Friday, January 18, 2019

Write what you know?

I just ate my fluffy waffles-- I know I probably shouldn't eat them but I did drastically cut down on the butter or actually margarine

This stupid diabetes 2 is breaking my spirit a bit- seems I'm putting on a few pounds- now mind you I was eating pretty much whatever I wanted before I went back on diabetes meds - and was continuing to lose weight

I hear you - I'm not dumb i realize the untreated illness was eating away my body- believe me I understand diet- diabetes and nutrition-- oh I guess that does make me dumb

I'm trying- I really am- and I do feel better in some ways -- my sincere hope is to at least get off insulin- just take pills

I am dreading with a passion my next Dr appt- honestly I didn't particularly like him but I will try to deal with him for the moment- gee I hope he doesn't read my blog

I am convinced that the meds are making me gain weight - although I have heard that is not true- the insulin definitely makes you hungrier- I hear about a few other diabetes meds that offer the vague promise of weight loss but the side effects are way too scary for me

Oh and yes this blog was about diabetes and my attempt at this writing thing again after my 3 year absence-- not the best material-- but hey- I do believe in that writing what you know thing --

Just wish this part of my life I had never made it's acquaintance-

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Ready set...write!

I hate snow!!
They are calling for the cold mess this weekend
I'm becoming more and more of a warm weather fan-- only liking the brisk days of autumn - and the moderate cold days that lead up to Christmas

I don't much care for February either and I could do without March or April really-- and maybe August -- haha I know -- so far this blog is ground breaking huh
No the truth is I went to my blog and accidently hit the new post thingy-- so being the lazy writer I am-- I said to myself- why not- there's gotta be something I have to say

I just ate some egg beaters Robyn made for me -- since I've been gone from the blogging world - actually a couple of months ago-- I had to restart treating my type 2 diabetes-- on insulin and pills

So the eggs are a pretty good choice for me
After the hospital stay that started all this business again-- Robyn was like a drill sergeant-- making me eat stuff like cauliflower rice and mash- zucchini noodles and other horrible concoctions

Don't get me wrong-- I appreciate the care she and my husband have given me and the stern words from my sons but for someone who loves vegetables-- I'm almost gagging remembering some of these dishes

Now mind you this particular blog is not about snow or diabetes but more of my "carpe diem" kinda thing -- on the new blog-- okay write

Friday, January 4, 2019


Refreshing alive- simply dashing about and screaming a little inside-- actually screaming a lot

Unending ragged-- torn from top to middle and waving like a tattered flag

Such is now and again was tomorrow

Grasping for an air bubble or resigning to the peace-- all the while the howling wind relentlessly laughs at our stance

Gloriously avoiding each broken piece beneath our feet - we forget

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Hello it's me, haven't I used that before?

Hey there- something hit me this morning- it felt like maybe I should blog again- what has it been- a couple of years

It might have been about the great purchases at Target yesterday- I don't know

I found some really pretty flowers - I think I've decided to use them now instead of saving them for next Christmas-- they don't exactly scream Christmas anyway

I kinda already miss Christmas-- I feel a little of the let down-- still trying my best to not hate winter--

I do feel a sense of accomplishment from this Christmas season-- we were able to host my husband's family and then my side-- not to mention our immediate family Christmas night thing

I find myself holding my breath a lot during the holidays -- hoping all stay well-- and just an extra dose of my worrying

I truly think I need to prepare for Christmas - at least in my head-- say somewhere around August

As much as I get into Christmas-- it surprises people to know I can leave almost all my previous decorations nestled not so neatly in their boxes in our attic

Yes- probably partly because it allows me to shop around- finding cute inexpensive knick knacks

Well I may be back around soon-- peace to you all and happy New Year

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

sometimes it is the little things

I was thinking about our local Christmas parade this morning and how as a child and honestly I still love all the balloons stuffed animals and cool all around stuff you can buy there

It's like at the fair-  a trip each year wouldn't have been complete without a special trinket or at least a candy Apple!

So many of my fondest childhood memories are of such times and things-

Whether it was our weekly trip to the grocery store where mama let me spend all my pennies in the glorious dittle machines or the regular stops at our quaint five and dime store to pick out that perfect teeny tiny baby doll- it was a moment of magic- a breathless sample of childhood

So as you travel with your precious children through this soon to be a frosted recollection of heartbeats-- just remember sometimes it is the little "things" they will remember and smile

Friday, July 1, 2016

"let them eat cake"...or not

Well amazing-- I am blogging again before the next az challenge- my life is a little troubled lately- nothing really that big in the scheme of life- but today I choose to write about something else

A couple of days ago- Frank and Robyn went to Wal-Mart- I stayed home with Miller (remember Robyn's baby) Frank calls me from the store- wanting to know if I wanted a cake that was marked down-

They had a red velvet and a Boston cream cake- which one- they were both under $3 so I said hey go ahead and get both- we can freeze one

Now as you might recall- I have some problems with my blood sugars- so probably should have passed on both- but was looking forward to a piece later that evening

Just before bed I ask if anyone wants a piece of those cakes and which one did Robyn put into the freezer

She doesn't remember- doesn't want any and Frank didn't either- so I decide it's too much trouble for just me- so off to bed- no cake

Next day Robyn and I are loading up Miller and all his paraphernalia in the car for a quick trip- Robyn screams like there's a huge spider or something

I rush to see what is wrong-- "the cakes- I left them in the car all night!"-- oh man I thought- we thought of lying to Frank and saying we discovered they had mold

Robyn instead confessed and Frank said it was his fault too- as they had both brought in the groceries

Oh well maybe God was once again saving me from myself!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

the trip to the Zoo

Today as we mark the end of this journey- however small- it has been a journey of sorts- I end with a day- One of those days you don't see as it's happening- how many times you will look back on it

It was close to the end of the school year- my class was taking a trip to the D.C. national zoo-

The weather was perfect
I dressed that morning very carefully- making sure mama curled my medium brown shoulder length hair just to my liking

When I got on the huge tour bus- there was my classmate neighbor and best friend - she was wearing the exact same dress- we were thrilled!

I don't know if our mothers had secretly planned this or not- it was a khaki style dress sleeveless and had pockets on the top part- it was a dress that could be worn today

I remember the excitement of it all- the best part was my friend was also my trip partner- so of course we got to sit together the whole way there and back- and her mom who was like another mom to me too- was one of the chaperones!

We stopped at "Stuckey's" - I had only been there a couple of times- it was a place you could get gas- eat and buy endless trinkets and souvenirs- I can't recall what I purchased there but it may have been a pecan log

On the bus ride home another friend shared her brownies her grandmother had made and sent for the trip- they were so delicious- more like a cake brownie

As you can tell this day is indelibly etched in my memory as one of the best childhood days - even though I don't remember one poor animal we saw that spring day--for most of our treasured times are more about the journey