Wednesday, July 3, 2013

until there is freedom for all

on this the day before our country celebrates it's great day of freedom, i wanted to say happy 4th to all---but as my heart is dealing with some heavy duty stuff ---i am severely reminded that there is not freedom for some----so it is with that pain, i leave you with a poem today, probably my favorite---i have had it read at many occasions ---and although i fancy myself a poet of sorts---this says what is truly in my heart


I shall not pass this way again---
Although it bordered be with flowers,
Although I rest in fragrant bowers,
And hear the singing
Of song-birds winging
To highest heaven their gladsome flight;
Though moons are full and stars are bright,
And winds and waves are softly sighing,
While leafy trees make low replying;
Though voices clear in joyous strain
Repeat a jubilant refrain;
Though rising suns their radiance throw
On summer's green and winter's snow,
In such rare splendor that my heart
Would ache from scenes like these to part;
Though beauties heighten,
And life-lights brighten,
And joys proceed from every pain---
I shall not pass this way again.

Then let me pluck the flowers that blow,
And let me listen as I go
To music rare
That fills the air;
And let hereafter
Songs and laughter
Fill every pause along the way;
And to my spirit let me say:
"O soul, be happy; soon 'tis trod,
The path made thus for thee by God.
Be happy, thou, and bless His name
By whom such marvellous beauty came."
And let no chance by me be lost
To kindness show at any cost.
I shall not pass this way again;
Then let me now relieve some pain,
Remove some barrier from the road,
Or brighten someone's heavy load;
A helping hand to this one lend,
Then turn some other to befriend.

O God, forgive
That I now live
As if I might, sometime, return
To bless the weary ones that yearn
For help and comfort every day,---
For there be such along the way.
O God, forgive that I have seen
The beauty only, have not been
Awake to sorrow such as this;
That I have drunk the cup of bliss
Remembering not that those there be
Who drink the dregs of misery.

I love the beauty of the scene,
Would roam again o'er fields so green;
But since I may not, let me spend
My strength for others to the end,---
For those who tread on rock and stone,
And bear their burdens all alone,
Who loiter not in leafy bowers,
Nor hear the birds nor pluck the flowers.
A larger kindness give to me,
A deeper love and sympathy;
Then, O, one day
May someone say---
Remembering a lessened pain---
"Would she could pass this way again."

by Eva Rose York 


  1. That's such a beautiful poem. Many hugs to you, Lynn.

    1. i am glad a fellow poet enjoyed it--thanks dana, hugging back <3

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I love reading beautiful poetry.

  3. Lynn this is absolutely beautiful my friend. Your blog is a bright beacon in the night.

    1. awwww that is so sweet of you to say---i am glad you loved the poem :)

  4. Beautiful.

    Of all the holidays, the 4th is my favorite. We forget very often how fortunate we are to live here, even if it's not always fair, we have freedoms that so many others in the world do not.

    1. we really are very blessed to live in this country, despite all of it's issues--thanks juli, hope you have an amazing 4th!!

  5. Beautiful Lynn! Thank you for sharing. I hope that the weight on your heart lifts soon. Hugs to you my friend!

  6. I dig.

    Happy 4th, sweet Lynn.

    1. haha, me too! thanks so much suze---i hope you have a great 4th also :)

  7. I remember receiving this on a Memoriam card eleven years ago. It's very touching.
    Have a liberating day tomorrow.

    1. oh i am so glad you already know it---yes i find it very moving---thanks so much :)

  8. This is both touching and beautiful, Lynn.

    1. it always touches me too, so glad you liked it ms. a <3

  9. Very moving on this holiday when I remember the loss of the veterans in my family who fought to keep our freedom.

  10. Happy early 4th of July to you, Lynn. I hope you will find comfort for the things weighing you down right now. =)

  11. I remember reading this poem year after year in school . Its one of the ones that stays with you because it is so pertinent to everything in life. I hope your burdens lighten quickly Lynn...XO Z

    1. i am glad we share a love of this wonderful poem---thank you so much zoe :)

  12. Great poem! I.really should read more poetry. Thanks for sharing with us

    1. yeah, me too---a friend of mine gave me a lovely poetry book for my birthday, i think i will take a closer look at it over the next few days--thanks stephen :)

  13. I remember reading this a long time ago. It made an impression on me even back then. Thank you for sharing it!

    1. i didn't discover this jewel until much later in life---it did make quite the impression on me too--thanks sherry :)

  14. Really touching. :) Hope you enjoy your day. :)

    1. i am glad you liked it--hope you enjoying your 4th too marie :)

  15. That is beautiful. I don't think I have ever seen the whole poem, just the first verse.

    1. well then i am so glad i shared it, ruth, it means so very much to me<3

  16. What a touching poem. I have never seen it before and now am blessed by it.

    1. isn't it lovely---so glad you were blessed by it susan <3

  17. I hope your heart is lighter today, Lynn. Always thinking of you.

    1. it is much lighter today---that's very sweet, thank you <3