Friday, January 31, 2014

no no THIS is the winter of my discontent

that flu packs a punch and changes your plans a bit

feeling better some---although i am left with not much to say or share--there has been no cooking or third floor dreams---only bleak thoughts and mindless wondering 

as usual i feel like i have put my life on hold or early release so to speak----did i mention my hatred of this cold-stark----dirty looking messy season known as winter----really quite a lovely name

today i have to say i could almost imagine myself making a big pot of soup---not sure anyone would want to partake of it, after the steaming liquid would most likely have me coughing ferociously over it

i have managed to secure a few valentine goodies for the grand-kids---something i take some pleasure in----and as much as i was over and over the holidays----have also filled a drawer with clearance Christmas junk----yes shopping does still interest me--thank goodness for that

i have not started my ancestry thing---but have been heavy into some medical research----once long ago, i wanted to be a doctor of research---or an archeologist ----then an actor---where i could pretend to be both------

and lately i have given much--okay some----thought to leaving---my kids--great words of wisdom--you know things i can tell them about life and lessons i have learned-----but then i realized i didn't have anything to say---i would have to lie---but hey isn't that what a good mother does 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

first blog of 2014

 oh my gosh, my heart is beating a little fast and i feel kinda anxious

if you have noticed my recent absence, i assure you i have been thinking of all my blogging friends and even though i didn't even as much as wish you all a merry Christmas---believe me, you were in my thoughts

so much to tell if i could--haha don't you hate when people say that--but for me at this time there is much i cannot write about----but i can share a bit with you all----

first off, my father had been hospitalized just before Christmas---we all have been busy helping him get back to his old self---he seems to be in good spirits of late---but a prayer or two, would be much appreciated, his way

second a mystery of sorts has-----maybe, sorta----(i hope not) been solved---i can let you know it had something to do with a person, i was so hoping was a part of our family----probably not being so-----but then i have to say, that leads me to an even bigger mystery

sorry to be so vague-----and some of you may recall my "third floor dream" and i believe i wrote about what i thought was my concluding dream of the "third floor dream"

about a week ago i and my house guests were just about to enter the "third floor" when robyn comes in my room to wake me---seems i had slept a little longer than usual---guess she wanted to see if i was still among us---so i guess perhaps there is more to see on that third floor after-all

totally off subject but hey i gotta try and catch up-----i have been a cooking nut lately---

i just might blog next week about some of the creations-----

i hope everyone is easing into this new year-----

i am not sure i have made any resolutions------if i have entertained the thought, i would say to enjoy each day more---give more---create more----solve more mysteries----and subscribe to ""

welcome 2014---- a p.s. of sorts---the above mention of "" has nothing at all to do with my mystery of someone probably not being part of our family---it is in the past but not an ancestry issue----you see how much i want to tell about it