Wednesday, February 3, 2021


 I’m wishing today to be picnicking in the sun - like the ones I mostly remember from childhood- maybe more like the occasional family reunion 

I feel the hope of summer and the touch of a warm breeze- I slowly awake to the possibility of a new beginning- a lost chapter that I had forgotten to add in my book

I somehow know that feelings are fleeting and oh so fragile 

We’re reminded not to live in the past nor look too deeply into the unknown- our future 

But I don’t think that’s necessarily true or helpful 

Who’s to say where our happiness rests or which direction it may take us

Is it in a distance recollection or a lofty hope

Do we only exist in the here and now or do we welcome it all

The past the present and the not promised future 

I think one day we will realize that one thing is connected to another- in the most stunning tapestry 

And that life was but a dream that we all were dreaming together 

1 comment:

  1. Nice piece, it is written well.

    Of late, memories flood my mind of who and what has been. I'm 64 and know it is possible that I have a lot of living left. But so much has gone by of late.