Tuesday, November 11, 2014

don't hate me

we need a little Christmas---right this very minute!

alright--remember this blog entry title----

in my shaky defense---robyn and i have been cooped up in the house----sick with a nasty cold viral thing---looks like we are pretty much over it now------

okay--good writing requires one be as honest as they can-huh---

i have always started decorating for Christmas rather hmmmeeemmm---a wee bit premature---usually after halloween---okay maybe just a week at most before --

my desire to hurry along all the beauty and work of Christmas has proved to be a very practical thing--

there was the times i hosted several family get-togethers ---i mean when i used to do the children's Christmas pageant at church---there would be so many rehearsals---not many weekends to entertain folks  at home---

and what about all those years one of my kids had a hospital stay----many of those illnesses took place right smack dab during the weeks of thanksgiving and Christmas----yep was happy those years to come home with my recuperating child and at least have the decorating done-----

this year dillon was able to find my mom and dad's tree----it must be close to 40yrs old-----yeah i had to remove my kitchen table to make room for it-----it's worth it

so say what you will about the stores being too early----

maybe it's just me---maybe it's my wanting to get a task done as soon as it is given----

but last year when daddy went into the hospital just a few days before Christmas ---it was sorta comforting 
to come home to the glow of Christmas lights----

it was nice to have some things the same----especially since for the first time ever----i didn't cook the Christmas dinner for everyone--but instead--robyn and dillon got chinese for all----some loved the change--others are hoping for no hospital stays this year--actually all are hoping for that i am sure----

and since all us writers are into the honesty thing-----i must confess---i normally have more trees than this---okay so do hate me---right now i hate me too!

trees from top to bottom: #1 our family tree, a hodgepodge of ornaments the kids collected and or made through the years-- #2 i always call this colin's tree, he bought it for me the first year fiber optic trees came out-- #3 my after Christmas 90% off tree-- of course part of the lights didn't work-- #4 robyn's ballet tree-- ornaments from when she started dance at 7 til now-- #5 mama and daddy's tree from over 40 years ago-- so glad dillon found it 

Friday, October 31, 2014

boo!-- blues brothers-- babies-- and biscuits

happy halloween

i have been putting up old halloween pics on my facebook today----

there was a time when i did not let my older boys trick or treat---it was a combo of religious beliefs and safety issues-----they like to remind me of this and how i let robyn participate in this ritual many years later----so sue me boys---we aren't always the same parents to the same kids but we do our best at the time----i still don't like the real dark side of halloween---

but they did have church parties!  

i made as usual goody bags for the grand-kids ----i found these cute bags at target---they reminded me of a stuffed animal one of my daughter-in-law's brother made for the kids----

we had the fall follies last weekend and i think it was one of the weirdest ones yet---good turn-out though and a good time----and as you can see, the blues brothers picked up a bonus bro this year-----yeah john also doubled as our emcee for the evening----he surprised us and we surprised him by getting him to do anything we asked--

robyn has been growing a bit and is half-way through the pregnancy----she is a planner---don't know where she gets it from-----and is so excited that i think she is gonna take off sometimes-----

after she baked this cake the other day, our oven went out----which caused me to try my mama's fried biscuits---something i hadn't even thought of in a long time-------they were really good

enjoy your weekend---

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

these dreams

i have been known to experience dreams that come true-----they seem to come in spurts and it used to be i would go for months or years before having them again---

about two weeks ago i had such a dream----as most of them that have some truth in reality-this one was very realistic---no weird imagery or the like---which is what the majority of my dreams are---

when i awoke the next morning i knew or was pretty certain the dream was to be told to someone---i shared it with robyn dillon and frank-----it wasn't a  particularly startling dream---just one that had a person i knew, telling me something that he was going to tell everyone about----it was an unusually surprising bit of news---not anything that in real life would seem to make sense----

over this past weekend---i heard that the person had indeed announced the information that he revealed to me in my dream-----

i am deeply moved by this dream and the actuality of the outcome

i sometimes ask God to give me prophetic dreams and then i am shocked when he does--

most of these dreams have little if anything to do with me----sometimes they aren't even about anyone i know---but later i will see the same news story happening the next day---

i do believe God can and does send us visions--signs and dreams---although we aren't suppose to constantly be looking for them----

one night long ago---i heard a noise at my backdoor---i went to look and a huge owl was staring at me on my porch rail----i knocked and knocked-trying to get it to fly away---frank was gone and it was really creeping me out---but it never moved---by morning it was gone----

and by morning i learned my grandmother had passed away----i know some people believe this to be simple superstition---but i prefer to think of it as God's gentle "leadings" of knowledge----

i still don't know why i was given this last dream---but it does let me know however God chooses to speak to us we must listen---

