Wednesday, October 23, 2013

i do make one heck of a goody bag

i may be the worst nanny ever----

seriously, i don't believe that--but a couple of things have me questioning, just what is a good nanny--

i hear my other grandchildren laden friends, talk of trips with theirs, weeks of them staying with them---

now of course, i know that some of them--are dealing with grand-kids that don't live close by---

the other day, it happened again---i was standing in a check-out line, when one lady starts up a conversation---i am buying a couple of toys for two of my granddaughters----she tells me she has three grandchildren--tells me the sexes and the ages and then asks me would i like to see her pictures of them---i did-----they were very cute----good thing, she was so involved in hers, that she did not inquire to see mine---for if she had, i would have been forced to attempt to find them in my great abyss of a pocketbook--or shamefully had to admit, i did not carry any photos of my dear seven grandchildren---

then just yesterday--robyn and i were chatting about something, when she interrupts me---"mom, wasn't dannon's birthday yesterday"----i tell you, it was like someone hit me in the gut!

now in my defense, her party is to be held this coming saturday---and the actual day of her birth---had been rather a busy one---helping with my dad----and returning home, tired---asked robyn to make me some noodle soup--the kind you put in the micro-wave-----but you must put water in it---

spent the rest of the afternoon--with the fans, trying to blow the horrid smelly smoke out of the house---

back to the realization, that i had not called my little granddaughter nor put up my customary pic on fb of said child or written the birthday status----

i immediately called her----telling her i was sorry i had not talked to her on her day----and asking her did she know how much nanny loved her----she quickly said she did and preceded to excitedly tell me what her mommy and daddy had given her---i assured her i had lots of goodies, waiting for the party saturday-

if i don't rectify the situation of the missing grandchildren pictures, the next time some over zealous granny wants to show me hers---i will simply tell her that i must have left them in my other purse

Thursday, October 10, 2013

a fall day and news

okay, so i am taking a little break in my day of baking for the church bake sale ---
our church had a yard sale/bake sale last week and it's on again for this saturday---

i am hearing that the cookies we sent last weekend didn't sell too well---i think the loaf cakes did---

today robyn  and i made pumpkin loaf---butter pecan applesauce muffins---chocolate hershey kisses cookies and cranberry dipped in white chocolate cookies---yesterday i made peanut butter chocolate balls----

i can really get into baking some times--especially if i have a helper or if i am the helper----today robyn and i did pretty well in sharing the work----and we had dillon to run to the store when necessary--

i don't know if i will attend the yard sale thing again this week though-----

if you are a long time follower, you may remember "big tommy" and how we were expecting him to be moved to a group home---well it has happened

we visited with him last saturday and probably will this saturday morning---

lots of mixed feelings about this change in his address----in the end, we didn't have much say in where he would be placed----but, you will not believe, how God has worked in this----although, it is not in the best part of our town----he is just down the street a bit from us---takes us like 8min instead of the 45-to an hour drive, where he has been all these years

he seems to be adjusting pretty well, but it is so strange to see him in a home with only a couple of other residents and having his own room----tommy has never had his own bedroom---really just a bed and a small chest for his things

thank you to all of you that have prayed about him or sent good thoughts our way---

it's raining here this week --the fall temperatures have finally kicked in--

the grand-kids football games go on and one car is bought and one more in need----

the days remind me---gather all you can out of this brief season and season of your life----buy all the candy and little joys, the grand-kids love---do it now, while they want them---buy those baby dolls, while they still play with them------and enjoy the days of baking and fighting in the kitchen with my daughter------

look out the window more often and notice those yellow and scarlet leaves---notice them before they are covered with the crispy brown ones-

just know, that life will change and places once familiar will fade away---but maybe the new ones, will have time to become a fondly remembered season

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

the purse

searching through her purse, she found it---shoot, it had melted---she pressed it into her mouth and thought about, how it's misshapen-ed  form, still tasted the same-

her life had become like this piece of candy---a little unrecognizable but sweet non the less-

was this the lesson she was to glean today---that although, we all change, there is still a deliciousness to life

no she assured herself, maybe more like---don't leave chocolate in your pocketbook--- and don't read too much into things

she reached in again to retrieve a tissue--but the damaged candy had completely changed it's use