Monday, October 29, 2012

rainy days and mondays always let me catch up from the weekend

hello everyone---i thought i would check in before the possibility of a power outage---we here in richmond va. have been very blessed so far--just small wind and moderate rain--but they are calling for strong winds this evening---i am still trying to pray it away for all---God can do whatever He chooses---but it doesn't hurt to ask!!

sorry i am not going to do much good writing haha---just a quick drop in to say a few words about my weekend-----

it was a rather busy--but good one-----finally dannon got to have her 6th birthday party----i don't even know if anyone counted all the kids--but there was no lack of them and parents---a good time was had by all and although, dannon did not get the horse she had wanted for her birthday present(she got a hamster she named "bob") --she did get an awesome "horse" themed party ----i know she was in horse heaven---

then there was the annual church "fall follies"------i started doing this back in the 80's----i retired a couple of years ago---now our youth put it on----robyn was not about to let it go haha---she is a little like me, we have been told-----we didn't have the biggest turn-out--as i think lots of people were at home preparing for the storm-----dillon proved in a big way---that he was a great sport---even taking over for our missing "blues brother" this year----

then yesterday---two of my grand-daughters, had one of their cheer competitions----they were so cute----reagan's team came in second in their division(they would have come in first if it was not for their cd messing up their dance routine)---a lot of the girls in her group were crying afterwards, but as we ran into reagan in the hallway, she was only concerned that she was hungry---rylee's team took first place in their division---rylee is a center flyer---yay, no one in her group fell---big bonus-----thank goodness both girls were in different divisions btw---

hope you enjoy the pics and videos---

and a big big heartfelt thank you to all of you that took the time to visit, read and generously comment on adrienne's blog and story--it meant the world to her and me!!!

sorry to end on a sad note--but my aunt alice passed away on friday--it was expected of course and we were surprised she lasted as long as she did---her funeral had to be postponed due to "sandy"--but should be wednesday-----and i was so shocked and saddened yesterday to learn, that one of my friends(actually, we were once engaged) passed away a few days ago---i had lost touch with him for many years, but remember him very fondly--he was only 58 <3>

everyone stay safe, if you are in the way of the storm---ttyl <3>

                                                  my frank and dillon-- watch for the ending

                                    dillon wore his tux but the music messed up for the real performance
                                     he also played a great electric guitar-- which we don't have up yet
 this started way back and now it's a tradition that we end with this-- and as it has evolved they look "a little bit" less and less each year like "pharaohs"--  this was the joke because we first used the "wooly bully" by "sam the sham and the pharaohs" 

                                this is suppose to be a parody of robyn and dillon's adorable dance:)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

my daughter-in-law-- adrienne proctor is published-- yay!

hello friends---i have some wonderful exciting news---my daughter-in-law-- adrienne proctor is published!!!---she is an excellent writer and has been working on different projects---she is responsible for getting me out there in the blogging world----she suggested i join the a-z challenge-----i am linking you up to her blog and the story-----please take a look and congratulate her on a job well done- -thanks guys!

her blog

hey if you read this could i ask you to please leave me a comment that you saw this and would you be so kind as to leave one on adrienne's blog also----i can't see the comments on the story haha---but don't forget to comment on the publication too---haha--hope i didn't ask too much ;)

Friday, October 19, 2012

such is life

i wait and i wonder, is it now is it later
do i rest with my knowledge, do i search for more important information not given

and i say to myself--who knows, who can tell you, what a moment, what a year may bring
who is to say all is well and i promise there will be no regrets

such is life, such are dreams, gone if we linger too long, wasted if we don't embrace the gifts before us

sometimes, i think back and i remember many issues wrestled with, and forgotten
did i forfeit that time--is it still out there somewhere, unused---i wouldn't know how to reach it

the beauty in pain reminds me of the brevity before us all and i capture a glimpse of the desires of my heart
if only they would always be the same desires

and though i pose these questions of mine in different ways and cadences---it's okay---for until this life has left us, we ask and seek and deliberate and yes sometimes we just dive in, heart first and let the unspoken voices drain from our consciousness

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

love was in that mountain air

popping in to share some news----my daughter robyn is engaged to dillon!!--i told you i thought he was the one :)

we attended a family wedding in the mountains over the weekend----it was held in the town where dillon grew up and he still has family there-----he proposed in an old building in a park he remembers playing in so much as a child-----it was really quite sweet----

the wedding was for my "dil" kelli's sister---it was so beautiful and had so many personal touches that made it all about the special couple----my son colin and his "bil"  were ushers--- kelli and her sister were maids of honor---colin and kelli's two girls, my granddaughter's were flower girls--the wedding was outside, in a small concert area--the lovely reception was in an old barn--very unique and meaningful----

i love weddings where the couple just goes for it--whether it be traditional or way out there---they should do what they have in mind--

i have done several weddings for daughters of friends and family members---i once even tried to start a wedding business with a friend----i was sure when robyn got married, that i would have all kinds of ideas for it--but you know, i don't

