Wednesday, October 21, 2009

our family's miracle baby

3 years ago today we woke up to a call, that our 3rd grand-daughter, our 5th grand-child, had been born-

we had not known that she was due to be born so soon- our daughter-in law , had just been to the doctor's the day before- they thought she had 2 more months-but they were wrong-she was perfect-

little dannon was the catalyst for a major miracle in our family- you might say she brought people together

she is a little bundle of energy and cute as a button- which allows her to get away with a lot - haha-

i hope she has a wonderful life- one as full of life as she is

we all have to laugh- whenever someone is bugging us or just getting on our last nerve , we like to repeat dannon's words of wisdom- "leave me alone, i don't feel good"--happy birthday little miracle girl

Thursday, October 15, 2009

hey i'm still writing

yeah haven't written in a little while- we visited another church this past Sunday- it's a pretty large church with lots of different kinds of people - it was okay - did feel the Spirit, but don't think it is the church for our family-

i had a man call me today, he goes to my old church - he is a relatively new member, only been coming a few years- that is a new member at our old church, as most people there up until recently , have been lifetime members- well he was nice - just wanted to say good-bye- he also said something i found rather interesting-- he said , one thing he could say for sure is that frank and i would not find a church with the history we had there-- very true but any time you change to something new, you have no history there-- but it made me think of what i answered him with- i thanked him of course for calling, but i reminded him that Jesus wanted us to give up our traditions for Him--

i still don't claim to have any real new insights, but do feel a lot of pressure gone- pressure i didn't even recognize i had- even about things i thought i enjoyed-

i told the man that called today that he was only the second person that has called, except for my aunt- there was this other man that was very upset about our leaving - he had actually called about something else , when i told him we had left the church, but he probably would have called anyway--

yeah , it's not like we wanted people to call and try to get us to change our minds but jeez 2 people

just to let you know us a little better and our roles we filled at our church over the years , i will list them- so you can maybe understand how we feel--out of sight out of mind--

sunday school director
adult sunday school teachers
children's church directors
drama leader and actors
assistant pastor
fall follies directors

i'm sure there are lots i am forgetting- i list these not to brag or complain- but just to show the bewilderment of our treatment before and after our departure from our church

the one man that called about something else , told us something completely laughable if not down right ridiculous- he said when 2 of our dear ladies at church heard we had left, they didn't cry, they didn't question why, they didn't even say what a shame- no they just said " well i am sure glad they won't be doing those old fall follies anymore- now that is some christian love that can only leave you warm and fuzzy all over-

Monday, October 5, 2009


well we went to another church yesterday- we had been there before- still wasn't their regular service- it was nice- but don't like the fact , they don't have Sunday school- guess more of a baptist thing--but that's one of the main reasons we are leaving--so our daughter can have more inter- action with other youth--if it was up to me i probably wouldn't even bother to go--does that sound awful--maybe--but starting to hate the worldly politics in the organized church--although i don't want to discourage anyone from going--it's fine if you don't lead anything or become (unknowingly) a threat to someone--sound like sour grapes-- no just reality--so sad it has to be that way- but as long as we are all human , this will continue--enough of this - i will go on to another point or something

i do have a peace , i never thought i would have , about going to different churches- thought i would chicken out--just hate to do things like that- and i'm not very social-- at the church we attended yesterday , it was teacher appreciation day- i knew that already- after we had made our decision to visit --well i don't know what i was expecting- i mean i signed up to win things and all- but i wasn't thinking they would call out people and such--didn't care for that but did get a walmart gift certificate, so shouldn't complain.

we will continue our quest- let ya know how it goes- if you're out there