Wednesday, April 3, 2024

the carrot cake

#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Frank’s favorite cake was carrot cake- 

We often purchased one that our local store carried in its’ bakery-

One weeknight I decided it would be nice to have Frank’s parents over for dinner- no reason-

But honestly I think it was just to have an excuse to serve this lovely cake- and knowing his parents really enjoyed carrot cake also!

Haha I don’t recall what I made for dinner- but can still remember the excitement I felt as I brought out the star dessert- and I hadn’t even made it!

Frank liberally cut the pieces and served them-

As we both bragged in our discovery of the delectable carrot cake- I look down and notice dark green circles on the bottom of the slices!

It had mold - they ate the top layer and assured me - one day I will laugh at this - and they were right


  1. Oh my gosh, that was funny to read but I imagine a tad mortifying when it happened. Yes, you will laugh at this, I did.
    With smiles, Jenny

  2. Mold is not a good surprise. Your inlaws were good sports. I would have eaten the top too.

  3. Oh what a shame! I'm glad things turned out okay, though. As a child, you wouldn't have gotten me near the stuff, but later in life, I discovered how much I love carrot cake. I've gotten it for my birthday cake many times.

    1. Same here- as a young person- I couldn’t stand it either- love it now!