Monday, October 6, 2014

fall food flops-- special birthdays-- follies-- and other news

the weather last couple of days says fall is officially here here----

let's see what do i have to share---well one thing i will share in a video on this blog later------

i haven't made anything too interesting for dinner last week or so---except for beef stew and a surprisingly awful rendition of my before famous loved chicken casserole----i don't know what happened but it was not well received and much of it was thrown out

i guess it does matter what vegetables you choose--although every other time i have put all kinds of combinations ---and for some reason we could not for the life of us-get those biscuits to cook all the way---

over the weekend we celebrated my dad's 90th birthday-----he seemed to enjoy it---and got 2 jackets among his gifts-----

funny thing---my brother was kinda interviewing dad about lots of events in his life---and some history on our church--of which he and mom are charter members--

when asked about some details of the past leaders and such----my aunt interjects about a certain someone---"didn't he run off with some other woman"

did i mention we were recording---

robyn and dillon are anxiously awaiting their baby---all seems well---

yesterday the pastor had robyn and dillon announce what the baby will be----i tell ya---dillon looked like he was gonna explode with joy---

speaking of church---as some of you may recall---our church has an annual event known as the "fall follies"---the next one will be in a couple of weeks------

over the years (when i used to organize it)i  have had to steer some people away from their desired acts or songs--

this one year i was unable to deter our then very pregnant music director from singing "i'm just a girl who can't say no"----now i am wondering if robyn could revive that one-----

Friday, September 19, 2014

Meatless chili?

Just dropping in to keep up my writing a bit

I went to make chili this week only to have very bad smelling ground beef
I ended up making " meatless" chili-- which believe it or not was a big hit- although I do still have some leftovers which doesn't happen a few days later- except that one batch of " brown stuff"---- sorry inside reference to faithful readers-

Something I have discovered pretty recently- if you are planning to serve frozen French fries- why not try one of the different kinds- we really like ones that have cracked black pepper-

This week I made my variation on my sister Martha's Korean stirfry -- this time I added to the stirfry veggies- two steamer bags of Asian flavored veggies - one problem- I can never seem to make enough!

But one thing there is always an abundance of white rice-
I usually end up throwing a good amount out - this time I served it as a side dish next night-- I added a good bit of margarine- pizza seasonings - seasoning salt and pepper- very tasty!

Oh and I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

This week has flown by-- I keep wishing I would get inspired to write again but you know " if wishes were horses"

So for now I will follow the few other passions that hit me-

And as I conquer the daily grind and continue to be amazed at  God's infinite grace---- I hear in the distance the haunting seemingly meaningless news of the day

Which is most likely why my response to life is sometimes simply to cook

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

the autumn leaves

i am on robyn and dillon's laptop today---hence no caps and no auto-correct---

i have been pondering fall or autumn as i think it sounds prettier----now i am pondering the rose by any other name thing----guess i am easily distracted these days

i am trying to force that old love of fall thing----got the pumpkin spice candles burning----already made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins---and decorated the mantle---although a little differently this year-----

yesterday i even bought all the ingredients for chili except the ground chuck----remember my problem purchasing meat----i plan to get dillon or frank to pick up the meat monday----the next few days won't be chili weather days anyway-----

back to my buying meat problem and shopping issues in general-----i am certain some of my anxieties in this area are due to the many cases of product and food tampering when my oldest boys were very young---started this phobia-----but i push on and with robyn's help i am able to buy most of our weekly needs

okay back to autumn -----i am really missing the grandkids football games---no one is cheering or playing this year----i felt last year that it could be the last time i would pick them up for a game or pack my goody bag with candy chips and drinks-----but had i known for sure---maybe i would have cheered a little louder and brought a few more snacks--

maybe if i listen to my cd ---the one that we won't listen to until september----james taylor's "october road"

silent colors mossy grass----listen closely to the past----circle round the warmest fire---leave no doubt or secret desire---but when it's over stop and check----was it welcomed good was it softly etched---only sneak a backward glance as it's brightness fades----autumn days of gold autumn days we made---

