Saturday, February 13, 2010

honoring my dad and mom

our old church had a luncheon today to honor all the work my father has done and is doing through these, i think 60 or so years--they also recognized my mom for all her years singing in the choir-

it brought back a lot of memories - as people talked about funny things and touching things they remembered about my parents-
this was the first time we have been back to our church , since we started looking for a different church--
i didn't feel funny at all , in fact i almost made me feel like i should go back, back to where i'm welcome and wanted--yeah just visiting makes you forget all the reasons ya left-- i'm glad frank and i both feel healed - healed of the wrongs we felt were done to us-

but i don't think we will go back- not unless God reveals that plan to us-

hearing all the nice things people said about my parents. made me very proud of them, not just as my parents- but as individuals, with lives and friends all of their own-

it's easy to think of your parents as people whose only life, is all about their kids-

and partly today was about that- but mom and dad have so many people who love and respect them- it is not everyone who will have a day where they are honored in this way- it was very special to them both-

mother even sang a song with the preacher- one he said was the first duet he sang at our church and it was with my mother- it was "in the garden"-

robyn was a little sad as we left the church today-she said she wished she had known her grandparents when they were younger-

robyn also was very emotional- one of her sunday school teachers , told her that the reason we have not found a church yet, is because we belong there--robyn doesn't want to go back there, but she loves so many people there, as we do-

i hope my fater and mother will remember this day fondly -

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

carter, mary and t

i find myself here at the computer starting to write about carter -mary - and t's birthdays-carter and mary's have already been- t's is today--i kinda wish i had not started writing on the kids and grand-kids bdays--

carter mary and t are in heaven now, so it's not like the happiest thing to write about for me-

i really am not writing this for anyone to read- so why post it here- i feel bad that i would leave them out- i have already written about carter on his death date-

as of this day i will not hold myself to any promise to write about them on special days- because sometimes i just can't-

i don't want to talk here, about what they were like- it seems to trivialize their existence -

it is one thing to talk about them but to write about them--i just don't have the words that i think would be good enough-

i loved them and of course i miss them- they for sure changed my life --a part of me still wonders if they were real angels-i hope and believe i will see them again one day-

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

snow daze and baby news

hey you guys-well how is everyone in richmond va., liking our unusual amounts of snow- i know i hate it--although last weekend was kinda neat- frank was off from both jobs so we had some extra time together, which was nice--we watched some movies, caught up on some reading and i got some little things around the house taken care of-so that part was great- but i am really ready for spring-

we found out what the new grand-baby was-----a girl- robyn and i watched the kids while dustin and adie went to the doctor for the ultra-sound - it was so funny- all the kids wanted a boy- so when they texted us the pic and that it was a girl, there was a lot of groaning from the kids- robyn and i were excited either way- the kids were quickly over it and ready to welcome a new sis into the family-

remember that old house i told you about last week--we got to go in it- we are not going to try to buy it , but it was really interesting to see it--it needs sooooo much work- it's a good deal for people with money to buy it and flip it- but not us- sorta feeling like that old dream has died once more--you know if you have that dream or any other dream- go for it when you're younger- unless you are the kind of person who likes to work on houses and is retired-

we are still thinking and praying about starting a church- frank more than i am--he's has been researching how to start a church and lots of other stuff pertaining to that--

i don't really have any other news to tell at this time - just thought i would say hello,hello-

i hope all get through this winter with not too much "discontent"--