Sunday, December 15, 2013

on an unlikely december day

okay it's about ten at night my way---which is kinda unusual for me to write now and sometimes if the feeling hits me to write at night, it can prove to be not such a good idea

but tomorrow will probably be a day i don't find the time to write----so---i will try to expel what is in my brain and on my heart----it is going to be hard and maybe kinda vague so hang in there if you will and listen with one hand over your eyes, you know when you just can't watch it all----it's just that i hardly ever go here or there and as i write this lengthy intro----i realize, i will likely end up in prose----as an attempt to hide once again from the hard parts of life-----

unable to see, she stared straight through----through to the uneven levels of purpose her mind had taken
she understood little but felt each touch immensely and not only that, she counted them

she wanted nothing more nor nothing less---in fact she didn't even know what it was to want or to linger in one's subconscious or so it was that people liked to think this of her---

the world around her tossed and turned and beckoned everyone to come to the party to get all you could out of this momentary journey---still she watched and she watched until she could only close her eyes in wonder

this is dedicated to one of my angels