Tuesday, April 30, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Hmmm do I have the right word-

I mean the zero one-

I’ve done zoo- zip line- I actually like both of those-

By the time this big little letter comes along- I’m tired-

It usually leads to zany zeal of excitement- that we have all completed this self imposed assignment-

True it’s not like the first time- kinda ashamed of the little responding and searching out new blogs- 

I can’t promise I will do better- I think this may be my swan song - at least for the az challenge-

So with zilch- I mean- you have nothing to lose- so if you are a writer/blogger- go for it- I think I got over 100 followers that first year-

Nothing written nothing gained as they say-

I’m encouraging you all to keep doing what you’re doing- it’s worthwhile but it’s hard work- for the serious writers-

Don’t let anyone make you feel like zilch- you’ve got this-

Congratulations to all - keep those thoughts coming- and share your beautiful talent-


  1. My first year doing the challenge was 2011 and you're right, back then in the blogging heyday, I got a whole lot of new followers. One reason I think fewer people follow or follow back is because now so many read blogs on their phones and the follower icon doesn't show up in that view.

    1. Yeah I think you are correct! I’ve had a difficult time even commenting on other browsers! Thanks so much for reading- 🥰

  2. There comes an end to every social media passing. I still miss Myspace. Continuing the a-to-z every year is a debate. This year was still a yes, but who knows what the next will hold?

  3. Right. This year there were fewer blogs I was interested in, and fewer available, and less time for me to get into visiting. I ended up publishing them all on FB and got a much better viewing and commenting via FB than the blog.