Saturday, April 20, 2024

Rose colored glasses

#AtoZChallenge 2024

 I’ve been trying out different sunglasses and some of them work better than others- I guess you could say that they put a pleasant tint to my vision- if not always rose colored-

I have had lots of eye issues- actually since Frank died- but this recent cranial palsy- was a new diagnosis for me-

At first it was diagnosed as a cranial palsy of a certain number nerve- but later the specialist gave me better news- it was not the nerve the other doctor thought-

It should go away I was told- and the time varied from several months to a couple of years-

The double vision and severe light sensitivity were pretty debilitating - much of the healing has taken place though-

I’m still in need of my rose colored glasses- but feeling a lot better- even the headaches have lessened quite a bit-

Before my ER visit- which the first dr sent me to- I was starting to prepare myself to becoming totally blind- which I was told- could be any time-

I thought about the world I wouldn’t be seeing perhaps- and honestly- I was devastated but at peace too-

Now as I mainly interact with people- I am wearing sunglasses- it softens everyone and everything I see- it reminds me to not only stop and smell the roses- but to take each opportunity to caress each face- in the soft rosy veil of thankfulness 


  1. My son is an eye doctor and whenever I text him about a problem he gets worried and calls me to ask about symptoms. The last time he said, "Okay, sounds like you don't need to get to the hospital or lose your vision." He seriously scares me death. But I guess he sees it all. I too often take my vision and my good health for granted.

  2. How cool that your son is an eye doctor!! Yeah my kids were extremely concerned- but my eyes are definitely improving- thanks for reading!