Thursday, August 28, 2014

easy and delicious

Well here I am blogging on my phone again -

Believe me this is not a true food blog but thought I would share this weeks menu-since it has been pretty well received

Monday-- okay this isn't gonna sound good but it is really tasty-
Frozen breaded chicken patties on potato buns- mayo Swiss cheese and bacon-super easy and I used the fully cooked microwaveable bacon --sometimes we also top with bread/ butter pickles and onion and tomato -served with fries and mixed veggies

Tuesday-this was Dillon's real bday so Robyn wanted to do a kinda mock thanksgiving dinner
We had rotisserie chicken- which btw I find it much easier to pull it all off the bone rather than carve it-with chicken we had instant mashed potatoes - instant stuffing- Robyn wanted to have chicken stuffing-which was good but I always prefer the pork flavor-much more flavorful and blends with any meat--also mixed veggies-we were going to have green beans-a really nice brand but our can opener broke! Crescent rolls and frozen Reese's pie topped the special dinner off
I told Robyn after-that next time it would be so easy to add cranberry sauce and candied yams - but although this dinner was scrumptious and simple- if you have it too often -it would diminish thanksgiving
And hey it did get me to thinking- several chickens no turkey- we shall see-

Wednesday-penne pasta with creamy tomato sauce and Parmesan and mozzarella cheese-served with garlic bread veggies and would you believe baked beans- gotta get more protein

For some odd reason we didn't take pictures of the other meals

Tonight Thursday -I am making a tuna casserole
Tuna- cream of mushroom celery and chicken soup ---rice and cheddar cheese-we will be having those green beans---new can opener---and biscuits

All of these dinners ran around $16 a piece for four people-with leftovers for Robyn and my lunch next day

Happy Labor Day weekend--- can you imagine I am saying that---it flew by and kinda missed me-- don't plan to let that happen again!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

brunch anyone

Hi everyone -first of all I am writing this on my phone!---don't like it already -but I can't type too well because I have had a problem with my left hand-feeling better though-//

Over the weekend I had an early birthday brunch for Dillon-I like the idea of a brunch but hardly ever do one -mainly because some of the kids work on the weekends-anyway this weekend was a rare one where all were able to attend--

There will be no pictures today as Robyn says she can't do it from my phone -and btw another thing I dislike about this phone way is the auto-correct -you know how I don't capitalize -

My menu for brunch:

Scrambled eggs-two kinds-cheese-and deviled ham eggs-cheese were better-
Ham biscuits
Hashbrowns-should have doubled them
Bagels-onion and plain-with different cream cheeses
Cinnamon and orange rolls -orange much better
Little boxes of cereal and little bags of chocolate chip muffins
Coffee with special creamers and orange and apple breakfast drinks in the little fancy cups
Oh and of course bday cake- I forgot the ice cream and then thought-oh well it is too early for it anyway---but one of my grandkids assured me it is always the right time for ice cream- sorry

I think the morning may be a better time for people -not to early but early enough to have energy and plenty of time to get things done in the rest of the day

And you know how I tend to over do ehmmmm obsess just a wee bit over food and entertaining but I did wish I had served grits-would have been so easy!

Next time