Tuesday, May 25, 2010


first of all sorry kelli that i didn't write on your birthday or before--

i feel like i have known you for lots longer than i really have- you and colin were so young when you started dating---you spent so much time with our family before you officially became a part of our family--

you took to all the kids right away and they to you- i will always remember how sweet you were to step in and offer to babysit the kids - you can't begin to know what that meant to frank and i--

i remember how when you and colin got your first house--you guys were so unhappy there and you would call me just about every night as you had to drive that long lonesome drive- i hated it too-

you are a wonderful wife and mother and a very special daughter to me-

i am so thankful that God brought you to colin and to us- happy birthday<3

#2-and #2boy of 4 boys but better known as "baby boy"

thursday may 27th will be my son colin's 30th birthday--to me he will always be somewhere around 14 or 20?---

colin was born almost on memorial day- you see i went into labor with him and to the hospital with him on memorial day- after hosting a cook-out--including baked beans and cole slaw- not good if you know what i mean- he was born just a couple of hours after the end of memorial day--this is why i am always calling memorial day "labor" day--

colin was the best baby and little boy - after his brother who was much more active and a handful- we were surprised to have a boy so quiet-

a few years passed and he quickly made up for all the "quiet years"--haha no we survived and now he is a wonderful husband and father of 2 beautiful girls, rylee and dylan and a great son!

colin has a wonderful talent for photography and can take apart any honda car or computer--

i hope he doesn't worry too much about leaving his twenties- for he will always be that kid with a big smile on his handsome face as he blows out the candles on his cake, surrounded always by his many many friends- we love you baby boy<3

Thursday, May 20, 2010

quinlan darcie proctor

she's here- quinlan darcie proctor was born at 12:41 pm on wednesday may 19th - she was 7lbs. 14 oz.-- she is very very beautiful- and healthy!! mom and dad are tired but doing great

quinlan's 4 big brothers and sisters are at my house now and they are so excited about their new sister coming home tomorrow-

quinlan will probably be the last grand-baby for some time as i'm pretty sure dustin and adrienne are through and colin and kelli may not have any more and robyn is only 15!!

frank took the day off yesterday- so we waited at the hospital for the baby to be born--we first heard she was here by a mass text haha technology!!!

we are so very thankful quinlan is here and we plan to enjoy her lots<3

Monday, May 17, 2010

#8-robyn ivy

today is robyn's 15th birthday--as you have noticed if you have been reading my blogs- i have been trying to write a little something on my kids birthdays-- wish i had never started that- and after i get through once around for each kid i will stop!!

robyn was born the day after my 41th birthday- so that makes her the baby and the child of my "old" age--maybe that is why in many ways people find robyn to be very grown up in her understanding of life etc.

robyn's brothers named her- you see i was pretty sick during some of her pregnancy and they wore me down- i mean she was #8- so what if someone else named her haha jk--dustin (robhye) named her robyn- i guess you can guess why and colin named her ivy- after some group that was popular at the time- i think they picked a beautiful name-

as you know robyn is my dancer- she has been taking for 8 years- i have to say i believe it is her gift- i could watch her dance all day-

robyn is a very caring person- she was such a good sister to her brothers and sisters that are in heaven now----and she is a wonderful aunt to 6 , soon to be 7 nieces and nephews

robyn as i have told you is an old soul- she loves old movies -40's music- war novels - all history and esp. "the waltons" tv show--i can pick her up any old tv sitcom and she will most likely love it--gidget- full house - even" charles in charge"

robyn loves to dress up and wear high heels she is a very girly girl- but quite feisty when she has to be -

i hope she has a wonderful new year with many new experiences - and i hope she knows how much her family loves and treasures her- happy birthday robyn ivy<3

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

men in trees

hello everyone- i have been pretty busy lately sorry i haven't written--

i have shared with you about my mother----something she talks about has really got me wondering--you know i told you she seems to see things and people. which everyone says is a part of her disease--but this one thing seems about more- see what you think

for the last few months she has talked about these men (that sometimes have special suits on) walking (not climbing) in the trees in the backyard next door- she talks about how they are preparing and taking care of the animals and trying to save them- she talks about how remarkable it is , the job they are doing-

now i have to tell you that the last couple of weeks her mind has seemed to me to be much much clearer- she can carry on a conversation and just seems so much better in many ways to me--
my daughter robyn was saying today (after i got off the phone with mama and she was telling the same story about the men in trees) that she thought that maybe nana was seeing angels - that it was maybe the way God does it - like that most of us can't see them but that angels are around doing many of the things that we attribute to nature -- a very interesting thought--

i was reminded of a conversation that my husband frank and i had the other day- he was saying how it was so fascinating how God had designed things in nature- he was saying how for instance the wind- it moves the clouds , that makes rain- it cools the earth and also blows seeds around-

i asked him- if God could just do anything then why wouldn't He just say it be done- why the intricate nature system--and frank said maybe God just got tired of twitching his nose--

then we saw a sign outside of a local baptist church that said--"God couldn't be everywhere, that's why He made mother's"-- i guess they weren't thinking about the part about God being everywhere at once---

of course God could do everything all by himself--but wouldn't he have much more fun doing it with "men in trees"