i am so at peace about her being married ---i am looking forward to all of it, but you know---part of what i am looking forward to is to see what twists and turns the planning may take----i hope they put love and thought into their day-----kelli would be happy to know, that i don't even care what music they have---haha, sorry--inside joke :)

honestly i probably should admit, that some of this serenity and calm may derive from the fact being how much alike robyn and i are---

other news, my aunt alice is still here with us--i cannot believe she is still living----part of me worries that she may not be getting the pain relief she needs-----i hope that is not true--

hmmmmmm, let's see what else-----lots of thoughts about life etc.---no real direction or desires--but feeling better--

i had a dream the other night that i started doing dramas again at church---president obama  was a member of my church and insisted he wanted the starring role in the play--he was delightful, but it kinda freaked me out---especially since i was writing the play and already had someone in mind for the lead role----the stress i felt in the dream, made me think i am not ready to start that up again!

oh, just to let you know---i have appreciated all of the nice encouraging comments i have received on my different poetry writings---i have told you, that poetry is my true love in writing and i plan to do more of it---:)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

okay--poetry is my thing right now

so many messages out there so many gimmicks and pitches
i turn my ear away-i don't look, but i can recite them, like a child

the choices are too many, like a rainbow full of all the colors, all the shades and mixtures
i sometimes don't want variety, no give me the comforting monotones of existence, until
i don't want that any longer

the gray sky looms over me and tells me gray is sad and yellow is not sad
who told the sky, it was so smart----i guess i did

wealth, youth, my hearts desires, non of these can erase these challenges
and yes, such small insignificant challenges they really are

as i write and omit lines--something i rarely do---i know the knowledge of the questions i pose
but i ask myself, how many times will i come back to this and i full realize that answer is unwanted

Friday, October 5, 2012

not always

how is it we dream- we question and worry about the future
the future comes and it's nothing like we imagined
sometimes worse, most times just different and then when better---we, i, still question-

hard to let go of thinking things will work like we have seen them in the past-
hard to set about acting on the answers we have been given

such is life, full of endless hours wondering and stilling the fears that ebb into our consciousness-
all is for purpose--could it truly be ----when do the windows open wide enough to see the plan

faith at what's not seen---okay i agree---but what of the world around us---how dissimilar it appears at times

the one foot in the one foot, you know-----

go with it-let it be---stop asking over and over, is this the real thing--is this the story --is this the way

while all around us the rain falls and the seasons do their thing and i take a backwards glance- to discover--once in a while, you can get what you want and it might just be what you need

Monday, October 1, 2012

coffee, birthday's and maybe last visits

i knew i wanted to write this morning--but in all honesty, i was stressed about the idea----i know i share stuff like that information, that is certainly not necessary, but i find that kinda insight into others, interesting, so i hope as i share the real me with you--you will find it easier to relate to me also----

speaking of writing, i have to let you know, we were all---we being the blogging community--being talked about at my family get together saturday----someone, who will remain nameless, was accusing  me of being on facebook all the time---i let him know, that i was not on there as much these days, as i am busy with my blog-----others started to ask me about my blog--like why do i use the dashes and who were my blogging friends and where were they from---

when i told them you guys were from all over the world---they cackled haha---they were so funny they thought----but it's okay---i told them, they just didn't get it and one day they would be honored to tell people about me----you all get that i am kidding right :)

we celebrated at my dad's, his 88th birthday and my aunt from colorado's visit----i could not stop staring at my aunt bea, as she is so much like her big sis, my mom-----she and i share a couple of things--she is the third girl and she also had 8 kids---

friday night we had the coffee house---it was pretty cool---i had a friend from high school come by the coffee house---he is a pastor in california---it was so nice to catch up with him a bit and it also seems, my pastor and his wife had many mutual connections with my friend tom------i think tom also enjoyed the music--

we had planned to have a young man from nashville perform---but at the last minute, he had a problem and was unable to come----we were blessed to get someone that had played with us before---he is so good---he has played all around the richmond area-------he plays a lot of old stuff----way before his time---robyn's bf brought his guitars too and played with him---they were really in tune with one another, as dillon(the bf) is also an old soul ----

another kid---rapped a commentary of life to one of their selections---good creative flowing night--

yesterday, frank and i went to williamsburg va. to see my aunt--she is on hospice and from what i could tell, is in the last few days---i think it will be in the next couple of weeks, no longer, from what i know of death---i told frank, i wouldn't be surprised if she was waiting for her wedding anniversary october the 11th---and how strange that would be, since my mom died on her anniversary----

i told aunt alice i would see her on the other side and related to her, memories of all the many happy times at her house and my grandmother "queenie's"---where we sat on the porch---talked and fanned and played softball in the field and watched uncle elwin do show and tell at christmas time---of all the gifts under their tree and who had given them what----i told her elwin was waiting and her mother and father, queenie, her baby brother and many others---she seemed to be aware, somewhere in that weakened form of the body she once had----i cried and frank read the bible---she didn't know much, but one time when frank had stopped reading, she muttered, "read that little song book"---frank read again from the Psalms--

so a weekend full of family -old friends and life and lives probably ending-----we missed all of the grand-kids football games, but the Good Lord willing, there will be others--