Monday, January 25, 2010

houses and churches and babies

hey-hope all r doing well--sorry sometimes my fb writing comes through--well remember i was telling y'all last time about getting bitten by the old house bug--we went riding around some yesterday and saw this really neat house--looks like it needs some work,but so so cool -- agent never has called us back though--probably wouldn't do it but would have liked to gone in to see it--maybe they will call back and we can see it next week-- robyn just loved it-- she is so funny about how she likes all the old stuff even more than i do--

church thing isn't going so well we just don't feel like we have found any place that we are suppose to be--just between you and me i have been at the point , that if some of my friends from my old church had tried to get me to come back - i just might have done it--frank and robyn say no ,no that, that is not the answer--we even started saying again how maybe we could start a church ourselves--yesterday morning it sounded good --like God might be telling us to--but today the thought of it makes me sick -you know what i mean or do you--i have never thought of myself as a pastor's wife and really don't want to be--but i know God has given us talents, i feel we are wasting --i still wonder what is church suppose to be anyway-- i mean the new testament church was a group of fellow believers that pooled all their stuff together and worshiped God --as i understand it , it was not for unbelievers like today--you evangelized outside of the church--not that i have any problem with unbelievers attending church-- it just seems like sometimes we are all just there creating programs and entertaining one another- i sure don't claim to have the answers but something about the organized church of today just doesn't seem right to me--

yesterday morning we listened to a young minister on tv saying that if you didn't want to go to church- if it was a burden to you, then you may not be saved-- it kinda of scared me for a minute, cause i have to admit - i don't want to go , most of the time--then again the Bible says that true religion is to visit those in prison and to take care of the widows and orphans--i have struggled with this for so many years--

when we had our handicapped children--we (for more than one reason) stopped going to church regularly--but every weekend we would go with all the kids and volunteer at an institution--a place we still visit--most of those people have NO visitors at all--so many timed i have and continue to believe-- if you don't have much time then you better make the most of the time you have--Jesus said He came to serve and to not be served-

then on the other side of that i do believe that Christians need one another for support, and would love to find that and give it -

sorry to go on and on -- next subject- we will find out what kind of grand baby we are having wednesday--so i will let ya know----

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


wow it has been so long since i have written- just busy with all the Christmas stuff etc.--hope everyone had a great Christmas-

-we did get to do most of the things we had wanted to do this season-- we took our day trip downtown in the "slip"- we shopped a lot---- we really missed 2 of our grand-children's school things cause of 2 broken cars-- all fixed now--but got to see all the grand-kids and even baked a couple of times with some of them!--we also got to see santa with 2 of the grandkids! my side of the family thing, the thing my parents do with the barbecue from" perrin's" and all, got postponed because of the snow , but we did it at my house 2 days after Christmas- so all was well---

let's see what is new since i have written--our computer crashed and colin spent a week fixing it- thank you colin!--adrienne has a publisher reading her book, they requested more chapters- so we are waiting------she and dustin also had some great news---- they are expecting a baby in spring #5!!!

kelli's sister is getting married in june--

dustin has a california work trip coming up--his store is almost finished with the remodel--sorry this is so fragmented - i'm just telling ya stuff as i think of it-- if i had taken the time to plan anything i was going to write - i probably wouldn't have written today, or maybe ever!--- remember i warned ya how i write--refer back to my first post!

we are busy with robyn's dance and first competition coming up in d.c.-- should be fun -- and then 2 more over the next 2 months-

frank is still working 2 jobs- keep praying that will change- but for now he endures:)

my mom is doing about the same- we had dinner with them last night and stayed with her ,while daddy went to a church meeting-- he has resigned as chairman of the deacons--he still teaches and is a church trustee , still moderator of business meetings and more i can't remember- so he is still doing stuff he enjoys- am glad-

we are still visiting churches- it has been hard- we just haven't found our place yet- God knows our hearts, that we are willing to go wherever He sends us - so we are trying to listen and follow-

i was surprised that i hardly missed doing the children's Christmas play this year- one of my friends took it over - i had mixed emotions about her doing that - but i know that was selfish- just being human ya know, like i was kinda hoping they would not have the play this year-- and all be saying-- boy we sure miss lynn- she was soooo talented- just goes to show ya- everyone is replaceable in jobs- once you're gone, people move on pretty fast-----oh well, i digress--

ya know something funny--well years ago-- like 15 or so every weekend just about -- we took some of our time to ride around, with the dream of finding a neat old house-- we almost bought a couple of them- but always chickened out at the last minute---well when we finally gave that dream up, we were glad we had and decided that the Lord had saved us from ourselves(which He had)------well now that old bug is biting us again! i don't know if we will ever do it but it is kinda neat to think about it and maybe---when all the dance stuff is over---go looking again-

well i can't think of anything else right now- hope i haven't left out anything important--just wanted to say hi again and get my feet wet, writing again--hope you will keep checking-