Thursday, August 28, 2014

easy and delicious

Well here I am blogging on my phone again -

Believe me this is not a true food blog but thought I would share this weeks menu-since it has been pretty well received

Monday-- okay this isn't gonna sound good but it is really tasty-
Frozen breaded chicken patties on potato buns- mayo Swiss cheese and bacon-super easy and I used the fully cooked microwaveable bacon --sometimes we also top with bread/ butter pickles and onion and tomato -served with fries and mixed veggies

Tuesday-this was Dillon's real bday so Robyn wanted to do a kinda mock thanksgiving dinner
We had rotisserie chicken- which btw I find it much easier to pull it all off the bone rather than carve it-with chicken we had instant mashed potatoes - instant stuffing- Robyn wanted to have chicken stuffing-which was good but I always prefer the pork flavor-much more flavorful and blends with any meat--also mixed veggies-we were going to have green beans-a really nice brand but our can opener broke! Crescent rolls and frozen Reese's pie topped the special dinner off
I told Robyn after-that next time it would be so easy to add cranberry sauce and candied yams - but although this dinner was scrumptious and simple- if you have it too often -it would diminish thanksgiving
And hey it did get me to thinking- several chickens no turkey- we shall see-

Wednesday-penne pasta with creamy tomato sauce and Parmesan and mozzarella cheese-served with garlic bread veggies and would you believe baked beans- gotta get more protein

For some odd reason we didn't take pictures of the other meals

Tonight Thursday -I am making a tuna casserole
Tuna- cream of mushroom celery and chicken soup ---rice and cheddar cheese-we will be having those green beans---new can opener---and biscuits

All of these dinners ran around $16 a piece for four people-with leftovers for Robyn and my lunch next day

Happy Labor Day weekend--- can you imagine I am saying that---it flew by and kinda missed me-- don't plan to let that happen again!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

brunch anyone

Hi everyone -first of all I am writing this on my phone!---don't like it already -but I can't type too well because I have had a problem with my left hand-feeling better though-//

Over the weekend I had an early birthday brunch for Dillon-I like the idea of a brunch but hardly ever do one -mainly because some of the kids work on the weekends-anyway this weekend was a rare one where all were able to attend--

There will be no pictures today as Robyn says she can't do it from my phone -and btw another thing I dislike about this phone way is the auto-correct -you know how I don't capitalize -

My menu for brunch:

Scrambled eggs-two kinds-cheese-and deviled ham eggs-cheese were better-
Ham biscuits
Hashbrowns-should have doubled them
Bagels-onion and plain-with different cream cheeses
Cinnamon and orange rolls -orange much better
Little boxes of cereal and little bags of chocolate chip muffins
Coffee with special creamers and orange and apple breakfast drinks in the little fancy cups
Oh and of course bday cake- I forgot the ice cream and then thought-oh well it is too early for it anyway---but one of my grandkids assured me it is always the right time for ice cream- sorry

I think the morning may be a better time for people -not to early but early enough to have energy and plenty of time to get things done in the rest of the day

And you know how I tend to over do ehmmmm obsess just a wee bit over food and entertaining but I did wish I had served grits-would have been so easy!

Next time

Thursday, July 17, 2014

unexpected moments

well i can hardly believe it is past the middle of july----this summer has been sorta routine---but every once in a while something will come along to surprise us-----

robyn and dillon are going to have a baby---this will make frank's and my eighth grandchild-----i was 44 when my very first grandchild was born---he will be sixteen this coming fall-----sometimes when i look at him i hear his two year old voice---and then i shake my head to realize he is rapidly relating some obscure tidbit of knowledge--only i don't recognize the deep cadence coming out of his lips---

we have two grandsons and five granddaughters----i would imagine robyn is having a boy----not sure why-

robyn was only three and a half when she became an aunt----she and my oldest grandson have been more like siblings, in the way they treat each other-----the other night when robyn and dillon announced at frank's birthday dinner, the news----the oldest grandson didn't notice what was said at first and when he did---he goes WHAT----and the younger grandson---teasing exclaimed "robyn is a woman now"-----same grandson told dillon----"dillon you are gonna be a good dad--you are good with kids"----so sweet---

it is early for the sharing of this news but robyn didn't want to wait-----and i suppose it is good to let joy come out------no one knows what a day shall bring anyway, so maybe we should all be quick to celebrate the joy that is----the joy of now----

i am gonna leave you today with a video and you may wonder why i chose this---but it was one of those unexpected rare moments life can give you------one as i watched it could feel myself looking back at one day---maybe some future Christmas season when he is home with mama------and i will think to myself---how lucky-how blessed that robyn happened to mention studying france and this is what came of it----

