Tuesday, November 11, 2014

don't hate me

we need a little Christmas---right this very minute!

alright--remember this blog entry title----

in my shaky defense---robyn and i have been cooped up in the house----sick with a nasty cold viral thing---looks like we are pretty much over it now------

okay--good writing requires one be as honest as they can-huh---

i have always started decorating for Christmas rather hmmmeeemmm---a wee bit premature---usually after halloween---okay maybe just a week at most before --

my desire to hurry along all the beauty and work of Christmas has proved to be a very practical thing--

there was the times i hosted several family get-togethers ---i mean when i used to do the children's Christmas pageant at church---there would be so many rehearsals---not many weekends to entertain folks  at home---

and what about all those years one of my kids had a hospital stay----many of those illnesses took place right smack dab during the weeks of thanksgiving and Christmas----yep was happy those years to come home with my recuperating child and at least have the decorating done-----

this year dillon was able to find my mom and dad's tree----it must be close to 40yrs old-----yeah i had to remove my kitchen table to make room for it-----it's worth it

so say what you will about the stores being too early----

maybe it's just me---maybe it's my wanting to get a task done as soon as it is given----

but last year when daddy went into the hospital just a few days before Christmas ---it was sorta comforting 
to come home to the glow of Christmas lights----

it was nice to have some things the same----especially since for the first time ever----i didn't cook the Christmas dinner for everyone--but instead--robyn and dillon got chinese for all----some loved the change--others are hoping for no hospital stays this year--actually all are hoping for that i am sure----

and since all us writers are into the honesty thing-----i must confess---i normally have more trees than this---okay so do hate me---right now i hate me too!

trees from top to bottom: #1 our family tree, a hodgepodge of ornaments the kids collected and or made through the years-- #2 i always call this colin's tree, he bought it for me the first year fiber optic trees came out-- #3 my after Christmas 90% off tree-- of course part of the lights didn't work-- #4 robyn's ballet tree-- ornaments from when she started dance at 7 til now-- #5 mama and daddy's tree from over 40 years ago-- so glad dillon found it