Saturday, April 6, 2024


#AtoZChallenge 2024

 Those of you that have been kind enough to get somewhat aquatinted with me through this blog- will know that Frank was my husband- he died from covid in June of 2020- 

I’d like to note some things about him in this post- but certainly will not do him justice-

Frank laughed easily- but not so easily about himself- he loved to make others laugh- even posing with the thanksgiving turkey as he cooked it- while shirtless- he was always available for a photo!

He cried easily too- much more than me- he was very tender hearted-

It always amazed me how he did the right things- easily too- when it came to others- and unlike me- who did for others too- he never seemed stressed by doing for people- like he didn’t give it a second thought—if there was a need he could help with- why wouldn’t he- that was his attitude-

He loved to sing- I would find myself snickering- hopefully to myself- as I stood beside his booming voice at church service-

Frank had his faults- but they lessened with the years- and he was always trying to improve himself-

Most of the time Frank was comfortable with who he was- and eager to get to know who you were-

He was passionate about a few things- his family- reading and studying the bible and other inspirational books-

He loved to teach and occasionally preaching— and could be very political at times-

All in all he was uncomplicated but deep- fierce and easy-

He was my very best friend-


  1. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful husband and friend. You've affirmed for me that our best friends will be in our memories and hearts for a good long time...forever I'm sure.

  2. Lynn, my eyes welled up. What a beautiful post. With your words I could see Frank, this amazing man, full of gentleness and love. There is nothing as special as being best friends with the person you married, and walked through life with. You are blessed to have the memories of Frank with you as you carry on.

    Sending hugs and smiles, Jenny

  3. I can read why you loved Frank so much. He was a wonderful person.