Thursday, April 25, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Okay- I’m kinda stretching this one-

Miller is always telling me- you sound like whoever- I don’t know what makes him think that or just why- 

Maybe it’s the inflection or tone- it’s usually one of three people-

Isn’t it funny how most people say they hate the sound of their own voice- they sometimes insist- it’s a distortion and they refuse to admit they sound a certain way-

Someone recently told me that they were no longer singing in their choir- it made me sad- but they said- one has to know when it’s time to go-

I guess I knew what they meant but I found it sad-

Okay since this is a blog- I’m going to end this with a bit of lost continuity-

I kidd you not- Miller loves me to read my blog to him- this morning he was once again telling me how much he loves my blog-

He continues to exclaim how much he enjoys it- he says “I love the way you write- it’s kinda weird”-

I laughed- I repeat- weird?- and in the sweetest voice he softly asked-“do you think it’s kinda weird”


  1. I am one who hates the sound of my voice. I have a Midwestern nasally voice and talk really slow. I'm much more interesting in writing! My husband liked it though and he loved it when I would read to him. He had a beautiful voice, on the other hand.

    1. I like my voice okay- Frank loved the sound of his voice- so did I 🥰