Thursday, April 18, 2024

Part time window box

#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Back when Frank and I were first married- our tv would only get PBS channel-we basically only watched cooking shows- upstairs downstairs and Monty python-

Hence this entry today- one of the jokes - someone asked what occupation they had - he replied- he was a part time window box- that cracked us up- and still does me-

And we laughed often at the running skit about the disagreement room- no this is the contradiction room- I’m sure I’m not recalling it correctly and you had to be there!

A much different scene today- with so many shows- network- streaming- mini series-

Sometimes Robyn and I forget what we had been watching-

I’ve shared before my guilty pleasure of reality tv- I still enjoy quite a few of them -

One type of show I don’t particularly care for are game shows- but I’ll watch the wheel and jeopardy- as Miller loves them-

Back to the only PBS days- because of those limited shows - we developed a real love of cooking shows that found us huddled together on Saturdays- watching them as we had our coffee-

I still like them- especially the pioneer woman and the kitchen-

Downton Abbey was another favorite of ours- reminding us of upstairs downstairs of course-

I also enjoyed the nature shows- I don’t think Frank did as much- I still can get caught up in them- definitely if it’s about birds or Alaska-

Not sure if I’d like to go back to that one channel choice- but oh how I would love to hear Frank’s laugh as he repeated- “part time window box”

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