Thursday, June 19, 2014

"the joy of kinda cooking"

okay i know---you would think i have a cooking show or column huh-----

this week i combined some simple homemade dishes with a couple of ready to go main dishes and easy sides---

monday was fish sandwiches----fish fillets shaped for buns----they were on sale--"gordons"---now i usually don't mind their frozen fish but these were not good---very small and mushy----

if i tried that idea again---i would buy a better fish and add tomato---we also added tartar sauce and muenster cheese---i would change to a stronger cheese and splurge on a better bun than store brand--
with the sandwiches, i served canned turnip greens--french fries and pinto beans---btw "lucks" beans are really good---

tuesday i made my famous chicken pot pie---you cannot go wrong with this one and each time i make it a little different---doesn't matter----

i use three cans of chunky chicken potato broccoli cheese soup----add large can french onions----two bags of any mixed vegetables--i usually use one california blend and another blend  that has either a cheese sauce or butter herb sauce--i use steamer bags of vegetables and cook them first---large bag of cheddar cheese---lots of pepper some salt and garlic salt----cook 350 for about an hour then top with refrigerated  biscuits brushing with margarine or butter and topping with italian seasonings

with the pot pie i had herb buttered rice and pickled beets-

last night i made my family's renown "hot dog hash"--yeah you read that right--

hot dogs cut thinly--and don't judge remember---canned sliced potatoes---with plenty of onion---last night i only had frozen onion with green peppers but it was all the same----i also tried it in the wok--using some oil-

this is one of my family's favorite meals---i kid you not----i served brussel sprouts again---canned biscuits and corn---

something else i did this week and may continue---i bought three nights worth of frozen desserts---we rarely have dessert but hey life is too short to leave out the sweet stuff---at least a small bite-----you can't beat cheesecake and those little "pepperidge farm" cakes---inexpensive anyway and lots of times on sale as they were this week--just add a little good vanilla ice-cream and everyone is happy-

tonight we will have frozen lasagna- peas with mushrooms and garlic bread------

you know it is true---nothing beats home-cooking and if you are using your stove-oven or even your microwave-you are doing it----hey it wasn't until my two oldest sons were grown that they found out slice and bake cookies weren't homemade----but they sure did enjoy making them all the same---happy cooking!

Friday, June 13, 2014

we had our list and everything

not much going on my way or anything i can really share haha----

robyn and i went to the store this week, fully intending to come away with all the ingredients needed for wonderful homemade dishes for our week's dinners---

we left the local food lion with ready boxed meals where you do add your own chicken beef or tuna and frozen shrimp scampi and dare i admit----frozen pizza--

what i learned from this week's meals-----

okay---chicken alfredo is not good in the chicken helper--which was really velveeta chicken helper--
you still do pretty much the same amount of preparation with little taste-----in defense of velveeta---they do have several choices that are very tasty--one of which is their bacon ranch chicken----

in fairness this next part is very subjective as i rarely touch dishes with shrimp in them---- i sampled the shrimp scampi but could not stomach it for that night's dinner and ate instead, the horrible left-over chicken alfredo----

i learned that there are some brands of frozen brussel sprouts that aren't bad----bird's eye lightly sauced---only thing to change would be if they offered a larger size steamer bag---i bought two but for four people i could have used three----i mentioned that to a facebook status they had and they said they would pass that on to their production people---i will be waiting-

okay---those frozen pizzas are very good looking and so many kinds---and cheaper than even little caesar's

 they are smaller when you retrieve them from their over sized boxes and they are tasteless and hard as cardboard crusts----of the few kinds we have tried, i would have to say--the tombstone are the best

oh and lastly---where oh where are the good flavored ice-creams---i mean i like ice-cream but can't hardly ever find a flavor i love-----and the few ones that used to have cake in them or pie crust have gone to hard beady little nuggets of something not resembling cake or pie crust in the least

just sharing the wealth of knowledge of this lazy weeks "cooking"

