Wednesday, March 2, 2011

robyn has been sick........................

hello all- as my title today let's you know, robyn has been sick-she started feeling bad Sunday night-at first we just thought it was her usual tiredness she feels often on Sunday afternoons--but no she has had the dreaded stomach flu---so far frank and i have not come down with it and are praying really hard that we do not---as i am praying for my son dustin and his crew as one of his girls, reagan has had it too---

of course just a few days before i had gone to the store with my list for dinners this week--broccoli, beans cabbage beef stew--all wonderful things to load yourself up with when the threat of vomiting is hovering around-

changed up the menu a bit--did have the frozen fish fillets but tried mac and cheese with it instead and a milder mix of veggies (haha funny i just used veggies as i hate that word)

robyn is feeling lots better today and will probably make it to her ballroom practice--wouldn't push it but they have their competition in 2 weeks--

i am washing comforters right now-the one in the dryer is taking forever to dry--

yeah pretty boring stuff to share today--just very thankful that the Good Lord has given my extra energy to get more things done than i usually do---

well just thought i would drop in to connect-

still in the thinking stages on the new writing i plan to share when i actually start it and finish--

hope all have a great wednesday :)

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