Friday, February 25, 2011

after queenie--feb. 25-11

wow my mind has been racing with my 2 ideas for a new story--one is just pretty much the idea-lots of work to do for it--so i have been thinking of going with the other one that is based on some real places and people-can't decide how i would disguise them well enough- don't think i could--see that is one of my big problems with writing--i can't let myself be totally honest--so maybe i should just write something that is all fiction no characters based on anyone or if they were no one would know--

sorry today's blog is so much about me but then again most of my blogs have been----i kinda like to read about real people though--as a matter of fact i have gotten into memoirs and biographies lately--when i start the new book i will likely stop reading--i just finished julie andrews memoirs and it was surprisingly interesting--now i am reading a biography of madonna the singer---i didn't really seek these 2 people out--a friend loaned me j.a. and i was looking in the thrift store for biographies and wouldn't pay $3 for the hardbacks so i didn't have a lot of choices in the paperbacks--madonna's is pretty good so far--you know i have also found some of the best books in the dollar stores---

i had started a new project a while back but lost it on the computer--i usually write it on paper first but-----

i think robyn corrected my application to advertise on this blog but still haven't heard back from google on the acceptance of my app.-----not sure how all that works- guess i will see-----

well i could go on and on but don't have really anything more to say right now--oh no wait one more thing--those of you who read queenie's bequest, i thank you for taking the time and sending me comments through fb--i still wish it was easier to comment on here but people tell me they try and can't--i think you just have to start a google acct. which i think is pretty easy--so if you wouldn't mind--:)

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