Friday, April 5, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 It scares the dickens out of me- endings-

The finality of life- so much change- too many seasons-

The echo of the past and the probability of future endings

I hope that circle thing I mused about is kinda right- 

Every day promises endings- some mourned- others embraced- 

Life sure is strange and mysterious-

Gentle and fierce- beautiful and foreboding-

Simple endings- when you go for that last bit of ice cream you just knew you had- but someone has put the empty carton back in the freezer -

Or like when you’ve had the last McDonald’s fry in the bag- but no worries- there is always one or two in the regular part of the bag- but alas there isn’t-

Like those endings we see coming-  there is no stopping them- no reprieve - 

I should have ended with the fry thing-


  1. Hi Lynn. Stopped at your blog today and covered A to E. Like how you are serving them all crisp and nice.

    Arpita @

  2. Great little post here! The way I feel about endings and beginnings is rather complicated. I admire how you captured many of the conflicted emotions regarding endings in this snappy little post.

  3. "Like those endings we see coming- there is no stopping them- no reprieve - " You couldn't stop with the fries. I know that feeling of the fries and hate it! And I know the endings we see coming and cannot stop them. I very much dislike those, too, unless it was a good ending. I'm ready for one or more of those.