Friday, October 31, 2014

boo!-- blues brothers-- babies-- and biscuits

happy halloween

i have been putting up old halloween pics on my facebook today----

there was a time when i did not let my older boys trick or treat---it was a combo of religious beliefs and safety issues-----they like to remind me of this and how i let robyn participate in this ritual many years later----so sue me boys---we aren't always the same parents to the same kids but we do our best at the time----i still don't like the real dark side of halloween---

but they did have church parties!  

i made as usual goody bags for the grand-kids ----i found these cute bags at target---they reminded me of a stuffed animal one of my daughter-in-law's brother made for the kids----

we had the fall follies last weekend and i think it was one of the weirdest ones yet---good turn-out though and a good time----and as you can see, the blues brothers picked up a bonus bro this year-----yeah john also doubled as our emcee for the evening----he surprised us and we surprised him by getting him to do anything we asked--

robyn has been growing a bit and is half-way through the pregnancy----she is a planner---don't know where she gets it from-----and is so excited that i think she is gonna take off sometimes-----

after she baked this cake the other day, our oven went out----which caused me to try my mama's fried biscuits---something i hadn't even thought of in a long time-------they were really good

enjoy your weekend---


  1. I would not let my girls trick or treat during the seventies; the beginning of razor blades in apples and who knows what in candy bars. They could stay home and pass out candy, but they could not go door to door for their own. I think I am not forgiven to this day.

  2. Yeah when my oldest boys were young / we had all their friends coming by-and as I think back it seems to me we let them go to certain close houses:)

  3. I did that last year, put my kids pictures on FB to show what goblins they were in those days.

    1. I can't believe how long ago that pic was taken!

  4. Here in Scotland the kids go out 'Guising', I have happy memories as a boy dressing up and receiving lots of goodies from neighbours. My own kids would only go to organised events at Halloween. Very rarely on their own trick or treating.

    Great video clip, I love the Blues Brothers films I hope they keep making them.
    Love the look of those biscuits.

  5. I am glad to know of more kids that didn't do the trick or treat thing exactly-still a little guilt sometimes-thanks I am glad you liked the video-and now frank and Dillon only want fried biscuits :)

  6. Times were different when I was young and when my kids were young. The schools had Halloween Costume Contests, and a place for trick and treating around the school neighborhood's. We KNEW these homes, and they knew us. There was an age cut-off, unspoken but known by all.

    Fried biscuits?Okay, recipe?

  7. Oh yeah when I was a kid we probably hit 100 houses or more and parents never gave it a thought!---just pop em out of refrigerated package --put lots if margarine or butter into hit pan and watch em closely -turning often :)