Tuesday, June 25, 2013

just checking in-----

ya know what blogger family and other unknown readers, i find myself, writing today, simply because i want to keep in touch---i do miss hearing from you and reading your thoughts and creativity

my apologies to any of you that have missed my not being around quite as much as usual---and please forgive me for not accepting the gracious awards----most of that is because, i have still not mastered the computer and robyn is gone a lot these days---but i want you to know, i appreciate each and every time i am honored by one of you dear friends

so much has been happening, my mind is pretty much in a whirl, these days---the wedding is only a few weeks away, and in some ways, it can't come fast enough for me-

people have wondered how i could support my young daughter to wed----it is meant to be, i believe---as a matter of fact, i think God placed dillon right where i could see him and said, he is the one you have been praying for---

we never know really, where life will lead us and when it may take an unexpected detour, from all of our carefully laid plans----i have learned that lesson, if nothing else too much over these fifty some years--

robyn is my only girl that i will see married----if you recall, she is the youngest of eight and my fourth girl---
 when my first little daughter passed away---a sweet friend of mine had given her the little bible that you give when a baby girl is born--it is to be carried on her wedding day---when eden died, frank laid it in the coffin with her and wrote in it--now you are married to Jesus----wow, i did not plan to share such an intimate part of my life, truth is i rarely do---

Sunday my pastor spoke of sharing the comfort the Lord has given us with others, and i begin to realize, i might not be doing that-----it may come one day---all in His time---

thank you for all of your sweet comments and prayers about my friend---now i have two friends that are in their last days----one of them says, how she feels the comforter, the "Holy Spirit" with her----i share with her that it may be soon---she is ready----

so as we all enjoy the fireflies of summer and the hopes of tomorrow, may we be a small comfort to those around us in need and may i get through this magical stressful time of life and be able to look back fondly on it one day

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

last week's left-overs

last time i wrote, i sorta had a theme--of lessons i had learned---i kinda enjoy that thought, so i will look back on last week and try to pull some insights out--

last week, i talked to a friend who has been given only a few months to live---it was a sudden diagnosis and has left my friend begging for more time---i told her, that i didn't think God would take her until she is ready---i have to admit, i partly in faith believe this, but also was trying to comfort her---i would appreciate, any of you who are prayer people to say a pray for my dear friend--

i have been seeing a lot of fire-flies this summer---i am convinced, first of all that some summers, i have not seen any of these wondrous creatures and that when i was a kid, they came in red too--

i have come to know that we can start over and over again, as long as we are willing

as i write this morning, i am cooking yellow summer squash---i now believe that frozen squash, cooked long enough and seasoned enough, is just as good as fresh and most people cannot tell the difference-did i share this before-

i have learned that the government has taken over our washing machines---there is a lot more to this discovery- i may elaborate at a later date---but this really is someone else's story----i just learned again, that else's is not a correct word-

major find----clearance garden section in walmart----i have purchased four huge peace lilies for a little over six dollars a piece----now if i can only keep them alive until robyn's wedding, in a few weeks

mostly, i tell myself to relish each moment, and mostly i fail at this lofty attempt----but still, i can try

Thursday, June 6, 2013

lessons learned

okay so today it hit me to write---i am at the moment going back to my inspired or just that push to write only times----

i thought i might share with you, some of the things i have learned or observed over my busy weekend----lately i have been looking at life more that way--like i want to take away something from most of it--we'll see, how long that lasts

i have re-learned that people don't go for the fruits and veggies too much, unless you don't have any other food----but you know what---i put colored, and shaped marshmallows with my red and green grapes and pineapple---i think if people had tried that combo, especially with the cream cheese dip, they would have loved them---i did-- and i am not too much of a fruit person----as for the veggies, which by the way, i have always hated that word, "veggies"--but now i find it is comfortable to use---anyway---people do love the snap peas--which my veggie tray had---but those things, are expensive----i do share one last thing with you about the veggie tray--i had planned to remove all of it and display it in these adorable little green tub like things, i believe people would have been attracted by that--

i learned, i think, this weekend---although, as i write this, i have to be honest, i will learn this one over and over again---that only you can make decisions, about yourself and what you can and cannot do and you must let it go

okay, this is now in theory, but i am still gonna list it---people don't really care much, how your house looks--certainly not as much as you do---and if they do, you aren't going know what they say, probably

cheese balls are coming back, in a big way---but don't forget to put the knife out with it-

don't ever assume, you know how your kids will react to things, or what they are feeling and never underestimate, their love for their siblings---i know, big shock to me too

even if you think something makes you look fatter, when people say it doesn't, go ahead and wear it---no one should be relegated to black pants and black tops, all the time

people love m&ms-----

and this is strictly personal---go on and make those darling little shot cups of mini cheese cakes---people are impressed by them--which hey, that's what you are going for right---bad thing, you will have a lot left over--good thing, you will have a lot left over---