Friday, April 12, 2024

Kitchen talk

#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Of course we all know- write what you know- that’s especially good advice for me -as I have more than once admitted to being a lazy writer at best- -so research would not be my choice-

Now again an admission of sorts- I’m not really that versed in the kitchen-

But kitchen seemed to be kinda a safe k word

I was doing cooking videos off and on over the last few years since Frank died

At first it made me feel a bit guilty- as I couldn’t boast of having a home cooked meal waiting for Frank each night

For a while I was really into them- and finding a new/old interest in food preparation-

I made crockpot recipes- stove top one pot meals and occasionally some harder tries- such as enchiladas- tomato pies- and stuffed shells- but nothing too intricate -

I also found myself immersed at times with crafts- which was so not like me-

I mean I used to do children’s church- I always loved thinking of a craft and purchasing the supplies- but almost never partook in the implementation-

I have discovered the beauty of soups- so versatile and economical-

I might go back to the videos this summer- we’ll see 

Hmmm maybe if I find myself blogging next April- I can work it out- to just show a-z cooking videos-



  1. It's strange what those who grieve choose to do to heal during all the difficult days and weeks. I have a friend who went to the casinos after her husband died, until at last the sizable insurance was gone and she lost her home. I was so cautious about money after losing my husband. Not that I gamble or even shop, but I put a big chunk in a CD for 5 years to keep it safe. Watching cooking videos is harmless and fun. And free. I can definitely see the appeal.

    1. Yeah I love watching cooking shows and videos- I was hoping to make a little money with mine but that’s a lot of work!!🥰

  2. I definitely want to be notified when you do the Cooking AtoZ video.
    I was cooking more before my husband died. I've lost interest in making a real meal. My writing and painting have taken over more. It may return after I process more.

    1. Thanks Donna- I haven’t been writing hardly any- probably only April brings me to my blog- that’s awesome that you paint too! ❤️🙏

    2. It's a whole different life, which you "get". Everyone knows and expects there'll be grief (maybe not expecting exactly how bad that will be!), but then there's the ADAPTING and ADJUSTING!