Friday, April 26, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Actually winter seems shorter to me in the last few years-

I don’t enjoy the usual things that cold weather enthusiasts adore- but I get through it pretty decently-

I pretty much figure when March arrives- how bad can it be- possibly 8 more weeks at most- before all the lovely spring things 

I like to organize more in the winter- hey the Christmas stuff getting put away- what better time- at least in theory-

For me- winter rarely leads to writing- but like I’ve shared- I don’t do much of it any time these days-

Daydreaming is perfect for winter- and planning for summer times- it doesn’t really register with us- the life draining summer days- we think we will be invincible then-

Winter - looks good to me in say Alaska - I guess that’s the only way i experience it- virtually-

Which is strange- they say coldness conveys to us through tv but not hot weather-

So although each is not the winter of my discontent- it would be if I had to be out in it-

And of course I write this blog- somewhat long after the steely gray days of winter-


  1. I've had a weird sort of life this past 25 years. During part of it I bought a house in the country unaware of how much upkeep it would be. And in turn, the house has been oasis for me and my family I have taken care of. And winter is when I have been able to make a dent in my property not becoming the jungle it is now.

    This past winter I spent time cutting down trees that have grown close to my home. I did not know I was THAT far behind. Luckily, I hired a man to till my garden and he bushhogs too. He is like hiring my dad. He is going to do what he feels I need done. But you can't beat his prices.

    Our winter is about six weeks which does not happen in consecutive days. I have traveled to Wisconsin in June and made sure to bring a light jacket. Once every 20 years we get snow.

    1. Your house sounds like a great story!
      Funny I was talking to a good friend about Wisconsin yesterday- she used to live there- it was too cold for her!