Tuesday, March 8, 2011

spring yet?

i just decided to write cause a friend of mine from long ago kinda inspired me--it feels like spring today and i love that

my brother-in-law phil had a heart attack yesterday and i hope maybe the warm sunshine is coming through his hospital window and somehow it will cheer him to know that spring is coming and things will get better <3

i love flowers and fountains and gardens and just about all there is about spring--
frank threw out some grass seed the other day-we had some leftover from last year--and the day after the seeding it poured raining most of the day-so we will see if it takes-

it always seems that i plan so many things we are going to do in the spring and then by summer it's too hot to finish them and many of the plants and flowers and grass die out by june from heat and neglect--

i always think of picnics this time of year--a couple of years ago we went on a picnic just frank, robyn and myself--we drove up to "walton's mountain" and planned to find a good spot to eat--we couldn't so we ended up eating in the parking lot of some gas station--but the picnic stuff was good--boiled eggs, pimento cheese, ham salad and chicken salad sandwiches, cookies, fresh fruit and pickles-it certainly is a fond memory-

it kinda reminds me today of a day in my childhood-a day when my sister martha and i were allowed to have a backyard picnic for our lunch -well the wind was starting to pick up as it does sometimes in early spring--my sister was showing off -walking along the picnic bench when all of a sudden the wind really gusted and blew away her food-as i remember it she didn't get anymore food as mother had warned her to sit and eat--this is the same sister that is in the hospital today with her husband-

i hope everyone gets to go on a picnic this spring and maybe you can even have yours in a park or at least a wooded rest stop--but even if you eat your picnic in a gas station parking lot, i hope you have your picnic with the ones you love--happy early spring <3

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

robyn has been sick........................

hello all- as my title today let's you know, robyn has been sick-she started feeling bad Sunday night-at first we just thought it was her usual tiredness she feels often on Sunday afternoons--but no she has had the dreaded stomach flu---so far frank and i have not come down with it and are praying really hard that we do not---as i am praying for my son dustin and his crew as one of his girls, reagan has had it too---

of course just a few days before i had gone to the store with my list for dinners this week--broccoli, beans cabbage beef stew--all wonderful things to load yourself up with when the threat of vomiting is hovering around-

changed up the menu a bit--did have the frozen fish fillets but tried mac and cheese with it instead and a milder mix of veggies (haha funny i just used veggies as i hate that word)

robyn is feeling lots better today and will probably make it to her ballroom practice--wouldn't push it but they have their competition in 2 weeks--

i am washing comforters right now-the one in the dryer is taking forever to dry--

yeah pretty boring stuff to share today--just very thankful that the Good Lord has given my extra energy to get more things done than i usually do---

well just thought i would drop in to connect-

still in the thinking stages on the new writing i plan to share when i actually start it and finish--

hope all have a great wednesday :)