Monday, April 22, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 I love surprises- but hopefully I have a gentle inkling- as to not have things too messy etc!

But generally I do enjoy a good old surprise!-

I used to always think Frank was going to throw me a party- or some grand gesture- that would blow me away!-

But honestly- Frank was not a big surpriser or gift giver for that matter-

I’m not too interested in surprises these days- unless it’s a delivery haha-

As I write this post- I’m realizing- I’ve shared about some of Frank’s surprises- good ones and bad ones- this didn’t start out to be about Frank haha-

I do recall almost always expecting something great to happen- especially since I was a full time wife and mother- the expectation involved- Frank getting a promotion- a raise- or just any tidbit of exciting news!-

Much of my enjoyment of surprises- comes from my childhood- most days when my dad returned from work- he was greeted by my brother hiding and jumping out at him- it could be from the top of the utility room freezer or under the bathroom cabinets- my dad came to expect the little shenanigans of his only boy and youngest child- he didn’t even flinch!

And my brother definitely inherited this from my mom- who was quite often hiding too -

Now my surprises mainly involve some happy event or the culmination of a dream that one of my children or grandchildren have realized-

So I’ll still get pleasure from a good surprise- just hint a little so I can straighten up!-


  1. I like to be surprised by happiness and anything can happen at any time for that to occur. My husband wasn't adept at surprises or gift giving either.