Wednesday, April 30, 2014

wednesday's wishful thinking

i don't want to sound like a broken record---but boy if i could write about some things that go on in my life----now mind you they really aren't that unusual and probably wouldn't be of interest to many---but facebook seems to enjoy them a bit-----

do you air your concerns and the dirty laundry of life on there---facebook i mean----no of course not, that would be too gauche-----i mean only the young and confrontational would stoop to this---this social media avenue of defense and pitiful plea of understanding

i guess you get i am guilty as charged--and darn it---every time i do it i promise my dignified self that it shall never ever happen again----but those likes---oh how they can get me --

and on the other hand, sometimes i tell myself i am going to be like joan rivers and just blurt out any old thing i want----which brings me to a slight divergence ----although i was floored that even joan could make such a hideous comment or joke about that subject----it always makes me think of how did it or when was it not "too soon" to ridicule the lindbergh baby's abduction and murder-----

but anyway----i go on---with my menus my plans my life---tucking all these tasty tidbits away for the day i am much older and everyone will laugh when i cleverly disguise their character--and say---now who would do that---boy lynn-mama-nanny---had quite the imagination

Monday, April 21, 2014

menu review

warning, this post may only be interesting to foodies

as you may know i can really get into cooking and planning --this Easter was no different

here was my menu---
ham biscuits(country ham and honey ham)
chicken tenders
romaine salad greens with dried cranberries, almonds and mandarin oranges-with either raspberry vinaigrette or honey dijon
mac and cheese
rice broccoli bake(michael strahan's mother's recipe)
red-skinned potato salad
cornbread stuffing
green beans
deviled eggs(yes you did read deviled eggs)
 pineapple miracle cake
strawberry triffle
banana poke cake

okay here are some things i learned from this cooking and entertaining experience

i will make potato salad more often--i really liked it---next time i would stir the potatoes more to ensure even cooking---i might add a little more sweet relish and maybe some pickle juice and fresh dill along with the dry

i would add chicken stock to replace half the water in the cornbread stuffing which was boxed stuffing or better yet i might make the kind that used jiffy cornbread mix--

i wouldn't(who am i kidding i probably still would)wash the salad greens again

i would not use pillsbury cake mix and would not ice the pineapple cake-although it was tastier but cake is too light to hold the icing

i eye-balled the vinegar for the deviled eggs and poured way more than i thought i should have--it was still not too much vinegar

i will never use frozen strawberries with splenda again!

you really can't have too much cheese--i thought i had too much for the mac and cheese--but was the best i have made---sorry to brag

i forgot to add butter to the green beans--didn't miss it

michael's mom's rice bake would have been better if i had followed her rice amount exactly--i had too much rice

oh and i would have all honey ham----country ham was too tough

all in all the menu and dishes were good and everyone had fun---

and this year the hunt included prizes----hmmmm probably need better ones next year!

hope everyone had a nice Easter day

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

i missed the challenge

i just visited a blogging friend and saw that she was participating in the a-z challenge---i felt a little pang that i had not done it this year----just a little mind you---

i think it is a great idea though---but not to be critical---i would enjoy it better if everyone just hit the keys each day, not knowing where the story or post would take them only the letter----that's what i did the first year---haha that's the way i thought it was to go----

again me being an undisciplined writer liked it better that way, huh---

but here i am writing today and starting a twitter account----so i guess i still feel i want to say something to someone sometimes-

life is strange isn't it---we struggle to connect and then when we do---we often retreat-----don't ask us too much----don't get too close-

we just can't help, wanting to be known and understood-------if we realized how little people really think about us all---well it's true

it's just so hard to get out of this body of evidence that we are the stars in our story and if we don't tell it, rarely will someone else