Tuesday, April 2, 2024

the Black shoes

#AtoZChallenge 2024

 I have shared before- the most random- seemingly inconsequential times in my childhood- that stand out in my mind- I also wonder if anything else happened in those most memorable moments that bring them to my recollection so often

But this particular one  - seems to only hold joy

My great aunt Lily was up from the country- where she lived with my grandmother- my father’s mother-

She was staying a few days with us- I was so excited- 

For some reason- I was her favorite- me being one of four kids- two older sisters and a younger brother- I always thought about her deciding I was her favorite- did she think I was special- or entertaining-

But in my heart - I secretly thought I knew why-

Each time I saw her - as I was leaving- she would hand me a Hershey chocolate bar and sometimes a dollar bill- as she would whisper in my ear- “try to be good love”-

I don’t think she gave my siblings the same as me- and I often wondered why my parents let her so abashedly show such partiality-

Back to her visit- we had all gone to a movie and lunch- I have never recalled the movie or where we had lunch- but I can see the drugstore we stopped at after

And I can see my green smocked dress - my lace tipped anklet socks-

But most of all I remember those black patent leather shoes- the sound they made- as I danced around the floor- tapping like I was on a stage- my aunt Lily smiling with admiration at her favorite great niece-


  1. You were the entertaining one! "Try to be good..." is a big clue. Of course you were young, so who knows what she said to the others. My brother always told each of his children they were his favorite and to not tell their siblings. Of course, they knew what was going on, but I suspect if you are young enough the world revolves around you and you have no clue what is happening elsewhere!
    I remember as a child, dancing and singing as I walked down the street with my mother, and suddenly seeing the smiles of others as they saw me! I didn't know they could SEE and HEAR me! That was the last time I did THAT! Too bad we turn into grown ups.

    1. And weren't those shoes just the BEST!

    2. Haha true- you might be right- she could have told them the same things- oh yes- those shoes!!

  2. Sometimes you just have a kindred spirit like your Aunt Lily. Everyone needs to feel they are special one at times.