Tuesday, May 11, 2010

men in trees

hello everyone- i have been pretty busy lately sorry i haven't written--

i have shared with you about my mother----something she talks about has really got me wondering--you know i told you she seems to see things and people. which everyone says is a part of her disease--but this one thing seems about more- see what you think

for the last few months she has talked about these men (that sometimes have special suits on) walking (not climbing) in the trees in the backyard next door- she talks about how they are preparing and taking care of the animals and trying to save them- she talks about how remarkable it is , the job they are doing-

now i have to tell you that the last couple of weeks her mind has seemed to me to be much much clearer- she can carry on a conversation and just seems so much better in many ways to me--
my daughter robyn was saying today (after i got off the phone with mama and she was telling the same story about the men in trees) that she thought that maybe nana was seeing angels - that it was maybe the way God does it - like that most of us can't see them but that angels are around doing many of the things that we attribute to nature -- a very interesting thought--

i was reminded of a conversation that my husband frank and i had the other day- he was saying how it was so fascinating how God had designed things in nature- he was saying how for instance the wind- it moves the clouds , that makes rain- it cools the earth and also blows seeds around-

i asked him- if God could just do anything then why wouldn't He just say it be done- why the intricate nature system--and frank said maybe God just got tired of twitching his nose--

then we saw a sign outside of a local baptist church that said--"God couldn't be everywhere, that's why He made mother's"-- i guess they weren't thinking about the part about God being everywhere at once---

of course God could do everything all by himself--but wouldn't he have much more fun doing it with "men in trees"

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