Wednesday, April 24, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 I still usually have a frozen waffle for breakfast-

I’ve been thinking of the habits and little rituals we become accustomed to- and how Frank and I were so comfortable together- and passionate- haha don’t gag - my kids- which I still don’t think they read my blog- haha- except for Robyn- who reads it aloud to me- so I can decide if I like it-

Anyway- I still hold out some hope that I could marry again- but at this stage in the game- well let’s just say- I’m not at all sure- that anyone would have time enough- to get used to my usually-

But I am not picky- I feel I could look the other way on a lot of usually-

When Frank passed away- at least I was a few years younger- but I guess most likely of the people I would have a head start on being comfortable with- were either dead too - or taken-

Frank and I used to talk about who we might end up with- if the other died first- I don’t remember him ever saying who he picked out for me-

I believe I had picked out an old friend of mine- who had never married-

I guess we should have been more mindful and made one of those lists- alerting the new picked spouses- that they had indeed been chosen- so if they refused- we could keep on the lookout-

I’m usually more thorough-


  1. I never thought I'd want to remarry if my husband died first, and he was the same. Although I think he might have because men seem to have a pretty hard time without a wife if they've been married their whole adult lives. For me, however, one husband was enough. I have no interest in dating again. Even the thought of it repels me.

    1. I don’t really want to date either! I just wish I could find someone I feel comfortable with 🥰

  2. My son made sure I knew I could start dating...ummm, no. The first time around cannot be surpassed, and I'm kind of old to be interviewing again!

    1. Oh yes- I don’t want to do any interviews either 🥰