Tuesday, July 21, 2020

A song in my heart

I sit and watch a memory- it’s just one day when
Nothing special or very urgent was happening
It softens my breathing and slows my mind

Were I to go back and enter that day- would I feel anything different- was it really what it seems- did it go unnoticed that day

If I look back too long- I can’t take it in- I won’t

If you were here today would we be singing in the rain- messing up the words- recalling our own secret thoughts the familiar notes brought to our hearts

All the world feels strange now- like an old video where the sound is behind- making you have to look closer than you normally would

It didn’t seem that difficult when you were sitting beside me-

How is it all that is gone

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


If you have followed my blog for some time you may recall my post about how I go through the mundane chores such as dishes and laundry—- pairing families of utensils and noting articles of clothing as to their owner

Lately I noticed my assembly of folded laundry had an extra spot for some of Miller’s undershirts— it used to be occupied by Frank’s tshirts- briefs and socks

On June 3rd frank died in the hospital on a ventilator of Covid 19

I realized I just buried the lead on this story

And the irony of my burying the earthly lead in my life does not escape me

I hope my words don’t appear flip or cold- but my senses have been shocked as my world

I still have a very difficult time even believing this has happened

So t thought that just perhaps sharing this with my blogging world might just jar my mind into this horrid reality I find myself in

I miss him so terribly and look for him everywhere- he’ll always be my great love and best friend

So much has changed and will continue to change my entire being

What I would give to not have that extra laundry folding area

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Zest Zoom and Zip lock bags

Last year’s Z entry was an attempt to compare a Zip line to life!

This will be another try!!
Too bad the alphabet ends with probably the least used letter- other than poor X

I mean wouldn’t it be nice to go out with a Bang or a Mystery or even a Poem!
But alas I digress- so on with it I go!

You know I don’t think I’ve ever used the zest of a lemon - orange or lime— and why not- I mean it sounds pretty simple but elegant

Zestyness sounds  exciting- something only the adventurous achieve
Most of us preferring to stay with simple salt or pepper

They even have a soap with the name zest- and although it will dry you out- it smells heavenly

Much of life is seen from a distance- obscuring the true view

I don’t know much about photography but one thing I once read about it has stuck with me-there are no bad pictures just ones not taken close enough

Zooming in at just the right moment is the trick- staying focused on your subject- most importantly their essence or what you see as their essence

Not taking your eye off the hidden message the shot holds- just waiting to be captured and caught for all time

And zip lock bags- where shall I begin- life is so much better with a zip lock bag-
Completely serious- it makes life so much easier and tidy but not too tidy- you will have all those baggies sitting around or cluttering up your cabinets

But when you want a little something fresh and tasty- there it is just waiting for you to taste it’s freshness- making it easy to make the correct choice as you can see right through it- no surprises - you get exactly what you want

Now that zest might not be as good in those little see through bags- so make sure and package some things differently- the things that are unexpectedly delicate and close dated

Congratulations to all of you that participated in this year’s  az challenge

May your days be filled with ideas and your pages full
Great job!!

And may I say a special thanks to my loyal blogger friend Betty- your encouragement kept me going!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


I’ve written a couple of poems about yesterday

But today I keep coming back to this for my Y blog
And why- I’m not sure

Yesterday is gone they say but in a very real way it’s not- wouldn’t it be nice if some yesterdays were gone for good- never to be thought of again - only if we could redo the thing that holds the horrible consequences of some yesterdays

Sometimes yesterday is a comfort in retrospect- knowing it’s behind us and done with

Some things if you didn’t get to yesterday you can easily finish today or even tomorrow
But you’ll never know if it might have been better done yesterday

Yesterday we might have felt like doing whatever but today that feeling is missing somewhere in yesterday

Don’t let your yesterdays control your todays though- even yesterday wouldn’t want that

So plan for your future yesterdays- knowing that a sorrowful look back at yesterday is inevitable but a grateful heartfelt glimpse is always welcomed

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

X-ray of the heart

Yes there are many ways doctors have to view the heart
To see if it’s healthy- whether it needs medical attention

Our real secret heart does not have the ability to be seen or examined

God only truly knows our heart’s intentions and desires
Thank goodness right!

Keeping one’s heart soft is important and necessary for wholeness
A hard heart repels the light that seeks to enter and warm

“The heart is a lonely hunter”
But lonely can embrace a fragile heart or cut off the flow of life

An X-ray of the heart would only expose us to more pain and condemnation- which there is no more in Christ

And if the wrong person were to read the results- it could easily be misconstrued or unnecessarily corrected

So the heart doesn’t need an X-ray- only our careful watch over it and a healthy opening of it

Monday, April 27, 2020

What do you Want

Isn’t it odd how we are asked that question so much in life— what do you want for dinner— what do you want to be when you grow up- what do you want from me!

As we grow and change and resign at times— we decide we want different things or mostly we settle for not we want but glad to not get what we don’t want

We can definitely be influenced in what we want- more like what we think everyone else wants-  so it must be on our list too

Do we want things until we get them or do we get them only to discover we didn’t even know we wanted them

Do you want world peace or at the moment that last piece of chocolate fudge cake

Do you want what you can’t have
Do you want it if it takes much effort

What if we got everything we thought we wanted
Is there an end to want

And here’s one of those quotes for ya
“ you can’t always get what you want- but if you try sometimes-well you might find you get what you need”

Saturday, April 25, 2020

the Vegetable stand

 Nothing feels more like summer to me than passing by a vegetable stand and better yet stopping

I love it all- the lush local tomatoes- the fragrant cantaloupes and the silky corn

And oh how I adore it when I can find butter beans that haven’t been shelled

And the homemade jams and jellies and if you’re lucky pickles!

The flowers and plants really catch my summer fever too— they always manage to have the most beautiful geraniums- which keep tempting me though I don’t have much luck with them

Visiting the vegetable stands makes me adventurous in my selections - but sadly sometimes they go home to rot

Oh how I love to come upon ones that have their own baked goods- some of them are almost like visiting a farmers market

I will never forget stopping by one of our favorite stands with two of our grandsons- letting them pick out flavored honey sticks and ice cold drinks- the soda pop kind- out of an old coke ice chest

I plan to stop in lots more this summer
And I hope it’s a hot day-  with decorative flags flapping in the mild breeze
While I pick out all the colorful fruits and vegetables we can hopefully use
Possibly making a cobbler of those fat blackberries in those adorable cartons

Taking it all in as the cashier puts my purchases in a crisp brown bag
I might just have to eat one of the luscious peaches before I put my seatbelt back on