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

just thinking out loud

today i am mulling over the idea of past experiences and expectations of present time things and the relationship that memory and nostalgia has with our feelings about life

i know this is sort of a broad subject

sometimes having some knowledge of what something will be like can help us relax and have an amount of confidence in our ability to succeed at the task or occasion set before us

and of course there are those lucky---probably rare people that have no fear or need of preparation---they just seem to float through existence with no desire for a road map or dress code

it's true that vivid emotions of a past situation can cloudy the chance of spontaneity and joy

but would ice-cream and other delicious bits of living be as good if there was no anticipation or longing for what you recall as pleasurable

or is there no living up to any first

Thursday, May 22, 2014

a little cooking chatter

cooking stuff today---

recently my sister martha had shared with me a stir fry dish----it is very versatile but basically you use a bag of birdseye stir fry veg. mix add a bag of broccoli florets---stir fry with korean teriyaki sauce about 1/2 bottle---serve over rice---

her recipe was feeding two or three so i increased my recipe to almost double ----i also have made it with general tso's sauce---frank preferred the general tso's sauce----we really enjoy this dish and i have added chicken and beef to it---i think the chicken works better---

with the frozen vegetables it's a little difficult to get the right consistency so i may try my wok the next time-

a really good cold pasta salad i made last week was  well received-----and very simple---two bags of frozen three cheese tortellini---cook as directed to al-dente--mix with a can of fiesta corn----toss with about half a bottle of sun-dried tomato dressing----i added a little dry dill----

the other night i brought out one of my old dishes---but it's hearty and filling----
you can make your own scalloped or au gratin potatoes----i myself use any packaged potatoes---three of them for us---prepare as directed---adding extra butter and milk----canned flake ham---frozen uncooked peas----a little mustard----half of a bag of cheddar cheese and half to top it-----

oh and i almost forgot---and i wish i had a pic of this------i made what frank and i believe to be the best chili i have ever made------couple of changes----spaghetti sauce instead of my usual tomato juice---of course i still used diced tomatoes------and this i think was the real difference---along with a package of chili seasoning---i used sloppy joe seasonings-------all eaten---unlike my last post about my chili----remember

happy memorial day to all and happy cooking and grilling

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

just yesterday

the last couple of days the weather has made me think of summers as a child---the minute the warm breeze hits my face, it brings me back to a vivid almost painful longing---a sense of what summer represented to me----

i see my mother starting the hot car to take us on the weekly grocery trip----i was just sharing with one of my granddaughters the other day, one of these precious memories---

as we ate lunch after the recent movie trip---she sat next to me--she carefully noticed the tiny stuffed animal she had purchased from the movie house's vending machines----i suggested she name him or her rio--after the movie we had all just seen---

i told her how when i was about her age---my mom would let me spend all the pennies i could find---some i had saved and some she had donated to my stash---i would then excitedly enter those coins into the six vending machines---eagerly awaiting the treasure i would take home----to this day i get a little thrill as that coin turns

the summers of my childhood really didn't have that much going on---unlike most of my friends, we didn't belong to a pool ---although we would occasionally go to a public man made lake----to tell the truth those outings filled me with great anxiety as i pretended to love the water while secretly and with much shame couldn't wait to go home----

we did take a trip each year to the outer banks ---my dad would leave his business in the hands of his employees for three days---we would depart on a thursday and return on a Sunday----i recall with great fondness how my father would make us get up that last vacation day, dress in our church clothes and sit through the long service---my sunburned back would stick against those hard pews in the tiny wooden un-airconditioned church-

and today as it isn't even summer yet--i hold on to all those sweet visions of a simpler time and place in my past---and i trust that the days ahead will continue to call me back

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

let the music play

hope everyone is having a good morning or it may be evening for some of you!

i feel kinda energetic today and optimistic---which that last part is not unusual for me---

i may have unexpectedly become a little more of a morning person---actually i am fairly good until hmmm maybe 3 or 4 in the afternoon--and then not so much good for anything---

just throwing together dinner with robyn's help most times and watching a few of my intellectual tv programs---you know the housewives franchise----remember the judging thing!

wow that's two exclamation points so far---not to worry though---i will not become "punctuationly"(see i told you)correct

as i am writing this i have music playing on an easy listening station---it is influencing me--which is why i rarely have any noise around me as i write-----the instrumental strains are beckoning me to the past and the melancholy business of life---but that's okay---it feels kinda cool to let the music move me like when we dance

and since life is one great big waltz---a twirling of emotions and crescendos --i don't turn it off---no i let it speak to me---like an old friend who's letter i am rereading---

aren't our souls and hearts quite fickle----i had planned to tell you about my dinner last night---another time perhaps----"i'm always chasing rainbows" is playing

