Tuesday, September 24, 2013

don't read this kids

good morning blogging friends---once again i am feeling that nudge--okay, you all know how it is---it's more than a nudge---it's more like a constant nagging, to write---even though i don't think i have anything to say, or maybe it is more honest to say--nothing i can share---that stupid old dilemma i keep coming face to face with these days----oh to be a writer of pure fiction

i started hating hearing myself, ponder the idea of writing about my less than joyful looks at life these days--although, i have to say, they are very much alive and well---alas, i push on

frank is starting over again at a new company, as his place of work, was once again sold the other day--kinda saw it coming----yesterday, i felt like a mom, with her child on the first day of school----he didn't cry or have a potty accident---so he's off to a good start------

the newlyweds are doing well and busy planning for their futures----i look at them and marvel--all the dreams and daydreams-----it all seems a little familiar----

my boys lives are very busy too----kids in school----new york trips for some----football games for both families and car problems for some----uggghhhh why can't i win the lottery----

hey you know what, i am gonna share something personnal---heck, i am old enough to do that, right and i will try to be an equal opportunity sharer, okay kids (they don't read my blog anyway--oh wait, robyn might- i will go easy on her)

i don't know if i am a good mother to my boys, one hung up on me last night and the other one---well he "de-friended" me a few months ago on facebook-----they think i am kinda like the mom on  the show "everybody loves raymond"----no, all kidding aside, they love me and the reason they feel this way, is mainly my fault---my son that "de-friended" me actually did it for my own good---every time, he would post something, i was commenting and worrying ----but now, if i am bound and determined to see what he has been up to--i just go on robyn's---still have her password------and the one that hung up on me-----well i was whining about something and trying to fix a problem that is not mine to fix----although, i am "the car whisperer"-(that's another story)----hmmmm and what can i tell on robyn---she made smoothies last night and didn't share-----that little tidbit, will infuriate  her---should i omit it-----naaaa,-

well that felt amazingly liberating--

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

soups on

hey anyone up for another recipe, of sorts---

last week i found myself once again with nothing much in the house to prepare for dinner----that plain spaghetti with jar sauce, didn't sound good, again-

so i said, to myself--what about using those frozen soup vegetables in the freezer and go from there---

here is my creation

vegetable soup

1. one bag of mixed, corn, carrots, peas and green beans, frozen veggies---
2. the rest of the vegetable juice i had in the freg---probably 2 cups or so----and several cups of water
3. lots of seasoning--pepper salt lemon pepper sage garlic salt--all just to taste
4. 1 can of pinto beans--partially drained
5. 2 packages of lipton chicken noodle, dry soup mix-
6. oh i almost forgot--a steamer bag of summer mixed frozen veggies--i cooked them in their bag beforehand
7. okay this maybe a little confusing--you know those oodle of noodle soups--well this is the instant kind in the large package, with it's own dish---the teriyaki flavored--the flavoring packets and all
8. i think that was all---seems like there was something else
9. (anyone that read this before, i am remembering that something else haha----pulled chicken from hot wings-

frank really liked it---
with any soup--the leftovers with the noodles, get too mushy for my taste--but was really good the first night
i would next time, add more corn---some butter and potatoes

all in all it was a keeper---happy cooking

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

watching the season enter

something keeps bugging me to write this morning----i haven't made up (except in my mind) any new recipes ---

the fall is coming strong our way----even though today and the next few days are promised to be more like summer---i feel the autumn winds and the autumn set of the afternoon sun-----

each season comes with excitement and dreams and memories----sometimes, i try and tell myself, to be careful not to let the past cloud my observation of life----you know what i mean?---

it's like when you go somewhere or have to do something that maybe you dread or fear the unknown---you can't help but have an expectation of what it will be like----at these moments i speak to me--"pretend you have no idea what this thing will be like--just go with it"----

and then there are certainly times when our remembrance can bring us comfort--and peace--as we look back on all that God has brought us through----the past is made perfect when we can see the pattern of our lives and not have too many regrets--

as i set my thoughts on the fall chill ahead and the cozy moments it all brings----i speak in whispers to my ever changing heart and say to it----don't worry, so much----yes, it's not true that most of what we worry about won't happen---but the comfort cannot be found before it's time---melt into this season, we are watching float past us---wrap the blanket of hope tightly around you and just be

Thursday, September 5, 2013

cooking again

i pretty much promise, you, this is not going to turn into a food blog---

the other night, i was planning to make a baked spaghetti---as i didn't have enough ingredients and didn't want to have plain old noodles with jar sauce---i decided to get a little creative-

i started with frozen vegetables--broccoli, yellow squash and onion with green peppers---
i fried them in a good amount of vegetable oil---added lots of seasonings----lemon pepper, garlic salt, italian blend, and more salt and pepper---i was surprised, how fast this part was---turn the heat up high and be nearby---

while i did this, i boiled the spaghetti (thin) noodles---breaking them, three times-----

cooking them a shorter time-- since it would be cooking in the oven at 350 for about 45min.--cover with foil-

i took two cans (smaller size) cream of chicken soup--adding about a half of can of water----then i added a bag of shredded cheddar cheese-

this was not bad----if i made it again, i would change the following----add two large cans of soup--one cream of chicken, one cream of mushroom----i would add a whole big can of cream and half can of water---and i would add another half of bag of cheese and change it to a mixture of parmesan and mozzarella

add some garlic bread and a fruit based salad---for a quick and different take on spaghetti night