Tuesday, July 21, 2020

A song in my heart

I sit and watch a memory- it’s just one day when
Nothing special or very urgent was happening
It softens my breathing and slows my mind

Were I to go back and enter that day- would I feel anything different- was it really what it seems- did it go unnoticed that day

If I look back too long- I can’t take it in- I won’t

If you were here today would we be singing in the rain- messing up the words- recalling our own secret thoughts the familiar notes brought to our hearts

All the world feels strange now- like an old video where the sound is behind- making you have to look closer than you normally would

It didn’t seem that difficult when you were sitting beside me-

How is it all that is gone

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


If you have followed my blog for some time you may recall my post about how I go through the mundane chores such as dishes and laundry—- pairing families of utensils and noting articles of clothing as to their owner

Lately I noticed my assembly of folded laundry had an extra spot for some of Miller’s undershirts— it used to be occupied by Frank’s tshirts- briefs and socks

On June 3rd frank died in the hospital on a ventilator of Covid 19

I realized I just buried the lead on this story

And the irony of my burying the earthly lead in my life does not escape me

I hope my words don’t appear flip or cold- but my senses have been shocked as my world

I still have a very difficult time even believing this has happened

So t thought that just perhaps sharing this with my blogging world might just jar my mind into this horrid reality I find myself in

I miss him so terribly and look for him everywhere- he’ll always be my great love and best friend

So much has changed and will continue to change my entire being

What I would give to not have that extra laundry folding area