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

wednesday's wishful thinking

i don't want to sound like a broken record---but boy if i could write about some things that go on in my life----now mind you they really aren't that unusual and probably wouldn't be of interest to many---but facebook seems to enjoy them a bit-----

do you air your concerns and the dirty laundry of life on there---facebook i mean----no of course not, that would be too gauche-----i mean only the young and confrontational would stoop to this---this social media avenue of defense and pitiful plea of understanding

i guess you get i am guilty as charged--and darn it---every time i do it i promise my dignified self that it shall never ever happen again----but those likes---oh how they can get me --

and on the other hand, sometimes i tell myself i am going to be like joan rivers and just blurt out any old thing i want----which brings me to a slight divergence ----although i was floored that even joan could make such a hideous comment or joke about that subject----it always makes me think of how did it or when was it not "too soon" to ridicule the lindbergh baby's abduction and murder-----

but anyway----i go on---with my menus my plans my life---tucking all these tasty tidbits away for the day i am much older and everyone will laugh when i cleverly disguise their character--and say---now who would do that---boy lynn-mama-nanny---had quite the imagination

Monday, April 21, 2014

menu review

warning, this post may only be interesting to foodies

as you may know i can really get into cooking and planning --this Easter was no different

here was my menu---
ham biscuits(country ham and honey ham)
chicken tenders
romaine salad greens with dried cranberries, almonds and mandarin oranges-with either raspberry vinaigrette or honey dijon
mac and cheese
rice broccoli bake(michael strahan's mother's recipe)
red-skinned potato salad
cornbread stuffing
green beans
deviled eggs(yes you did read deviled eggs)
 pineapple miracle cake
strawberry triffle
banana poke cake

okay here are some things i learned from this cooking and entertaining experience

i will make potato salad more often--i really liked it---next time i would stir the potatoes more to ensure even cooking---i might add a little more sweet relish and maybe some pickle juice and fresh dill along with the dry

i would add chicken stock to replace half the water in the cornbread stuffing which was boxed stuffing or better yet i might make the kind that used jiffy cornbread mix--

i wouldn't(who am i kidding i probably still would)wash the salad greens again

i would not use pillsbury cake mix and would not ice the pineapple cake-although it was tastier but cake is too light to hold the icing

i eye-balled the vinegar for the deviled eggs and poured way more than i thought i should have--it was still not too much vinegar

i will never use frozen strawberries with splenda again!

you really can't have too much cheese--i thought i had too much for the mac and cheese--but was the best i have made---sorry to brag

i forgot to add butter to the green beans--didn't miss it

michael's mom's rice bake would have been better if i had followed her rice amount exactly--i had too much rice

oh and i would have all honey ham----country ham was too tough

all in all the menu and dishes were good and everyone had fun---

and this year the hunt included prizes----hmmmm probably need better ones next year!

hope everyone had a nice Easter day

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

i missed the challenge

i just visited a blogging friend and saw that she was participating in the a-z challenge---i felt a little pang that i had not done it this year----just a little mind you---

i think it is a great idea though---but not to be critical---i would enjoy it better if everyone just hit the keys each day, not knowing where the story or post would take them only the letter----that's what i did the first year---haha that's the way i thought it was to go----

again me being an undisciplined writer liked it better that way, huh---

but here i am writing today and starting a twitter account----so i guess i still feel i want to say something to someone sometimes-

life is strange isn't it---we struggle to connect and then when we do---we often retreat-----don't ask us too much----don't get too close-

we just can't help, wanting to be known and understood-------if we realized how little people really think about us all---well it's true

it's just so hard to get out of this body of evidence that we are the stars in our story and if we don't tell it, rarely will someone else

Monday, March 24, 2014

wow the J.U.P.E. awards are over!

and the winners are----

the church coffee house awards are all over---

it proved to be a fun filled night--full of exuberant young people and a few of us slightly older folks, adding our years of experience to the evening-

robyn and i really enjoyed all the planning that led up to this event and have already been talking about next year's menu---

thought some of you might like to see the video robyn and dillon put together----

