthusiasts adore- but I get through it pretty decently-

I pretty much figure when March arrives- how bad can it be- possibly 8 more weeks at most- before all the lovely spring things 

I like to organize more in the winter- hey the Christmas stuff getting put away- what better time- at least in theory-

For me- winter rarely leads to writing- but like I’ve shared- I don’t do much of it any time these days-

Daydreaming is perfect for winter- and planning for summer times- it doesn’t really register with us- the life draining summer days- we think we will be invincible then-

Winter - looks good to me in say Alaska - I guess that’s the only way i experience it- virtually-

Which is strange- they say coldness conveys to us through tv but not hot weather-

So although each is not the winter of my discontent- it would be if I had to be out in it-

And of course I write this blog- somewhat long after the steely gray days of winter-

Thursday, April 25, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Okay- I’m kinda stretching this one-

Miller is always telling me- you sound like whoever- I don’t know what makes him think that or just why- 

Maybe it’s the inflection or tone- it’s usually one of three people-

Isn’t it funny how most people say they hate the sound of their own voice- they sometimes insist- it’s a distortion and they refuse to admit they sound a certain way-

Someone recently told me that they were no longer singing in their choir- it made me sad- but they said- one has to know when it’s time to go-

I guess I knew what they meant but I found it sad-

Okay since this is a blog- I’m going to end this with a bit of lost continuity-

I kidd you not- Miller loves me to read my blog to him- this morning he was once again telling me how much he loves my blog-

He continues to exclaim how much he enjoys it- he says “I love the way you write- it’s kinda weird”-

I laughed- I repeat- weird?- and in the sweetest voice he softly asked-“do you think it’s kinda weird”

Wednesday, April 24, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 I still usually have a frozen waffle for breakfast-

I’ve been thinking of the habits and little rituals we become accustomed to- and how Frank and I were so comfortable together- and passionate- haha don’t gag - my kids- which I still don’t think they read my blog- haha- except for Robyn- who reads it aloud to me- so I can decide if I like it-

Anyway- I still hold out some hope that I could marry again- but at this stage in the game- well let’s just say- I’m not at all sure- that anyone would have time enough- to get used to my usually-

But I am not picky- I feel I could look the other way on a lot of usually-

When Frank passed away- at least I was a few years younger- but I guess most likely of the people I would have a head start on being comfortable with- were either dead too - or taken-

Frank and I used to talk about who we might end up with- if the other died first- I don’t remember him ever saying who he picked out for me-

I believe I had picked out an old friend of mine- who had never married-

I guess we should have been more mindful and made one of those lists- alerting the new picked spouses- that they had indeed been chosen- so if they refused- we could keep on the lookout-

I’m usually more thorough-

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Tomorrow never comes

#AtoZChallenge 2024

 I settled on a musing today about tomorrow- hopefully not a sad one- but a mysterious one for sure 

We all get- “we make our plans and God laughs” 

I don’t really see God laughing but maybe feeling a little sorry for us- perhaps-

You gotta admit- we humans are made pretty wonderfully- still believing in a future- one that is not known to us here and not promised-

We hold onto hope and joy and accept the uncertainties of our mostly brief journey here- 

It’s rather admirable I think- and it makes me believe in a higher power all the more-

I’ve written before about the tomorrow being the ahead of us and so on- how tomorrow is past present and future- and admittedly- at times it’s simply terrifying- and yet there it sits - just waiting for us- waiting to be a fond memory- or just as easily an unfulfilled desire- or a demon we didn’t have to deal with-

In the end- all our tomorrows could be one long today-