Thursday, July 17, 2014

unexpected moments

well i can hardly believe it is past the middle of july----this summer has been sorta routine---but every once in a while something will come along to surprise us-----

robyn and dillon are going to have a baby---this will make frank's and my eighth grandchild-----i was 44 when my very first grandchild was born---he will be sixteen this coming fall-----sometimes when i look at him i hear his two year old voice---and then i shake my head to realize he is rapidly relating some obscure tidbit of knowledge--only i don't recognize the deep cadence coming out of his lips---

we have two grandsons and five granddaughters----i would imagine robyn is having a boy----not sure why-

robyn was only three and a half when she became an aunt----she and my oldest grandson have been more like siblings, in the way they treat each other-----the other night when robyn and dillon announced at frank's birthday dinner, the news----the oldest grandson didn't notice what was said at first and when he did---he goes WHAT----and the younger grandson---teasing exclaimed "robyn is a woman now"-----same grandson told dillon----"dillon you are gonna be a good dad--you are good with kids"----so sweet---

it is early for the sharing of this news but robyn didn't want to wait-----and i suppose it is good to let joy come out------no one knows what a day shall bring anyway, so maybe we should all be quick to celebrate the joy that is----the joy of now----

i am gonna leave you today with a video and you may wonder why i chose this---but it was one of those unexpected rare moments life can give you------one as i watched it could feel myself looking back at one day---maybe some future Christmas season when he is home with mama------and i will think to myself---how lucky-how blessed that robyn happened to mention studying france and this is what came of it----