Wednesday, April 17, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 The Lord’s Prayer tells us that we should forgive others- just as God has forgiven us-

And we need not be easily offended-

But still we make excuses- and grant you- I’m not sure it means you will be buddy buddy with everyone that has offended you but I guess it’s a matter of the heart-

As a believer- my guide is the Holy Bible- people like to say they don’t believe in religion but instead they just try and have a good heart-

To me the problem is - God’s word says - “the heart is deceitfully  wicked- who can know it”-

And no one is good-

Now some are easily offended and one may never even know they have been the cause of an imagined offense- you can’t blame yourself for those-

I remember a pastor I highly respected saying- when he was told something offensive or was criticized- he would respond- I’ll give that some thought- and he would pray about it- if he concluded there was no truth in the advice/critisim - he would shake it off and move on

That same preacher also said that when someone had offended you- and in God’s perfect will- he couldn’t let it go- he thought it was better to blow than bury it- I tend to agree with that-

I think it’s wise to be slow to take offense and quick to forgive and to ask forgiveness when we intentionally offend or realize we have -


  1. I really like the pastor's response, "I'll give that some thought." Usually one's first reaction is to take offense that somebody told you they took offense. It's too easy to react negatively where his response is one of patient thoughtfulness. Very wise.

    1. And he said something like - he would often find some truth in the criticism!