Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sorta Cooking

Sitting here trying to deny there may be a few snowflakes swirling around-

I thought I would share some grocery/kinda cooking tips today-

We have been having lots of frozen vegetables lately-love to sample all the different blends-here are a few I can recommend
Birds eye lightly seasoned sweet potatoes with brown sugar
Green giant Italian blend
Birds eye lightly sauced brussel sprouts

I like canned too-I tend to like the canned better for greens and green beans

Seems like lately we get a rotisserie chicken about every other week-super easy to have the refrigerated already cooked mashed potatoes-although as they seem to raise my blood sugar pretty high -I often choose Mac and cheese with a coupe of sides of veggies-hmmm hate that word veggies-

As for a really good frozen Mac and cheese-I have to tell you about Marie Callender's comfort bakes-Vermont white cheddar Mac and cheese

I picked it up on sale a while back-not really liking white cheddar- it is awesome--so much better than stouffer's-now mind you I know how to make homemade and Robyn makes a delicious crock pot Mac and cheese-but this is excellent on an easy dinner night-

A totally mindless dinner-chunky beef vegetable soup over minute rice-and btw the store brand minute style rice is usually fine but typically not that much cheaper

Frank and Dillon like to have special bread with most meals-instead of the plain old refrigerated biscuits-pepperidge farm has a nice savory cheddar refrig biscuit

Oh yeah-and this is probably the best tip I can share-
Last night we had grilled cheese sandwiches with bearcreek brand dried soup mix -they have many options-we had the chili-all you added was water and tomato paste--it was a huge hit

Well that's all for now-wishing you sunny days and happy sorta cooking :)

Monday, February 16, 2015


I am sitting taking a break from laundry-
We are expected to get 6--12 inches of the four letter white word today--
A few flakes have shown up - even a little early -

I search the branches visible through the left front panes- hoping to spot that gorgeous red cardinal I saw yesterday- oh how I would enjoy the sight of a woodpecker

The other day while bringing groceries in- I heard the rattling sound of a woodpecker I was sure-- I stood on the porch struggling to find the creature creating the amazing beat--seldom would I linger in the frigid temps -I gave up-but I knew he was there

There are not many things I love or have a slight fondness for-concerning winter

The grays are empty and echoing -we huddle like bears-wishing to sleep it gone

Oh for that book one can't put aside-seems they are a dying breed

And so when I dare to open up my heart to the possibility that winter can be my friend-my lonely unwelcome needy intrusive friend -I recall the danger of inviting them in-for they certainly over stay their tolerability