Wednesday, April 10, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Is supposedly the highest form of flattery 

I guess that could be in the eyes of the beholder kinda thing!

I’ll never forget my first drama teacher- she was superbly talented but very scary!

Once after a test - which was a scene we would act out- she preceded to show me how I appeared as I walked- it was helpful but horrifying- as of course the entire class erupted in laughter!!!

- Frank and I were very fond of imitating people we knew- and getting each other to guess who we were supposed to be!

Once at a friend’s Christmas party- we were asked to start that game- almost everyone there was familiar with our charades of sorts- and thought it was a hoot!

At one of Frank’s turns- he was hugely- really mocking this one friend that everyone knew- he wasn’t there that night- but I believe had he been- and had recognized himself- he would have laughed the loudest-

Everyone was guessing and no one was correct- Frank amped it up and I thought he was spot on! Still all were stumped- but they were laughing so hard and egging Frank on and on-

Then this friend of ours proclaims- I’ve got it- it’s Lynn- you’re doing Lynn!- to which everyone thoroughly agreed that it was indeed me-

I wasn’t sure how they had come to such a hideous conclusion- I did laugh though but probably not as enthusiastically-


  1. Yeah, I don't even like seeing me in the mirror or hearing my recorded voice...imitating me would be most hideous!

    1. I’m pretty thick skinned- - but it took me a while haha 🥰

  2. I hear you, but I once had a blogger that was copying all posts and passing them off as their own. That was less than fun to be honest.
    Tim Brannan
    The Other Side: 2024 A to Z of Dungeons & Dragons.

    1. Hmmm that’s a tough one- a compliment one could do without!

  3. Hi Lynn, yikes, that would be a tad frustrating, particularly since is it was pretty clear who Frank was impersonating. Well, good on you for laughing, guess that's for the best in these situations.

    Cheers, Jenny