Friday, March 14, 2014


three of my five granddaughters are planning to spend the night tonight----i am hoping the youngest will stay but we shall see--she is only 3 almost 4---

the kids always seem to have a great time when they stay over---i think that time has probably passed for the grandsons though---but we can still pick them up and have fun--just not big on the night spending anymore-----and that comes as no surprise, just quicker than i realized--and the startling fact that my oldest grandchild will turn 16 next go round----

i told my "dil" to let the girls know that their cousins would not be able to come this time---and that robyn and dillon will be out for the evening at a company dinner----just making sure pop pop and nanny were gonna be enough excitement for them! they still wanted to come----good- they haven't reached that age yet--

i tell myself a lot lately---make time for people---take time to show others they are important to you---i mean what is life about if you don't-

we plan to see "frozen" with the girls tomorrow--a few weeks ago we took the boys to see the "lego" movie-----at least there was popcorn---no seriously, it is a joy to do whatever they want to do and each time a gentle reminder of how brief these days will be--

there is an already fond memory from the last sleep-over the girls had here-----two sisters and one cousin---sitting on stools in front of the tv--singing along with the taylor swift video--the song "never grow up"---frank videoed it from behind them---and i tell you as they swayed with arms around each others neck--i think i saw them grow just a little-

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

my list today

i am sitting here thinking about things i may have learned through this journey called life--so far anyway---and thought hey maybe i can make it into a blog and the order will not be of any importance

1. that i don't know hardly anything for sure

2.things change

3.there is never enough time for the good stuff in life and it takes a lot of living to figure out what the good stuff is

4.some people are never gonna get you or like you--that doesn't make them or you bad

5.you most likely will not regret any kindness you show

6.you can't really change anyone else--only your expectations of them or your attitude

7.it is always better to explain if you can, rather than have a simple misunderstanding change a relationship

8. i don't need lots of stuff--only new or new to me stuff now and then

9. as i get older i am more like my mother and i don't mind it

10. men love home-cooking--it is a close second to you know what

11. reality tv is for me

12. if my children are happy then i am content---i actually knew this a long time ago

13. it is easier to love than to hate

14. those good old days do end

15. i am not gonna write that best seller nor do i care about it any longer

16. trouble comes to us all

17. and that i am still that young woman who always deep down in my heart believes something good is going to happen each day---for the most part

Thursday, February 27, 2014

and the nominees are

it's been some time since i have shared anything about our church coffeehouse---the one that my daughter robyn and the youth group she used to be a part of--revived a couple of years ago--frank and i have had a hand in it also as has our pastor and his wife who is also our church youth leader-

we all have a lots of fun with it---giving kids a place to hang out one night a month---and a platform for some serious talent around the community and discovering stars right in our home church---

we have had other youth groups join us and other church groups come and perform---

in a couple of weeks we will be holding the "jahnke road baptist church lighthouse coffeehouse" first awards show---the J.U.P.E. awards---"Jesus uniting people everywhere"----it should be great fun---

some of the categories are serious--and some--just this unique family--poking fun at ourselves---

as much of our nights at the coffeehouse are documented with pictures and videos---we have shared videos for people to vote on

"the most inspiring"-"the best duet"---"the most out-there"--  "who knew"----and many more

you get the picture

so i hope you enjoy the random videos i will share today 

Friday, February 21, 2014

friday fun with food news

remember i told you i might be writing about food soon---well here goes

robyn and i collaborated on a couple of dinners this week---you know what i just might go ahead and tell you our week's dinner menu and please don't judge haha-

monday night--- we made my "famous" corned beef hash casserole---
four cans of hash
layer two in casserole dish--flattening a bit
spread with your favorite tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce
sprinkle with salt pepper and garlic salt
top with eight slices of swiss cheese
repeat next layer--topping with extra sauce
cook at 350 for about an hour--letting it set up some before serving

this time making it, it didn't set up well and was runny---i know sounds disgusting but really it was just as tasty---we changed it up by serving it over toast

we had frozen yellow squash with it--i tell ya squash does not go far in our house--we had four bags of squash with no left-overs---but i did take out a serving to share with my dad the next day along with the cbh casserole---and again i say the frozen squash is just as good to me as the fresh---just add a little oil of choice---fry onions--adding squash with no liquid and cook away---adding lots of pepper and some salt and garlic salt--butter towards the end

tuesday night--robyn wanted to try something different--"creamy tomato chicken penne"
combine your favorite tomato sauce with cream cheese 2oz (we would use a whole small package next time)
add parmesan cheese about 1/4 cup--wouldn't hurt to add more
of course make your penne like usual pasta
we used already cooked chicken pieces and heated them before adding to dish
add frozen thawed spinach--squeezing out liquid
add all together in skillet and cook for about 15 min-
 with this dish we served garlic bread and fried corn---note fry longer and use white shoe-peg

