Tuesday, May 25, 2010

#2-and #2boy of 4 boys but better known as "baby boy"

thursday may 27th will be my son colin's 30th birthday--to me he will always be somewhere around 14 or 20?---

colin was born almost on memorial day- you see i went into labor with him and to the hospital with him on memorial day- after hosting a cook-out--including baked beans and cole slaw- not good if you know what i mean- he was born just a couple of hours after the end of memorial day--this is why i am always calling memorial day "labor" day--

colin was the best baby and little boy - after his brother who was much more active and a handful- we were surprised to have a boy so quiet-

a few years passed and he quickly made up for all the "quiet years"--haha no we survived and now he is a wonderful husband and father of 2 beautiful girls, rylee and dylan and a great son!

colin has a wonderful talent for photography and can take apart any honda car or computer--

i hope he doesn't worry too much about leaving his twenties- for he will always be that kid with a big smile on his handsome face as he blows out the candles on his cake, surrounded always by his many many friends- we love you baby boy<3

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