Friday, September 19, 2014

Meatless chili?

Just dropping in to keep up my writing a bit

I went to make chili this week only to have very bad smelling ground beef
I ended up making " meatless" chili-- which believe it or not was a big hit- although I do still have some leftovers which doesn't happen a few days later- except that one batch of " brown stuff"---- sorry inside reference to faithful readers-

Something I have discovered pretty recently- if you are planning to serve frozen French fries- why not try one of the different kinds- we really like ones that have cracked black pepper-

This week I made my variation on my sister Martha's Korean stirfry -- this time I added to the stirfry veggies- two steamer bags of Asian flavored veggies - one problem- I can never seem to make enough!

But one thing there is always an abundance of white rice-
I usually end up throwing a good amount out - this time I served it as a side dish next night-- I added a good bit of margarine- pizza seasonings - seasoning salt and pepper- very tasty!

Oh and I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

This week has flown by-- I keep wishing I would get inspired to write again but you know " if wishes were horses"

So for now I will follow the few other passions that hit me-

And as I conquer the daily grind and continue to be amazed at  God's infinite grace---- I hear in the distance the haunting seemingly meaningless news of the day

Which is most likely why my response to life is sometimes simply to cook

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

the autumn leaves

i am on robyn and dillon's laptop today---hence no caps and no auto-correct---

i have been pondering fall or autumn as i think it sounds prettier----now i am pondering the rose by any other name thing----guess i am easily distracted these days

i am trying to force that old love of fall thing----got the pumpkin spice candles burning----already made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins---and decorated the mantle---although a little differently this year-----

yesterday i even bought all the ingredients for chili except the ground chuck----remember my problem purchasing meat----i plan to get dillon or frank to pick up the meat monday----the next few days won't be chili weather days anyway-----

back to my buying meat problem and shopping issues in general-----i am certain some of my anxieties in this area are due to the many cases of product and food tampering when my oldest boys were very young---started this phobia-----but i push on and with robyn's help i am able to buy most of our weekly needs

okay back to autumn -----i am really missing the grandkids football games---no one is cheering or playing this year----i felt last year that it could be the last time i would pick them up for a game or pack my goody bag with candy chips and drinks-----but had i known for sure---maybe i would have cheered a little louder and brought a few more snacks--

maybe if i listen to my cd ---the one that we won't listen to until september----james taylor's "october road"

silent colors mossy grass----listen closely to the past----circle round the warmest fire---leave no doubt or secret desire---but when it's over stop and check----was it welcomed good was it softly etched---only sneak a backward glance as it's brightness fades----autumn days of gold autumn days we made---