Monday, March 24, 2014

wow the J.U.P.E. awards are over!

and the winners are----

the church coffee house awards are all over---

it proved to be a fun filled night--full of exuberant young people and a few of us slightly older folks, adding our years of experience to the evening-

robyn and i really enjoyed all the planning that led up to this event and have already been talking about next year's menu---

thought some of you might like to see the video robyn and dillon put together----

Friday, March 14, 2014


three of my five granddaughters are planning to spend the night tonight----i am hoping the youngest will stay but we shall see--she is only 3 almost 4---

the kids always seem to have a great time when they stay over---i think that time has probably passed for the grandsons though---but we can still pick them up and have fun--just not big on the night spending anymore-----and that comes as no surprise, just quicker than i realized--and the startling fact that my oldest grandchild will turn 16 next go round----

i told my "dil" to let the girls know that their cousins would not be able to come this time---and that robyn and dillon will be out for the evening at a company dinner----just making sure pop pop and nanny were gonna be enough excitement for them! they still wanted to come----good- they haven't reached that age yet--

i tell myself a lot lately---make time for people---take time to show others they are important to you---i mean what is life about if you don't-

we plan to see "frozen" with the girls tomorrow--a few weeks ago we took the boys to see the "lego" movie-----at least there was popcorn---no seriously, it is a joy to do whatever they want to do and each time a gentle reminder of how brief these days will be--

there is an already fond memory from the last sleep-over the girls had here-----two sisters and one cousin---sitting on stools in front of the tv--singing along with the taylor swift video--the song "never grow up"---frank videoed it from behind them---and i tell you as they swayed with arms around each others neck--i think i saw them grow just a little-

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

my list today

i am sitting here thinking about things i may have learned through this journey called life--so far anyway---and thought hey maybe i can make it into a blog and the order will not be of any importance

1. that i don't know hardly anything for sure

2.things change

3.there is never enough time for the good stuff in life and it takes a lot of living to figure out what the good stuff is

4.some people are never gonna get you or like you--that doesn't make them or you bad most likely will not regret any kindness you show can't really change anyone else--only your expectations of them or your attitude is always better to explain if you can, rather than have a simple misunderstanding change a relationship

8. i don't need lots of stuff--only new or new to me stuff now and then

9. as i get older i am more like my mother and i don't mind it

10. men love home-cooking--it is a close second to you know what

11. reality tv is for me

12. if my children are happy then i am content---i actually knew this a long time ago

13. it is easier to love than to hate

14. those good old days do end

15. i am not gonna write that best seller nor do i care about it any longer

16. trouble comes to us all

17. and that i am still that young woman who always deep down in my heart believes something good is going to happen each day---for the most part