Monday, May 17, 2010

#8-robyn ivy

today is robyn's 15th birthday--as you have noticed if you have been reading my blogs- i have been trying to write a little something on my kids birthdays-- wish i had never started that- and after i get through once around for each kid i will stop!!

robyn was born the day after my 41th birthday- so that makes her the baby and the child of my "old" age--maybe that is why in many ways people find robyn to be very grown up in her understanding of life etc.

robyn's brothers named her- you see i was pretty sick during some of her pregnancy and they wore me down- i mean she was #8- so what if someone else named her haha jk--dustin (robhye) named her robyn- i guess you can guess why and colin named her ivy- after some group that was popular at the time- i think they picked a beautiful name-

as you know robyn is my dancer- she has been taking for 8 years- i have to say i believe it is her gift- i could watch her dance all day-

robyn is a very caring person- she was such a good sister to her brothers and sisters that are in heaven now----and she is a wonderful aunt to 6 , soon to be 7 nieces and nephews

robyn as i have told you is an old soul- she loves old movies -40's music- war novels - all history and esp. "the waltons" tv show--i can pick her up any old tv sitcom and she will most likely love it--gidget- full house - even" charles in charge"

robyn loves to dress up and wear high heels she is a very girly girl- but quite feisty when she has to be -

i hope she has a wonderful new year with many new experiences - and i hope she knows how much her family loves and treasures her- happy birthday robyn ivy<3

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