Friday, December 11, 2009

reagan- our first grand-daughter

6 years ago today our first grand-daughter was born--

i remember when little reagan was born, her 2 older brothers were very sick - they even had to go to adrienne's mom and dad's to stay - so the baby wouldn't get sick--my son and adrienne were sick also--my son "t" had also been in the hospital just a few weeks before reagan arrived--yeah alot of sickness was going aroun

frank and i and our other kids at home went over to dustin's and adrienne's apartment and put up a christmas tree for them- we got to see reagan the night she came home from the hospital-she was a beautiful baby and is an even prettier young lady--she knows some of how special she is-- reagan loves to play bride--one day my daughter-in-law told me , she had over heard reagan playing bride --it was the end of the wedding ceremony --reagan playing all the parts, repeated the pastor's last words,"and now you may kiss the prize--she is <3