Wednesday, May 29, 2013

rhyming today

twas the night before graduation and dance recital and all through the house not a thing was accomplished as we laid on the couch

the windows were spotty and needed much care, but who would be willing, we had to be fair

the truth is the house needed too much to do--and how we were to clean it all, i hadn't a clue

so we swept and we scrubbed and we tried hard to hide, all the clutter in sight, then i sat down and cried

and the food, what to have, who would come who would not, though we hoped after our effort, there would be a lot

if not for these lifetime events, my house wouldn't get this much attention----for cleaning is not my thing, did i bother to mention -

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


as i watch the devastation in Oklahoma today---it seems to me that the mystery of the human spirit is probably one of the biggest mysteries in life

we lose loved ones and houses, dreams and health--but as soon as that breath we take tells us we can go on, we want to go on--then life does go on---

and the lessons we think we shall never forget, fade and the pain we drown in--becomes a dull lonely ache--but we manage to buy new paint, go to dinner, pay our bills and entertain the thought that we can once again "plan" our life----

what else are we to do--what choices are there---they are too bleak and deeply dark to consider

so as we all pray and guiltily thank God it wasn't us---we know--that something will be us---but who could sustain their being, with this threat in our fore-thoughts----

so the human spirit --the God given grace and mercy, carries us on

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


the soft light touched her skin like a satin ribbon---she didn't open her eyes, although she was certainly awake

the thoughts of her dreams, echoed in her memory and she closed her eyelids tighter as this could change it

many years had left her wiser and wiser still she would become--- still she struggled---how futile it all seemed at times

and then like a candle's brilliance in the early evening's dimness--it would hit her---she knew, she could go on, not only on but follow

follow an unknown thing, but so real she could feel it's breath on her moist neck

only she knew her intent and strength, only she could end this dream

Thursday, May 9, 2013

after the dust of the challenge, comes may

well i will have to say, it feels a little weird, writing today---although it has only been about ten days, it seems like much longer-

the a-z challenge sorta left me tired---and i know, i didn't put into it what i did last year---so really i was dragging through it--

i guess, stress is what brought me back to the keys today---if you have followed me for a while, you may remember that may is an unusually busy month in my family and this year there are even more important dates going on---

the first part of may, marks many dates that hold a special place in my heart, followed by the dreaded "mother's day"---my birthday, robyn's, my youngest granddaughter's-my "dil" kelli's and then my son colin---not to mention memorial day, which is when we most times celebrate, colin's bday---and out of necessity we now throw in kelli's---i mean my family can't get together every weekend-----

this year, the month of may ends with robyn's graduation, and last year of dance recital---which includes many extra practices------hmmm it seems like i am forgetting something---oh yeah a prom and---big stress builder, her graduation and the first recital, all on the same day---lovely huh---at least we get it all done at once---trying to look on the bright side

and trying to remember how these days will past and the memory will be a distant blur one day---focus--breath and enjoy--right---right---

one thing you have to keep in mind about stress---they say, when your stressful thing has passed, to be aware of sickness hitting ya---that's when your stress hormones take a break and you are most vulnerable to coming down with something---just great--another thing to stress about--but that let down won't be for some time to come----wedding in august