Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Hole heartedly

#AtoZChallenge 2024

 I had chosen another subject matter for H but was really not too comfortable with it- that might have been more interesting but something was saying no-

Of course you realize I am taking poetic license with my choice today-

Is it even possible to do something heartedly if there is a actual hole in your heart or a metaphorical one-

Maybe not- but do it anyway-

Those waiting for a helping hand probably have a need that fills them with a despair not only welcomes the attempt to help- even if one’s heart is not completely surrendered to another’s plight

Doing for others- tightens that hole and pulls the muscle slowly but surely back in its place-

Yes there may not come that peaceful ahhh moment- when one feels the joy of giving or the peace of making a difference-

Like a child dependent on it’s mother or other caretaker- for daily awareness of their struggles- there is no understanding of the hole in the tender giver and provider of affirmation- that everything is okay

Give until it hurts- like we hear- no pain no gain- the exercising of the wounded heart makes it beat in rhythm - defying logic and offering hope


  1. My husband and I always tried to fill holes, and now that I have this grand hole in my own life, I find that filling holes has even more meaning. I try to fill holes constantly now. And it helps mine without that even being my goal.

  2. Hi Lynn, your post touched me deeply today. Your words, "exercising of the wounded heart makes it beat in rhythm" made me shudder for I don't know what will make mine find its rhythm anymore.

    Sending smiles your way, Jenny

  3. Hi Lynn, what a lovely post. Glad you listened to your heart and took that poetic liberty and the detour.

    Arpita @ https://arpitamisra.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you for saying that and for reading ❤️