wednesday night-
we were really busy so it was easy night
canned chunky beef vegetable soup over rice with biscuits---remember no judging!
but because i was judging myself--i added a simple but delicious new creation fruit salad
just any kind of your favorite fruit--i used canned tropical fruit
add finely shredded cheddar cheese to taste and your favorite coleslaw dressing---big big hit and only change i would make is to present it in a prettier dish! oh and btw--the guys(esp. dillon)love the soup and rice thing!

okay yeah that's not a whole week but can't make this blog but so long--happy weekend and happy cooking!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

a verse for a rainy saturday

i am sitting here on a rainy cold saturday almost afternoon---and wanting to write-----hmmm it just hit me---i am going to try my hand at my first love---of writing that is---poetry

a shunning thought entered her head as she wrestled to find a comfortable position---what would the answer be---who would tell her----it really didn't matter---at this point little did--

some would accuse her of a rebellious heart--others would or could empathize---though unfortunately they likely did not share this with anyone

she knew things and knew that meant she knew little-----maybe that is where this desolate presence had entered----at the realization of a sort of futility to be left with

the menacing skies seemed to be whispering----we are enveloping you---there is ultimately no escape---she knew better

while yes there was truth in the unknown and bitterness just beyond that first delectable taste--

her peace would beckon her back to reality----her hope of a shadow standing right in front of her---struggling to be seen and explain

Friday, January 31, 2014

no no THIS is the winter of my discontent

that flu packs a punch and changes your plans a bit

feeling better some---although i am left with not much to say or share--there has been no cooking or third floor dreams---only bleak thoughts and mindless wondering 

as usual i feel like i have put my life on hold or early release so to speak----did i mention my hatred of this cold-stark----dirty looking messy season known as winter----really quite a lovely name

today i have to say i could almost imagine myself making a big pot of soup---not sure anyone would want to partake of it, after the steaming liquid would most likely have me coughing ferociously over it

i have managed to secure a few valentine goodies for the grand-kids---something i take some pleasure in----and as much as i was over and over the holidays----have also filled a drawer with clearance Christmas junk----yes shopping does still interest me--thank goodness for that

i have not started my ancestry thing---but have been heavy into some medical research----once long ago, i wanted to be a doctor of research---or an archeologist ----then an actor---where i could pretend to be both------

and lately i have given much--okay some----thought to leaving---my kids--great words of wisdom--you know things i can tell them about life and lessons i have learned-----but then i realized i didn't have anything to say---i would have to lie---but hey isn't that what a good mother does 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

first blog of 2014

 oh my gosh, my heart is beating a little fast and i feel kinda anxious

if you have noticed my recent absence, i assure you i have been thinking of all my blogging friends and even though i didn't even as much as wish you all a merry Christmas---believe me, you were in my thoughts

so much to tell if i could--haha don't you hate when people say that--but for me at this time there is much i cannot write about----but i can share a bit with you all----

first off, my father had been hospitalized just before Christmas---we all have been busy helping him get back to his old self---he seems to be in good spirits of late---but a prayer or two, would be much appreciated, his way

second a mystery of sorts has-----maybe, sorta----(i hope not) been solved---i can let you know it had something to do with a person, i was so hoping was a part of our family----probably not being so-----but then i have to say, that leads me to an even bigger mystery

sorry to be so vague-----and some of you may recall my "third floor dream" and i believe i wrote about what i thought was my concluding dream of the "third floor dream"

about a week ago i and my house guests were just about to enter the "third floor" when robyn comes in my room to wake me---seems i had slept a little longer than usual---guess she wanted to see if i was still among us---so i guess perhaps there is more to see on that third floor after-all

totally off subject but hey i gotta try and catch up-----i have been a cooking nut lately---

i just might blog next week about some of the creations-----

i hope everyone is easing into this new year-----

i am not sure i have made any resolutions------if i have entertained the thought, i would say to enjoy each day more---give more---create more----solve more mysteries----and subscribe to "ancestry.com"

welcome 2014---- a p.s. of sorts---the above mention of "ancestry.com" has nothing at all to do with my mystery of someone probably not being part of our family---it is in the past but not an ancestry issue----you see how much i want to tell about it