Thursday, February 27, 2014

and the nominees are

it's been some time since i have shared anything about our church coffeehouse---the one that my daughter robyn and the youth group she used to be a part of--revived a couple of years ago--frank and i have had a hand in it also as has our pastor and his wife who is also our church youth leader-

we all have a lots of fun with it---giving kids a place to hang out one night a month---and a platform for some serious talent around the community and discovering stars right in our home church---

we have had other youth groups join us and other church groups come and perform---

in a couple of weeks we will be holding the "jahnke road baptist church lighthouse coffeehouse" first awards show---the J.U.P.E. awards---"Jesus uniting people everywhere"----it should be great fun---

some of the categories are serious--and some--just this unique family--poking fun at ourselves---

as much of our nights at the coffeehouse are documented with pictures and videos---we have shared videos for people to vote on

"the most inspiring"-"the best duet"---"the most out-there"--  "who knew"----and many more

you get the picture

so i hope you enjoy the random videos i will share today 

Friday, February 21, 2014

friday fun with food news

remember i told you i might be writing about food soon---well here goes

robyn and i collaborated on a couple of dinners this week---you know what i just might go ahead and tell you our week's dinner menu and please don't judge haha-

monday night--- we made my "famous" corned beef hash casserole---
four cans of hash
layer two in casserole dish--flattening a bit
spread with your favorite tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce
sprinkle with salt pepper and garlic salt
top with eight slices of swiss cheese
repeat next layer--topping with extra sauce
cook at 350 for about an hour--letting it set up some before serving

this time making it, it didn't set up well and was runny---i know sounds disgusting but really it was just as tasty---we changed it up by serving it over toast

we had frozen yellow squash with it--i tell ya squash does not go far in our house--we had four bags of squash with no left-overs---but i did take out a serving to share with my dad the next day along with the cbh casserole---and again i say the frozen squash is just as good to me as the fresh---just add a little oil of choice---fry onions--adding squash with no liquid and cook away---adding lots of pepper and some salt and garlic salt--butter towards the end

tuesday night--robyn wanted to try something different--"creamy tomato chicken penne"
combine your favorite tomato sauce with cream cheese 2oz (we would use a whole small package next time)
add parmesan cheese about 1/4 cup--wouldn't hurt to add more
of course make your penne like usual pasta
we used already cooked chicken pieces and heated them before adding to dish
add frozen thawed spinach--squeezing out liquid
add all together in skillet and cook for about 15 min-
 with this dish we served garlic bread and fried corn---note fry longer and use white shoe-peg

wednesday night-
we were really busy so it was easy night
canned chunky beef vegetable soup over rice with biscuits---remember no judging!
but because i was judging myself--i added a simple but delicious new creation fruit salad
just any kind of your favorite fruit--i used canned tropical fruit
add finely shredded cheddar cheese to taste and your favorite coleslaw dressing---big big hit and only change i would make is to present it in a prettier dish! oh and btw--the guys(esp. dillon)love the soup and rice thing!

okay yeah that's not a whole week but can't make this blog but so long--happy weekend and happy cooking!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

a verse for a rainy saturday

i am sitting here on a rainy cold saturday almost afternoon---and wanting to write-----hmmm it just hit me---i am going to try my hand at my first love---of writing that is---poetry

a shunning thought entered her head as she wrestled to find a comfortable position---what would the answer be---who would tell her----it really didn't matter---at this point little did--

some would accuse her of a rebellious heart--others would or could empathize---though unfortunately they likely did not share this with anyone

she knew things and knew that meant she knew little-----maybe that is where this desolate presence had entered----at the realization of a sort of futility to be left with

the menacing skies seemed to be whispering----we are enveloping you---there is ultimately no escape---she knew better

while yes there was truth in the unknown and bitterness just beyond that first delectable taste--

her peace would beckon her back to reality----her hope of a shadow standing right in front of her---struggling to be seen and explain